8 Ways To Effectively Use Fantastic Fictional Character Traits In Your Life

I have often deeply connected myself with characters from different films and T.V shows. Not only do these characters have strong backgrounds, but also they inspire you to greater extents. Each one of them comprises a trait that either makes you want to be with them, or be like them. After a particular point, you also try to put yourself in their position, and analyse the situations in your life from their perspective. Some of my favorite characters are listed below: Frank Underwood- House Of Cards Trait: Frank Underwood is a congressman who wishes to rapidly climb the ladder and…Continue Reading

20 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person, And It’s A Good Thing

While you wonder time and again if you are one of those people who feel too much, here’s a sure shot way to know if you’re highly sensitive. And just to make it clear in the first go, there is nothing wrong with it. Highly sensitive humans feel a LOT and they are usually looked down upon by the general masses for not upholding logic as their bane of existence. They are also frequently turned to when the tides become choppy and dealing with emotions feels like a tough detour. I give you 20 signs to know if you belong…Continue Reading

13 Times Actor Veer Rajwant Singh’s Character Was Basically All Of Us

In any film, television show, or web series, some of the faces we see just leave a long lasting impression on us; it’s their character, their acting skills, even their looks that catch our attention. Veer Rajwant Singh is one such actors who you’d probably recognize from the online entertainment space, especially if you follow FilterCopy’s videos. Along with being an actor, Veer is also a writer, a poet and a casting director. Veer has helped us recreate some of the sweetest memories through our videos. Take a look: When he wasn’t scared of getting caught drinking by his dad.…Continue Reading

10 Qualities Everyone Needs To Get Ahead In Today’s World

The world is rapidly progressing towards betterment- the machines are growing smarter than humans, times are changing rapidly. As a wise man once said, “what may be valid now, may become invalid five minutes later”. Which is exactly the case these days as we see. The survival of a layman in terms of finance and even intellect is difficult. Here are some simple tricks that will help you chase and cope up with the current times: Be well informed about your surroundings. Keep a constant eye on the happenings around and keep yourself updated. Get themselves acquainted with every trait…Continue Reading