10 Things No Self-Loving Person Will Ever Compromise On, In Life

People confuse self-love to be an egoistical sword that is drawn out every time you challenge a person or their opinion. I beg to differ. Self-love is an armour. The kind that protects you from not being led into things that you don’t fully feel committed to. It is also a fantastic agent that assists you in drawing boundaries and learning to say a ‘no’ when it’s really difficult to. Most importantly, self-love shows you to stand up for what you believe in, what you deserve and what you are worthy of. There are quite a lot of things any…Continue Reading

17 Little Quotes For You To Embrace Your Inner Wonder Woman

Being a woman is quite a tough task. Come to think of it, our mere existence is a constant cause of worry for the society; one which is built on the thought that females are a liability. So while you manage work, while listening to the sexist jibes, and a few taunts from the relatives who are concerned about your ovaries’ shelf life, breathe. Close your eyes, sip that cup of tea or coffee you just refilled, and go through these amazing quotes we have collated for you, so that woman inside you stands a little taller with each word.…Continue Reading

20 Illustrated Quotes That Show You The Beauty and Power Of Being Broken

I stumbled upon an Instagram account this weekend and let me tell you, it was within the first 30 seconds that I followed the artist. If there is one thing you should know about me it’s this: I don’t follow a whole lot of people on social media. What was it about ‘Broken Isn’t Bad’ that made me almost instantenously click that ‘Follow’ button? Firstly, the illustrations simply capture your eye. They are bold, provocative and have a grand ‘fuck-you’ vibe to them. Secondly, each illustration is then followed by a single quote that makes you pause and reflect. And…Continue Reading

This Desi Artist Is Turning Your Life Into Art, & It’ll Make You Think

Did you grow up wanting and knowing that you’ll be able to do a million things with your talent? Yeeep. Neither did I. But Avinash Jai Singh did. See, I came across Avinash’s art as a part of the Uncover project, and immediately fell in love with it. His work is surreal, deceptively bright, and most of all: it looks like pages out of a millennial’s life. The most impressive bit? He DOES IT ALL. From photography to film-making to illustrations. Like I said, he grew up wanting and knowing that he’d be able to do a million things with…Continue Reading

21 Tiny Poems That Will Inspire You On The Days You Struggle To Love Yourself

Most of us have bad days. Days on which we question our every move and forget what love and happiness feel like. On days like these, we often need someone else’s voice to remind us of the miracle we are. And RH Fowler’s writing is absolutely perfect for such occasions. Gentle, realistic words which push you out of that prison of self-doubt and have you basking in freedom. We humans are forces of nature. much love everyone • • • • • #Poetry #poet #art #poets #poetsofig #prose #poem #love #life #motivation #motivationalquotes #instaquote #writing #romance #living #poetryporn #writersofig #quote…Continue Reading

17 Powerful Poems On Strength, Beauty and The Need to Accept Yourself

Ah, what would I do without poetry? It has rightfully been called the food for the soul. Some words move me. Some make me giggle. And then there are some, that make me think about how unfair I can be..to myself. Accepting, acknowledging and loving ourselves doesn’t always come easy, but sometimes, someone else’s words do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. So let the powerful words of poet k. rodriguez do for you what they did for me – think about my own beauty, strength and self-worth. Go ahead. Seeking wisdom… *•. DO NOT think you are…Continue Reading

13 Quotes For Every Millennial Who’s Trying To Find Their Place In The World

Not all of us are there yet. Not all of us know what we want to do for the rest of our lives, professionally. Not all of us know the kind of love we deserve. Not all of us have heard the depths of our own voice, speaking of the truths we believe in. But we’re still trying. We are not giving up. And these 13 Ajolique Jude quotes are applauding you and your journey, not matter how distant the horizon seems. 1. It’s time. quit the doubt and let your light be undeniable. there are gifts and talents we…Continue Reading

13 Women Tell Us One Thing They Love About Themselves, And It’s Wonderful

Most women live strange, unfair lives. Lives, where as they grow up, they are continually reminded at every turn of their supposed “flaws” and the many things they can do to “fix” them. And while we get compliments on how cute we look, or how pretty our dresses and how bright our smiles are, the world often overlooks the things about us that make us…well, us. So we asked 13 women for the one thing they love the most about themselves, and here are all the things they had to say. Jasmine, 26 “I love how smart I am, and…Continue Reading

I Don’t Want Children And That Doesn’t Make Me Any Less Of A Woman

Ever since I became aware of my gender (that would be when I was around 5-6 years old), I knew being a woman came with a lot of *conditions attached*. First up, the general preference of boys over girls was something you just had to deal with.Secondly, you were labeled “paraya dhan” and were to be given to a pretty/ugly boy in marriage, whichever one your karma deemed fit for you. Thirdly, you were to have babies, whether you wanted them or not, let alone if you even liked them in the first place. With these scary future scenarios etched…Continue Reading

Dear World, Will You Ever Stop Telling Me How To Be A Woman?

Dear world, I feel like I must start by telling you that there was a time in my life – an innocent time forever ago – when I didn’t know there were “instructions” on being a woman. The only instructions in my house were to go to the dining table to have a meal, to go brush my teeth twice a day, to make sure I wipe my shoes on the doormat after an evening of playtime. Simple, reasonable instructions. And then, I suppose things changed somewhere. Because the instructions turned stranger. You mustn’t laugh too loudly. You mustn’t hang…Continue Reading