10 Hilarious Things Every Mumbaikar Knows Too Well About Monsoons

You’ll probably not relate to any of this if you aren’t from Mumbai. That’s fine. All you need to do is imagine yourself standing under the shower, only the shower is surrounded by mud and there’s flood warnings and you’re half scared and half thrilled but mostly just really, really confused. Great – now imagine that 24 x 7, and you’ll know what Mumbai folks feel. As for those from Mumbai, this is your life for the next three-four months: When the first showers come thundering down, your soul literally BLOOMS. But soon you have to step out and see…Continue Reading

This Desi Artist Is Turning Your Life Into Art, & It’ll Make You Think

Did you grow up wanting and knowing that you’ll be able to do a million things with your talent? Yeeep. Neither did I. But Avinash Jai Singh did. See, I came across Avinash’s art as a part of the Uncover project, and immediately fell in love with it. His work is surreal, deceptively bright, and most of all: it looks like pages out of a millennial’s life. The most impressive bit? He DOES IT ALL. From photography to film-making to illustrations. Like I said, he grew up wanting and knowing that he’d be able to do a million things with…Continue Reading

14 Reasons Weekend Getaways Are Healthy For Your Peace Of Mind

It does not have to be fancy. You don’t have to be living in a tree penthouse or the likes. You don’t have to spend half of your savings just for a swanky bathroom selfie. Nope. You could just decide to go to a nice little farmhouse on the outskirts of the city or even decide to lodge in the middle of a vineyard. The point is, to travel. Most of us associate this term to a very Instagram-friendly opinion of luxury hotels and destinations abroad. I beg to differ. You could feel absolutely in love with the world a…Continue Reading

This Ad Just Tried To Make Pooping Sexy, And It’s HILARIOUS

So, everyone goes to the toilet. It’s a pretty everyday thing to do. And I never really thought of it as a statement the rich and privileged make to society (unless we’re talking gold-plated toilets, which are really just stupid). Until I came across what is quite possibly, the greatest Ad of all time. P.S: ‘Great’ in this case has been translated into hilarious, the dictionary of Farishte Irani, 2017 Anyway, it starts with Real Housewives of some place in India lamenting about first world problems, like being forced to use mugs and toilet paper when they’ve got to do…Continue Reading

15 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re Someone Who Loves The Sea

I love the ocean. Or for that matter any water body. But the sea in particular is one of my favourites. I don’t know the exact time or year that I discovered this bit about me, but as a child, my father would take me to the beach every weekend. Then, back in 2012, I went for my first Goa trip and the sea called and tugged at my heart. There was no looking back. I could stand for hours on end and just watch the sky change color. I could immerse my toes into the water and experience a…Continue Reading

15 Beaches In India You Absolutely Must Visit With Your Best Friend

Beaches are places of happiness. Be it the sound of water, the feeling of sand under your feet or the happy people around you, everything contributes to a wonderful experience. Now for some grand reason beaches have mostly been seen as places for lovers to go to, and I stand so confused, because honestly, I feel it is also a place for friends. Before time runs out and most of you grow into adult lives and drift, be sure to visit these beaches in the country – and I promise you, it’ll make a better photo album than one at…Continue Reading

This Holi, Think Of The Millions That Don’t Have Clean Drinking Water, And Take A Pledge To Help

It’s amazing how a lot of us Indians are increasingly becoming conscious about what kind of food can have access to the insides of our bodies. We’re doing away with bad carbs, increasing our protein intake, and have started working out more seriously. A lot of people I know have even given up on processed foods. While we’re being more mindful towards our health, we are still at the mercy of the smallest of bacteria and viruses around us. While we still have better access to almost immediate medical aid, imagine how much more at risk lesser privileged people are.…Continue Reading