Why I’d Rather Be Loved Deeply By Few, Than Liked By All

I grew up trying to fit in. Cutting out pieces of myself because I was too much. Too loud. Too hopeful. Eyes too wide with dreams. A heart too eager to fall in love. So I cut myself, painting the acceptance that came with it, red. And it finally happened. I fit in. I just wasn’t me anymore. The world around me liked me. They liked me for the person whose smile stretched across her face like a mask. For someone who uttered carefully crafted syllables while choking on her words. For someone who had forgotten what it felt like…Continue Reading

13 Beautiful Reasons To Date Someone Fiercely Independent

I’m not the fiercely independent kind. I know that I need people in my life, that I need my best friends to get me through my break-downs, that I’ll need my soulmate to remind me that life is good. But I’ve had the good fortune of falling in love with someone beautifully and fiercely independent. And honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve done. The fiercely independent love differently – they love bravely, passionately, and loyally. They love well. They don’t need love – so if they’re with you, it’s because they want to be with you. Not because…Continue Reading

To Everyone Giving Up On Love: 15 Simple Truths To Remember

It’s easy, especially in today’s world, to give up on love. You know, the “makes you weak in the knees” sort of love. The love most of us dreamed of finding. And honestly? I don’t blame you one bit for giving up. For no matter how romantic you are, modern dating can often leave you without hope. But here’s the thing: love happens at the most unlikely of times. All you have to do is never let the world beat belief out of you – because love is inevitable. Your heartbreak doesn’t define your relationship – or you. A heart…Continue Reading

13 People Reveal What They’d Like To Say To Their Ex – It’s Heartbreaking

We all have that ONE Ex. You know, the person who broke our heart, left us shattered in love, who for better or for worse, changed our lives. The person we still think of, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve broken up. The one that got away. So I asked a few of my friends if there’s anything they’d like to tell them. And their answers filled me with hope and just a little heartbreak. Because a love that didn’t last is still love. Kiera, 28 “If I knew the last time we kissed was going to be…Continue Reading

20 Tiny Poems On Love And Letting Go That’ll Speak To Every Modern Romantic

It’s difficult being a romantic in today’s world. It’s difficult because in a time that believes in casual relationships, we fall without fear. We fall, and we crash, and bravely fall again. We learn to love and let go. We move on, unafraid of the hurt it’ll take to find our forever person. And for the most part, we don’t really feel understood. But then I came across Chloe Frayne and her absolutely gorgeous Instagram account. See, Chloe, with words that’ll break your heart and mend it, doesn’t only speak of the happiness of love. She speaks of the ending.…Continue Reading

15 Signs You’re Ready For Love, Even If You’re Afraid

They say that the second time you fall in love is a lot more meaningful and a lot braver than the first. See, you’ve seen the worst that love can give you. You’ve felt your heart break, and through it all, you’ve felt it continue beating. But here’s the thing: the breaking of your first love often leaves you scared of your own feelings. Of the hurt it can lead to. So how do you know you’re ready again? For all the happiness and heartbreak that love can throw at you? You’d rather live your reality than have that fairy-tale…Continue Reading

To My Soulmate: Love Is A Journey We Must Take Together

Hand in hand. Tracing forevers on each other. Together, let’s build our tomorrows. Let’s talk about love. You know, real love. The “leave you breathless, bright red cheeks and weak in the knees” kind of love. The angry tears and fearsome kind of love. As we gently break down each other’s walls and explore every hidden, haunted bits of our souls. As we bravely walk through uncharted terrain, so sure of the beautiful sunsets that await us. As we soothe our wounds with kisses, putting our demons to sleep. Feeling our flames, afraid it’ll burn our home to the ground.…Continue Reading

To Everyone Learning To Love Again: It’s Okay To Be Afraid

You know what finding home in a heart feels like.You’ve found a hand that fits perfectly into yours.You’ve been forced to let it go. You’ve been loved. Let that sink in. You’ve smiled coyly, laughed till your stomach hurt, felt yourself heal with a hug. You fell in love. It just happened to end with crash. It just happened to end with a broken heart, with wounds only you can see. It just happened to end with angry tears, and angrier words. With fights that consumed your fireworks and memories that map pain. It just happened to end with fear…Continue Reading

To My Soulmate: Love Me, But Leave Me Wild

I am untamed. I always have been.Chasing my dreams, running too fast to be kept up with.People tried of course. They tried to catch me before I disappeared.Running behind me, only hoping for a glance.And then they tried to chain me. To build walls of insecurities and call it love. I am untamed. I always have been. I know the stories they’ve told you about me. That I’m terrifying. My hair falls in curls all over my face and my voice does not exist in a quiet, pretty whisper. I exist to shout. To tattoo my existence across every corner…Continue Reading

15 SAVAGE Quotes About Love That’ll Make You LOL Even If You’re In Love

So I’m not the biggest fan of love. Or romance. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to all things mushy because the ONE TIME I actually went out on Valentine’s Day, I ended up puking and losing my phone. And though I love words, all the love poems on the internet started becoming…waaaaay too much. So when I came across love quotes that weren’t nauseating, it felt like a weight had been lifted. It even inspired me to come up with a few quotes of my own. Because who said love was mushy and full of happiness and butterflies?…Continue Reading