25 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Quotes That’ll Break You And Heal You At The Same Time

For all its criticism, there’s no denying that Grey’s Anatomy is a show that’s survived through the years, with moments that brought every one of its fans to tears. Moments that made us smile, moments that broke our hearts, and most of all, moments that had us secretly not-so-secretly hating the maker Shonda Rhimes. But the best part about the show? Even the most heartbreaking scenes came with some seriously well written truth bombs that’d turn you mushy, leave you mushy, and oddly-sad all together. And this- this is just a celebration of every one of those moments. None None…Continue Reading

25 Things You Have Got To Experience On A Big Screen In Your Living Room

I know you get it. You get the whole “need a good big-screen TV at home because what’s life without one?” And each time you dream of a dream weekend, there is this platonic TV screen with people on it, or probably fictitious humans, you in your boxers, a few good bowl of munchies and zero disturbance. I get it. And that’s EXACTLY why some experiences are meant for the big-screen. Buying one though, on the other hand can be a pretty tricky and confusing affair. Believe it or not, getting one online may sound even scarier, but Flipkart sort…Continue Reading

10 Fears We’ve All Had About Online Shopping That Are Absolutely Not True

I grudgingly stepped into the world of online shopping a few years ago. Back as a wee little teenager who just DIDN’T feel like going all the way to the other end of the city just to buy a mobile phone from Mumbai’s ‘best’ shop. So then I went online. I experienced the glories of buying things at the click of a button and simply waiting to receive them. And then I realised how wrong I had been all along, and how I had let untrue fears make my life SO much more difficult. Buying ‘expensive’ stuff online is too…Continue Reading

8 Shows You Need To Binge Watch If You Love ‘FRIENDS’

‘FRIENDS’ had the perfect amalgamation of friendship, romance, comedy and drama, and there will probably never be any greater. Still, the least we can do is suggest a few other shows if you’re constantly suffering from the ‘FRIENDS’ hangover: Modern Family A sitcom centered around a not-so-normal family. It has the most funny, loveable and adorable characters. Parks And Recreation The Parks and Recreation department of the fictional town Pawnee will give you some amazingly funny and cute moments. Again, what’s great about this show is its brilliantly written characters. The Big Bang Theory A group of friends, most of…Continue Reading

5 Horror Shows That Completely Changed The Face Of Indian Television

Horror is one genre which is often taken for granted when it comes to Bollywood films. However, when we turn the pages of the history of Indian television, horror shows played a vital role. Remember the times when weekly telecast of Zee Horror Show and Aahat, used to be the anticipated ones? Here is a list of horror shows, which will definitely send chills down your spine. Maybe it’s time to watch them again? Zee Horror Show – Zee TV The Zee Horror Show was the first horror series in the history of Indian TV. Directed by Ramsay Brothers, the…Continue Reading

30 Unforgettable Television Characters That Changed Indian Entertainment Forever

“It’s Sunday. It’s Sagar. It’s time for the Ramayan“ Gone are the days when the 78-episode series of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan used to bring the whole country to a standstill, every Sunday from January 25, 1987, to July 31, 1988. The characterization of Lord Ram, performed brilliantly by Arun Govil, made him a household name soon; the character became immortal since then. Over the years, many such characters hit the zenith of their popularity; some are still so fresh in our memories. This post is dedicated to some of the greatest characters and their artists, who created milestones in the…Continue Reading

7 American Shows Disney India Really Needs To Bring Back

The funny, sarcastic, witty, and absolutely entertaining Disney live action shows are what us 90’s kids have grown up on. But unfortunately, a few years ago, Disney India stopped airing these shows, depriving our younger siblings of pure television greatness. Here are 7 Disney Original shoes that we really really hope Disney Channel India starts airing again (Disney, are you listening?) Lizzie McGuire A story that every teenage girl could relate to. While Lizzie’s cute animated version performed soliloquy, Lizze’s best friends taught us that having a few tight pals is better than having a large group any day. That’s…Continue Reading

15 Simple Things Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Taught Us About Our Typical Indian Family

Who’s heard the golden words “Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Season 2 coming soon”? Did you feel like your world just righted itself? Like the invisible violins have popped out of nowhere and you’ve begun singing “Chaand Mera Dil”? Like your parched life has been blessed with showers of awesomeness after ten years of agonized waiting? WE KNOW! WE FEEL YOU! And don’t let anyone tell you not to freak out and break into a dance! *mini roar* Looking back at those happy days of our life, we scooped out 15 reasons as to why every single one of us (and we…Continue Reading

5 Underrated Binge-Worthy Shows That You’ve Probably Not Heard Of Before

Everyone loves Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Big Bang theory etc. Shows like Sherlock, Dexter and Homeland easily find appreciation, and ‘24’ has even got an Indian version. Clearly, India has great love for International TV. However, there are some shows that are genuinely deep and entertaining but are not on the radar of Indian couch potatoes. Despite popularity among core fans, they just seem to be amiss from coffee table conversations and are unchecked as ‘favourites’ on TV. So get ready for some cool stuff, these are shows that are obscure but are absolutely, fiercely binge-worthy. The Wire…Continue Reading