10 Everyday Struggles You’ll ONLY Get If You’re An Over-Enthusiast

‘Oh, such a happy-go-lucky girl, so bubbly, so sweet!’ Sounds like a lovely string of compliments, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. Can’t help but STILL think so, actually. However, every story has a dark side and this is ours. We face several social struggles on an everyday basis. Sure, being a certain way comes naturally to us, and there’s not much you can do if you’re one of us except maybe, empathize. If you have experienced some or all of these social inadequacies, I feel you bruh! As for you regular peeps out there who are inherently graceful, lady-like…Continue Reading

These 8 Eateries In Mumbai Are Worth Spending Your Hard-Earned Money For A Change

I am a true believer of good food equals good mood, therefore a place to dine shouldn’t be “just fine”. It should be more than just inspiring food and exceptional drinks, it must also assure a good time. If you’re looking to feed your soul this weekend try out these 8 eateries that are quite literally heating up the city’s dining scenes. It seems almost every week there is a new hot spot of choice, each one competitively more uber cool than the last. But worry not, I am going to keep you in loop with the movements and happenings…Continue Reading

This Is Exactly What You Need To Read If You Think Shit’s Going Down In Your Life

Among the innumerable metaphors to life, simplest comparison is to that of a paper. Everyone gets a paper when he/she is born; plain, neat, uniform, evenly white and sharp at the edges. While the frame that it rests on might differ, potential with what to do is the same for everyone. What can one do with a paper; write a romantic verse, an adventure, a spine-chilling mystery, consider it as a canvas and draw a space shuttle or just crumple it and throw it away. Even before you realize that you’ve been provided a clean sheet, circumstances, on behalf of…Continue Reading