Life Lessons From Queen JLo Who’s Just the BEST Life Coach EVER!

If you know even the wee-est bit of Jennifer Lopez then you know that she is, was and probably will be a powerhouse, an unstoppable force of nature ever and ever and ever. This woman seems to have done it all and done it better. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, performer, singer, song writer and dancer, she is just as terrific a human being. All the while seeming to not age a day over 25. If there is anyone who seems to have figured out this puzzle called life, it’s got to be her. Every word out of…Continue Reading

16 Things You Must Be Grateful For Today

We all spend a lot of our time complaining about things and just cursing our luck in general. It seems like life never gives us what we want, but is that really true? There are a million reasons that each of us have to be grateful for every single day, and listed below are just a few of them. So, stop being so pessimistic about everything, and read our list to brighten up your day. You have this day to accomplish whatever you want to do. Your friends and family and everyone who loves you and would do anything for…Continue Reading

“The Problem Is, You Think You Have Time”

The problem is you think you have been guaranteed a tomorrow. And that’s exactly why, you go on postponing your dreams. That’s exactly why you put everything you love for that ideal day when you’ll be done with your responsibilities. Let me wake you up to a rude fact. You ONLY have today. All the yesterdays are dead and all the tomorrows may never come. And all this baggage you carry of all these “important” things is going to fall off suddenly because you won’t even realize that years have gone by and you no longer have the sweet choice…Continue Reading

13 Reasons Why Living In The Present Will Make You The Happiest Person Alive

I used to be this absolutely chaotic human on the inside. Day in and day out, like the rest of us, I would plunge into the past or jump into the future. And despite all the rummaging and trying-to-control-the-Universe, I ended up feeling frustrated and sad. Yep. And then meditation happened to me. I am not suggesting you meditate too. Nope, because the fun part begins now. I began to, rather was forced to greet the present moment. I was with the NOW and suddenly, I realized this huge-ass thing. There is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. Not…Continue Reading

12 Truths About Yourself You Must Remember When Your Heart Feels Broken

To all the hurting hearts, I want you to take a deep breath and hug yourself. Tight. Because I know how you feel. I know how you wake up every single day and fight off that pain in the centre of your chest. I know how you still celebrate the little things despite curling up into a ball every night with tears streaming down your cheeks. I admire the way you still choose happiness, even after waking up in the middle of those long hours and trying to breathe. Just so that you can fill up the hollow in your…Continue Reading