21 Honest Quotes On The Beauty & Cruelty Of Love, We All Need

From time to time, we all need reminders of how messy love can be. It’s not always that easy, sweet feeling and it’s not always happy. But we’ve gotten so used to the notion of ‘perfect’ love, we miss out on its other shades and hues. From getting to know someone to holding their hand, from battling your first set of problems together to knowing love does not always intend to stay, Komal Kapoor’s words bring us back to what loving someone truly entails. After. I forbid myself the tears rob myself of relief You were never mine so I…Continue Reading

15 Memes That’ll Make Every Introvert LOL (Very Quietly)

Hello, my name is Farishte, and I’m an introvert. *stares at people hoping to avoid unnecessary interaction* Being an introvert is fun. It mostly just involves spending time with yourself (and loving it) and spending time with a few close friends (and loving that). And also, avoiding avoidable social interaction, because that’s EXHAUSTING. Now, the internet understands this, and gave us a whole bunch of hilariously relatable memes. So, my fellow introverts, let’s unite. Silently. *relates in silence* I might have done this. Once. Twice. A million times. #lol #funnypics #funnypictures #funnymemes #funnypics #introvertproblems #introvert #neighbors #memes #introvertmemes #lmao A…Continue Reading

17 Poems On Love, Loss And Survival That You Should Read If You Feel Broken

There are moments in life that leave you feeling completely and utterly broken. You know, moments when you feel like you’re walking on broken glass, like every step is fragile and painful. And then there are moments where you feel lighter than a feather, wrapped up in love and happiness. The brokenness you live through to get to the happiness – that, my friend, is survival. And I never quite understood that until I came across Caroline White’s poetry. See, Caroline lived through depression and went on to turn it into art; into words that speak to people across countries.…Continue Reading

19 Quotes That Speak Of The Wonder, Beauty And Joy Of Being In Love

There is simplicity in being with someone who simply gets you. Those 3 A.M. fights where you both don’t want to sleep until you’ve resolved the problem, or those impromptu sunset dates that seem as natural as a meant to be. Moments such as these tend to become colorful pages in your journey of togetherness. When I say color, I also mean Mansi Jikadara’s beautifully illustrated love quotes. A writer herself, she spills her words through some stunning, self-created artwork. Her words, just like her drawings make you feel warm and comfortable. A feeling just like home. And these 19…Continue Reading

13 Quotes For Every Millennial Who’s Trying To Find Their Place In The World

Not all of us are there yet. Not all of us know what we want to do for the rest of our lives, professionally. Not all of us know the kind of love we deserve. Not all of us have heard the depths of our own voice, speaking of the truths we believe in. But we’re still trying. We are not giving up. And these 13 Ajolique Jude quotes are applauding you and your journey, not matter how distant the horizon seems. 1. It’s time. quit the doubt and let your light be undeniable. there are gifts and talents we…Continue Reading

23 Incredibly Raw Poems For Those Who Have Loved And Lost

I’m constantly astounded by the ability of words to move me to tears, and how someone else’s experiences can make me feel a little less alone. Of course, it all depends on how honest the writing is. It’s no wonder then that Ruby Dhal’s Instagram turned out to be a treasure trove for me. See, Ruby writes of love. Not the pretty, #relationshipgoals bit of it, but the heartbreak. The moving on. The finding courage to fall again. And she doesn’t use fancy metaphors – just honest words, and real emotions. To the things we hold on to. What’s mine…Continue Reading

20 Honest Poems That Perfectly Speak Of The Joys And Sorrows Of Being Human

Sometimes, more than inspiration, we all need someone who says it like it is. Someone who spells out those thoughts that we’re secretly ashamed of and says them with a certain pride. Someone who shows you that there is a certain vulnerability in being absolutely honest about how you feel. You don’t have to hide it, mask it or even change your emotions just so that they can be accepted. I found someone just like that. Brian Andreas is a poet/artist whose work is like looking into a mirror. You can see yourself there, stripped of all social conditioning, unconditionally…Continue Reading

25 Witty Mark Twain Quotes That Will Make You Ponder, Then Laugh Out Loud

You’ve probably heard of him as the guy who wrote Huckleberry Finn. But guys, let me introduce you to the other, more hilarious side of the man I worship as the God of Wit – Mark Twain! Now how exactly is he witty? Well, he was born on the same day that the Halley’s Comet appeared in 1835. And he was convinced that he will pass away with the comet’s next appearance 75 years later. In his words, “The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.”…Continue Reading

13 Women Tell Us One Thing They Love About Themselves, And It’s Wonderful

Most women live strange, unfair lives. Lives, where as they grow up, they are continually reminded at every turn of their supposed “flaws” and the many things they can do to “fix” them. And while we get compliments on how cute we look, or how pretty our dresses and how bright our smiles are, the world often overlooks the things about us that make us…well, us. So we asked 13 women for the one thing they love the most about themselves, and here are all the things they had to say. Jasmine, 26 “I love how smart I am, and…Continue Reading

13 Breathtaking, Unique Urdu Words You Should Start Using Today

I’ve grown up in an English speaking household, and I don’t really know too many languages apart from English. But I have come across words that I absolutely wished were in the English language, though. And Urdu… well, it’s easily one of the most melodious, poetic languages of them all. These words made a staunch English speaker fall in love with Urdu. Because honestly, life is too short not to enjoy and appreciate poetry. Written with nostalgia. Typically used for Hindustani classical music. The best kind of pride. To destiny. Is there any better moment? Toxic beauty. To the pain…Continue Reading