Life Lessons From Queen JLo Who’s Just the BEST Life Coach EVER!

If you know even the wee-est bit of Jennifer Lopez then you know that she is, was and probably will be a powerhouse, an unstoppable force of nature ever and ever and ever. This woman seems to have done it all and done it better. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, performer, singer, song writer and dancer, she is just as terrific a human being. All the while seeming to not age a day over 25. If there is anyone who seems to have figured out this puzzle called life, it’s got to be her. Every word out of…Continue Reading

13 Reasons Old Souls Have A Difficult Time Finding Love

“I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it – to be fed so much love I couldn’t take any more. Just once.” – Haruki Murakami Old souls – those people with hearts rooted in ideals most of us have given up on. They often come with wisdom and maturity the modern world can’t even begin to comprehend, and they see relationships for what they really are – loyal, but not smothering, passionate but comfortable, and above all, something of immense value. Modern romance seems to have…Continue Reading

14 Tiny, Powerful Poems For Every Rebel Who Has Dared To Love

The Poetry Bandit, or Jon Lupin quickly turned into one of my favourite writers on the internet. His swords are simple, profound, and speak to both the warrior and the romantic in me. I suppose that’s why I love his work so much – ‘proof that even the most badass of us, fall in love. That sometimes, falling in love is the bravest thing we can do. To holding on and letting go. Letting go. What are you letting go of? Please comment below! Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Link in bio! #thepoetrybandit #youtuber #poetsofinstagram #lettinggo…Continue Reading

13 Empowering Things I Learned When I Let Go Of The Person I Loved

The last year has been…interesting for me. It was a year of heartbreak and triumphs. A year where I often let heartbreak eclipse my triumph, beating myself up over “not fighting harder” for someone I thought was the love of my life. For taking a step back and choosing myself over that someone. But then, I moved on. I found that letting go, is sometimes the most freeing thing you’ll ever do for yourself, filled with lessons and love. Life is bigger than heartbreak. That I can survive pain, even when it seems like the opposite – especially when it…Continue Reading

13 Honest Things I Want To Say To The First Person I Ever Fell In Love With

I’ve had both the privilege and misfortune of falling in love more than once. Of realising that love isn’t limited, but can come at the expense of heartbreak. The first time, though? The first time I felt those butterflies waltz around my stomach and rested comfortably in the knowledge that I was loved back. That I could experience that magical thing movies spoke of. Of course, it didn’t last. But that didn’t make it any less special. So, to the first person I ever loved – I don’t know if you’re reading this. I hope you are. Because there are…Continue Reading

Why I Want A Best Friend, Before A Lover

“Love is friendship set on fire.” I grew up hearing this. That love is electrifying touches and magical kisses. That love is better than friendship. The princess never longed for a best friend, she longed for a prince to save her from the fire-breathing dragon. Of course, all we read about was that beautiful ‘first dance’. You know, the waltz that leaves you breathless, hearts beating beautifully in sync. Followed by whispers of “you complete me”, as if we humans, with our flaws and dreams, aren’t complete in ourselves. As if we’re a puzzle with a missing piece, broken without…Continue Reading

19 Beautiful Truths To Remember As You Heal From Heartbreak

‘A heart that’s been broken is a heart that’s been loved.’ This has stuck with me through the years, as I experienced heartbreak for the first time and learned that the I was capable of surviving it. See, the human heart: bound by muscle and built with love, was made to survive this. It was made to heal. And you? You who fell, so fearlessly – you who experienced the magic of love, you CAN survive this. I know it hurts. And your eyes ache from the crying. But I also know that you will be okay. A love that…Continue Reading

15 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture The Beauty Of Young, Modern Love

I’m incredibly, incredibly unromantic. I’m the kind of person who watches romantic comedies and turns her nose up just a little. But then I came across Yao Yao Ma Van As Instagram account and realised that maybe, just maybe, it’s not the romance that I hate. It’s the cliches that sometimes come with it. It’s the century-old ideas of fancy dinners and a million roses (basically, just dead flowers). Her illustrations, though? They’re honest and capture those tiny, supposedly unimportant bits of romance. And it’s beautiful. That timeless look of longing. “Call me when you get there” #illustration A post…Continue Reading

Here’s To The People Who Fall Too Hard, Too Fast

You love – the way hearts are supposed to love. Words written with hope, eyes that read stories behind every beautiful scar. You’ve been taught to turn love into a game, to step cautiously and trust that pain is inevitable. You’ve been taught to wait 3 days before you text someone, to hold yourself back, to turn conversations into calculations. And here you are. Still. Your heart unguarded. Pouring yourself into another person, tipping and flowing with limitless love. Here you are. Honest. See, you refuse to let heartbreak burn through faith. You see the best in people. You look…Continue Reading

15 People In Long Distance Relationships Tell Us What Makes It Worth It

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, I grew up hearing. But then, I also grew up hearing epic love-stories of relationships that survived thousands of miles and the hardships they endured. Though I’ve never been in one myself, I’ve always admired couples who stuck by each other through the toughest of times – who loved each other even after months of being unable to hold each other. And honestly? Their stories made me ‘awwwww’ till I ran out of breath. Cyrus, 28 “The knowledge that I’d rather be far away from her than close to someone else. We aren’t really…Continue Reading