6 Tiny Harry Potter Things That Made Me LOVE This “Fantastic Beasts” Trailer

Remember the good old days of Harry Potter? When Hedwig’s Theme cooed in our ears to make way for the next adaptation? We thought that our Harry Potter journey came to an end with the release of the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”. But it came back to us, though in another form as “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” in 2016! Much to our delight, Rowling further revealed that there will be a five-movie series as well, bringing back the younger versions of most of our favourite characters from the Potter universe, and…Continue Reading

15 Brilliant, Award-Winning Indian Films That You Haven’t Heard About

So I’m going to start this with a confession: I wasn’t always a big movie buff. In fact, me falling in love with movies is quite a recent happening, mostly because I discovered that Indian movies are so much more than the commercial blockbusters that I’ve been put through. And when I found that out – well, there was no turning back. The most heartbreaking bit? So many Indian movies are stunning works of cinema, so many of them get recognised abroad. But they remain unknown to a vast majority. Because who said the best India can produce is Bollywood…Continue Reading

11 Bollywood Movies You Can Watch ONLY When You’re Not Sober

Some movies are cinematic masterpieces. And then there are these. Here are 11 films that are absolute gems when you aren’t exactly in your right mind. Gunda 10 minutes into this and you’ll be crying tears of joy. I have a feeling that not a single crew member was sober during the making of this scene that miraculously turned into a three-hour feature film. Rudraksh THE EFFECTS IN THIS MOVIE ARE TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD! LITERALLY. Krrish 3 Kanagana Ranaut is a chameleon.Hrithik Roshan plays the same role he played a decade ago.Oh and also, there was never a…Continue Reading

17 Ads From The 90s That Will Take You On A Full Nostalgia Trip

Remember when our parents used to go full-on “humare zamaane mein” on us? Looks like we are no different. Eighteen years into the new millennium, with social media blooming to its full glory, almost every day we come across someone who’s reminiscing about the 90s. Growing up makes you reflect on the era you live in in a different manner. And maybe that’s why, you always tend to miss the decade of your childhood. That’s why, the 90s are so dear to us. Adding some more 90s magic to your day, here are a few ads that will take you…Continue Reading

Zayn Malik Singing “Teri Deewani” Is The Worst Thing Since One Direction

Hello, my fellow music listeners with actual working ears. You may be familiar with this musical “phenomenon”: media.giphy.com Yeeeeep. 5 extremely good-looking boys who probably have some musical talent. But honestly, their main talent is that they’re good-looking. Then again, I’ll be the first to admit that I f**king jammed to “What Makes You Beautiful”, mostly because with the same line being repeated 20,86,905 times, it was a very easy song to remember. Then the band broke up – they went from “One Direction” to well…no direction (please don’t kill me). media.giphy.com And then all them started with their solo…Continue Reading

I Just Watched Irrfan’s “Blackmail” Trailer, And I Don’t Know What To Think

So a new movie trailer popped up on my YouTube feed and for the first 15 seconds, I was EXCITED. Reasons for the excitement being: 1. It was the latest Irrfan Khan film. 2. I obviously have high expectations of an Irrfan film. But alas! Ten seconds into the Blackmail trailer, and all I was feeling was MEH. The story line seems super predictable and the “twist” in the plot isn’t an exciting one. There’s Abhinay Deo starring with Irrfan in this T-series production, but I’m still not sure I want to go watch the film because, as I said,…Continue Reading

17 Beautiful Movies That Taught Me A Thing Or Two About Real Love

Ever since we’ve been introduced to cinema, we’ve found people running around in meadows, with their dupattas flying behind them, being chased by a dude in too-tight pants. Well, we now know real love is so NOT any of that. There are no firecrackers lighting up the sky or violins playing in the background when you first meet them. Nope. So many times, we pass by our soulmates thinking there could never have been a future with them. Sometimes it takes years to figure out that the one person you call your best friend, is actually the one you should…Continue Reading

19 Unplugged Hindi Songs That Will Make Your Soul Weep With Joy

If I am to be honest, more often than not, I love the unplugged versions of certain Bollywood numbers better than their originals. Maybe it’s just the way an unplugged track sets the mood and the vibe; the slow, soothing voice, the perfect notes that hit you right where you keep all your feelings stored and probably how you sigh out of sheer happiness as you listen. I am an overtly sentimental human and I love getting all emo and mushy with my music. If you’re someone who loves some good romantic tunes, created to strum those heart strings perfectly,…Continue Reading

Love Rom-Coms? Here Are 7 Coming Out In 2018 That You Can’t Miss!

Now I know the amount of flak I’m going to get for this, but I’m going to say it anyway… I love rom-coms! I love those delightful little nuggets of sunshine! When I go to the movies, it’s because I want to escape reality and practicality, I want to be swept away by a perfect storyline, where everything works out okay in the end. It gives me hope for my future. So this one is for all you chick lit loving, “Love at first sight believing” people! Let’s see what we have to look forward to in 2018. Fifty Shades…Continue Reading

I Just Watched The “Pari” Trailer, And I’m Too Scared To Sleep Now

Hello world. I woke up this morning full of happiness and high hopes. I sang creepily chirpy songs and danced around a bit. You know, the way they do in nice, romantic Bollywood films. But then I came to work, and got online, and saw this: Will you be her Valentine? #PariTrailerOnFeb15 @parambratachattopadhyay @officialcsfilms @kriarj @pooja_ent A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Feb 13, 2018 at 9:41am PST Yep, it’s from Anushka Sharma’s new horror movie, Pari. You know, Anushka Sharma? India’s new favourite bride? One half of an extremely good-looking power couple? I never really thought I’d see…Continue Reading