12 Beauty and Makeup Trends On The Internet That’ll Make You Go WTF

Trends are what the world of social media survives on. As it has crept into every facet of our lives, why should personal beauty be an exception? Indeed, we have so many famous beauty bloggers/vloggers who advertise products that are a solution to every little imperfection on your body or face, including the ones that you have come to like. However, whether we love or get bamboozled by the concealers and eyeliners and what not, we do secretly love them all at one point or the other in our lives. But, all the beauty trends do not blow your mind,…Continue Reading

13 Things You’ll Get If You’re A “Hard On The Outside, Soft Inside” Kind Of Person

Are you the kind of person who feels a little too much of most things but the world doesn’t know about it? Feel like your story is the same as mine? Well, you might be a Coconut. The kind of people who are softies on the inside, but CAN’T for the sake of Korea let anyone know. Yep? Sounds like you? You’ll relate to these, my dudes: All your friends initially “hated” you. All your social interactions are limited because of your “resting b!tch face”. You take a lot of washroom breaks when watching soppy movies to cry…alone. Inside, you’re…Continue Reading

The Journey Of The Hijab From A Customary Garb To A Fashion Statement

The Hijab or the ‘headscarf’ donned by Muslim women across several countries is an enduring symbol of cultural and political revolution. A reflection of status, statement and religious sentiment, the evolution of the Hijab from a socio-culturally charged garb to a fashion accessory is an interesting account. Donning headscarves has been an important clothing ritual across various cultures and communities, and this interestingly dates back to the B.C. era. Ancient Greek, Roman, Persian and Byzantine societies adhered to the practice of ‘veiling’ and also used it as measure of social rank. According to a 13th Century B.C. Assyrian text, only…Continue Reading

We Are Predominantly Following The 90’s Fashion All Over Again And This Time We’re Obsessed AF

Though we millennials can’t stop laughing at some of the movies, songs and those over the top dance moves,from the 90’s, there is one thing that we happen to absolutely love and have inherited in this century – “The everlasting 90’s fashion sense”. You’d be surprised to know how obsessed we are as a generation with all things 90’s when it comes to showcasing our fashion sensibilities. Though we’ve made some innovations and alterations to it, we love to go back in the past to dig some inspiration from 90’s. I am talking about the off shoulder tops, boyfriend denims,…Continue Reading

10 Fashionistas That Are Crushing Stereotypes And Making Them Curves Look Stylish

As a wave of baggy boyfriend denims, tank tops and high waist skirts descend upon us, it can only mean one thing: that curves are back in style. Putting your best fashion foot forward can be a tricky business, especially if you are not very comfortable with your body type. But these fashionistas have chosen to defy convention and are giving us some major styling goals through their addictive Instagram feeds. If you are looking for some full proof tips to style your curvalicious body then these divas have got you covered. Their drool worthy accounts will have you completely…Continue Reading