25 Beautiful, Raw Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Believe In Love Again

I always thought weddings made for exhausting evenings of fake-smiling in uncomfortable clothes. Or at least that’s what I learned from well…every romantic comedy EVER. But then the internet proved me wrong. Of course, I haven’t gotten married yet, but I’m guessing that it’s not all fake smiles. That the hopeless, romantic part of romantic-comedies…well that’s true. Of course, I also learned that almost everything’s better in black and white. Even true love. A moment, forever captured. Newlyweds, just after sharing “I dos.” // All the emotions G & E, Mumbai #momentbytws #firstdance  #bride #laughter #whitewedding #weddingsalad  #theweddingsalad #weddingphotography #indearinspired #maharaniweddings  #huffpostido #soloverly #wedmegood  #bridebook  #vogueindia #instawedding #asianbridesblog #weddingsutra#junebug #junebugweddings #weddedwonderland #shaadisaga  #bridalfashion  #asianawedding #dulhaniamag…Continue Reading

31 Beautifully Intricate Mehendi Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

I’ve always loved mehendi. It was literally my favourite thing about weddings till I found out that Parsis, traditionally, don’t really wear mehendi. Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting it done whenever I could. So I decided to stalk every mehendi page I could find on social media and find photos that filled my soul with glee. And also, you’re welcome. *Replaces arm tattoo with this* The perfect balance of elaborate and simple. The only reason I want to get married, sigh. Voilà ! harleen chose to do a little more #traditional #Bridal #henna for her #sikhWedding love…Continue Reading

17 Annoying Things EVERY Girl With Short Hair Has Heard

I’ve got a whole bunch of issues with society. Like, why don’t I have more instagram followers (LOL, I actually have the answer to that)? Why did Trump win the win the election? Why don’t unicorns actually exist? Why do girls have to have long hair? And why do girls with short hair become the punchline of multiple jokes because the world can’t deal with the fact that girls can, in fact, have short hair? I’ve had short hair for 3 years now. I never could go back after. And in those 3 years…well, I learned how not to kill…Continue Reading

11 Hilarious Struggles Of Shopping With Your Significant Other

So, I don’t like shopping. Seriously, it makes me hungry, cranky, tired, and confused (I MEAN, THERE ARE SO MANY CLOTHES, SO MANY CHOICES, WHAT AM I EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO????). One of the few places I actually enjoy shopping at though, is the Lifestyle stores, mostly because of the prices, amazing styles, and the fact that I can shop from the comfort of my home if I want to. But then shopping becomes 10x worse(and weirdly enough, more fun) when you’re shopping with your significant other. In my case, it’s mostly me complaining and him telling me that food…Continue Reading

Saree Not Sorry: 9 Saree Goals For Your 6 Yards Of Magic

Wrapping the six yard saree was every girl’s hobby during her childhood days; Tanaya Das on the other hand has valued her childhood obsession and started a saree movement in Australia – Pleats and Pallu to celebrate the identity of South Asian women every where. We’ve all stalked fashion-bloggers and celebrity stylists to get some inspiration on draping the traditional six yard in an unconventional way but what Tanaya Das does is beyond words and only a true saree lover can pull off. She teams up her saree with sneakers, t-shirts and probably everything that there is in her wardrobe.…Continue Reading

We Are Predominantly Following The 90’s Fashion All Over Again And This Time We’re Obsessed AF

Though we millennials can’t stop laughing at some of the movies, songs and those over the top dance moves,from the 90’s, there is one thing that we happen to absolutely love and have inherited in this century – “The everlasting 90’s fashion sense”. You’d be surprised to know how obsessed we are as a generation with all things 90’s when it comes to showcasing our fashion sensibilities. Though we’ve made some innovations and alterations to it, we love to go back in the past to dig some inspiration from 90’s. I am talking about the off shoulder tops, boyfriend denims,…Continue Reading

10 Fashionistas That Are Crushing Stereotypes And Making Them Curves Look Stylish

As a wave of baggy boyfriend denims, tank tops and high waist skirts descend upon us, it can only mean one thing: that curves are back in style. Putting your best fashion foot forward can be a tricky business, especially if you are not very comfortable with your body type. But these fashionistas have chosen to defy convention and are giving us some major styling goals through their addictive Instagram feeds. If you are looking for some full proof tips to style your curvalicious body then these divas have got you covered. Their drool worthy accounts will have you completely…Continue Reading

Here’s How Your Clothes Say More About You Than You Think

When it comes to fashion, I’m pretty much as lost as a child in the dark woods. I don’t get trends and all the designer jazz, which is why you’ll always hear me say “This is the best time to be alive!”.Why? Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but now, people dress how they want. Sneakers aren’t 2007, if you want them to be two-thousand-and-now, neither are glittery tops and animal bows. No one’s afraid to be themselves, and if that isn’t the truest meaning of fashion – then what is? If anything groups our dressing senses now, it’s…Continue Reading

Girls, Here Are 9 Fashion Ideas You Should Totally Steal From ‘FRIENDS’

Who doesn’t love 90’s fashion? And who wouldn’t want to be able to dress like Rachel Green! Girls, here are 9 fashion ideas from Friends that you can (and should!) totally pull off today: Layers on layers on layers If there’s one thing you should know about Rachel Green, it’s that she always had her layering game on point. Convenient, comfortable, and chic, layering is the answer to cold theatres and restaurants. Denim (check), on denim (check) Vest on skirt, shirt on jeans – there are so many ways to do denim on denim, and Friends shows you all the…Continue Reading

11 Reasons Priyanka Chopra Is The PERFECT Bollywood Actor On The Hollywood Radar

So Priyanka Chopra walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes today, and we CANNOT stop looking at her. Now, there were some pretty awesome moments at the Golden Globes, what with Ryan Reynolds kissing Andrew Garfield and Ryan Gosling thanking Eva Mendes and giving us the feels, but PC’s effortless style is what stole the show. She’s been killing it at Hollywood lately, and after so many of our female stars have tried to make their presence felt there, all we can say is – FINALLY. She’s the perfect woman to let the world know how truly talented Bollywood…Continue Reading