Ma Always Knows Everything (And Other Truths Of Growing Up)

I remember my mom trying to teach me life lessons, every chance she got, when I was younger. And I remember my stupid, silly little self going “Ma, I know how to do that, yaar.” I laugh at those memories now. Then I weep. Because as it turns out, Ma, I had no idea how to do anything, yaar. Growing up is a funny thing. We spend years waiting, longing to be independent. Then the hard part shows up, and lo and behold! The grand rebels of yesterday realise they should’ve probably listened to their mothers a little better. Because…Continue Reading

13 Beautifully Weird Videos That Are Basically Memes

Have you ever gone through your social media feed and just felt…tired? Like you’re seeing the same things, the same news, the same…everything? Because honestly, it’s something that happens to me almost everyday. It’s something I’ve also kinda accepted in order to feed my need for social media and the things on it. And then I came across Nick denBoer’s work as part of the Uncover project, and well, it was something that took me a while to make sense of. Don’t get me wrong, it was pop culture…but different. So different. See, Nick is a remix artist. “I have…Continue Reading

This New Web Series About Girls Trying To “Adult” Is Honestly The Best. Thing. EVER.

Raise your hand if you’re newly-independent and living the adult life but have NO IDEA what’s happening. Yeppp, you’re not alone, my friend. This one-way ticket from teenage to ‘Adulting’ has all of us equally confused. With all that freedom and the opportunity to do whatever-the-hell you want, also come (drum roll)… RESPONSIBILITIES. Yep, those horrible things. With the freedom comes the need to stay socially relevant, look great (because DUH), chase your dreams…and pay rent. Dice Media’s new web series is exactly about those woes. Introducing Aisha Ahmed as ‘Nikhat’ and Yashaswini Dayama as ‘Ray’, this new trailer looks…Continue Reading

8 Cricketers Who Could TOTALLY Have A Singing Career

Some of us spend years looking for what we are good at, and still continue to doubt if we are really good at it. And then there are these international cricketers who’ve been hiding their incredible musical gifts behind their eloquent cover drives, deceptive googlies and amazing pace bowling. Some people really do have all the talents, don’t they? Here are some of your favourite cricketers in their brilliant singing avatar! 1. Suresh Raina Suresh Raina treated us with his melodious voice on ‘The Priyanka Raina Show’ on Red FM! Apart from being a great finisher, brilliant fielder and handy…Continue Reading

15 Drama Series From The 2000s That Perfectly Capture The Power Of Growing Up

I’m going to start this off by admitting to the fact that I probably spent way too much time watching TV when I was a teenager. But in my defence, that’s because the shows that were made around the time I was a teenager were JUST. SO. GOOD. They made us feel like maybe, just maybe, life wasn’t as bad as it sometimes seemed. They defined coming of age, and became the hope we grew up on. The O.C. This show didn’t have too many seasons (running from 2003-2007, it had 4 seasons), but boy did it make an impact.…Continue Reading

16 Reasons Everyone Should Follow Nas Daily on Facebook

Once upon a time, Nuseir Yassin was just another Israeli kid settled in the Big Apple. He had successfully earned a degree in economics and computer science from Harvard University in 2014. As expected for every Harvard alumni, companies were more than happy to hire him and Nuseir accepted and worked as a software engineer and a freelance iOS Developer for a couple of years. But it wasn’t long before he realised that life was passing by, and he just wasn’t satisfied with the way his had turned out. Oh yes, apparently Harvard alumni feel like the rest of us…Continue Reading

21 Peppy Yet Sweet Hindi Songs You Should Dedicate To Your Best Friend

I wish instead of all the crap that they’ve taught us about love over the years, we had been educated on the beauty of friendship instead. But maybe it’s better this way. Because the best things just happen. Like finding that one weird soul that completely vibes with yours. I am pretty sure we all have that one human who makes life worth living. And this one human is so much more than the “soulmate” we’ve been asked to wait for. Having a best friend, I feel, is like the universe sending you a gigantic gift of love. And if…Continue Reading

19 Indie Artists Who Prove Indian Music Is Much More Than Just Bollywood

I used to be the sort of person who used to ONLY listen to foreign artists. Mostly because after I heard the 15th sh*tty remix of “Humma Humma”, I kind of gave up on modern music from India. But then, I slowly got introduced to the Indie scene here. Starting with artists like Nucleya and Divine. And there was no turning back after that (I mean, I still listen to Taylor Swift, but anyway). Parekh & Singh This dream pop-duo from Kolkata has become my go-to for music that’ll make a bad day better. Their lyrics are beautiful and their…Continue Reading

14 Underrated Web Series & Films To Cure You Of The Same Old TV Drama

Ever since I came to know that Simar had been turned into a fly and was still trying to be the ideal bahu, I knew it was time I quit the luxury of watching television. And guess what, I haven’t regretted the decision ever since. Thanks to unlimited Internet, and the advent of web series and films, a new door to quality entertainment has opened up for me. So if you too are one of those who finds the idea of watching mindless TV soaps absolutely abhorrent, and you want some fresh content to brew your mind, tune in –…Continue Reading

This Powerful Poem Is What EVERY Woman Needs Right Now

It’s rare for me to come across a man writing a poem about women that’ll move me to tears. That’ll make me breathe a sigh of relief, finally feeling understood. As if I can finally stop veiling my femininity with what the world thinks I should be. A poem that finally understood that women are not a liability – they never were. But Prateek Singh’s brilliant spoken word poem ‘Devi’ turned out to be an exception. For me, Hindi is a bit of a struggle.Yes, yes, I’m an Indian, but the whole ‘every word has a gender’ thing always left…Continue Reading