If You’re Going Through A Lot, These 17 Quotes Will Come To Be Your Friends

Change is never kind. And it shouldn’t be. Some of the most beautiful transformations occur after the darkest storms. Having said that, you still have to deal with the storm, isn’t it? And try as you may, it is far from a pleasant journey. Whether you’ve just stepped out of a sour relationship or if you’re at a crossroads with your career, we each experience different shades of adversity. It is during times like these that we need silent, sturdy friends. We need support, care and love while we navigate the seas of change. Sometimes, help can come in the…Continue Reading

21 Tiny Poems That Will Inspire You On The Days You Struggle To Love Yourself

Most of us have bad days. Days on which we question our every move and forget what love and happiness feel like. On days like these, we often need someone else’s voice to remind us of the miracle we are. And RH Fowler’s writing is absolutely perfect for such occasions. Gentle, realistic words which push you out of that prison of self-doubt and have you basking in freedom. We humans are forces of nature. much love everyone • • • • • #Poetry #poet #art #poets #poetsofig #prose #poem #love #life #motivation #motivationalquotes #instaquote #writing #romance #living #poetryporn #writersofig #quote…Continue Reading

8 Top Tips To Tune Into Your Intuition So You Can Live Your Best Life

We’ve all been in situations when logically, all fingers point towards only one answer. It seems perfect in every way. But there’s this hunch you have, this feeling in your gut, that something’s not right. And that things will go south if you move forward with the same answer. This is exactly what we call “Intuition” or “gut feeling”. And often ignoring it, is the stupidest mistake we make. Sharpening them, honing them will do wonders for you in life. Don’t know how? Read on. Intuition is like life – to be taken moment by moment. Intuition, inner voice, gut…Continue Reading

21 Powerful Affirmations That Will Connect You To Your BEST Self

“An affirmation is a phrase that reinforces positive beliefs or behaviors. The best ones are a statement of what we want and are phrased in the present moment” – Gala Darling, Radical Self Love The words we speak create our reality, so said some great human some long, long time ago. And what they said, in my experience, is truly bang on! It is not only the words we tell each other, but the words we tell ourselves that determine the quality of our lives. If you’re someone who is too hard on yourself, use kinder words in your self-talk.…Continue Reading

14 Reasons Weekend Getaways Are Healthy For Your Peace Of Mind

It does not have to be fancy. You don’t have to be living in a tree penthouse or the likes. You don’t have to spend half of your savings just for a swanky bathroom selfie. Nope. You could just decide to go to a nice little farmhouse on the outskirts of the city or even decide to lodge in the middle of a vineyard. The point is, to travel. Most of us associate this term to a very Instagram-friendly opinion of luxury hotels and destinations abroad. I beg to differ. You could feel absolutely in love with the world a…Continue Reading

Poem: The Middle

We are all constantly changing, evolving, growing. And growth, more often that not, is tough. It is chaotic, messy, and it requires you to hold yourself gently when the winds get rough. This one is for the times when you’re right in the middle of the storm, right at its center and when all you want is for it to get over. At the same time, the mere thought of giving up feels wrong for you can see your bloom coming. The Middle You are bare. The old self has left.You are bare. The new caught in glimpses. You are…Continue Reading

17 Quotes For All Those Souls Who Are Working On Themselves, For Themselves

I have this weirdly magical timing of discovering poets online. Somehow, a few of these arrive at some of my darkest phases, right when I need their words. Strange as it may be, I stumbled upon Xan Oku a few months ago and even though I fell in love with his work immediately, today as I decided to create this compilation, his words have become so much more. They tap right into the well of transformation that I am breathing right now. They put my fears to sleep and they make me want to push and not settle through the…Continue Reading

To Everyone Who Feels Like A Misfit Born In The Wrong World

You are here for a reason. All through your days you’ve been a misfit. With bits of you spark-bright, the bits that stand out, shamed. The bits that are sharp and hard. The bits you’ve been told to apologize for. Back when you didn’t know any better, you tried to tweak your madness. You tried to prune your wild. Back when you didn’t know any better, you tried to force your place among here. You tried to squeeze, beg, squirm, crawl. You’ve spent many quiet nights wondering why you were born in a time that has no space for your…Continue Reading

You’ve Tried So Hard To Fit In. Now It’s Time To Be Your Wild Self

Normal. One word. One curse. And you’ve borne it for a while. You’ve lived under it’s roof, stifling, crying. You’ve struggled to tame your wild. You’ve squeezed yourself into circles and squares because they didn’t like your shape. You’ve heard them, longed to be one of them. You’ve succeeded, sort of. You’ve combed your hair into the approved partings. You’ve worn that dress which they like to see you in. You’ve learnt to sit prim and tight, all clean, while that rogue heart of yours awaits to beat its beat, fully. You’ve learned all their manners. You’ve even managed to…Continue Reading

If You Feel ‘Dead On The Inside’, You Must Read This

I’m sure we all have those phases in our lives where we get faced with the question most of us have no answer to, but we sure as hell need it ASAP. “What is the purpose of our existence?” This question haunts me every single day, but being the world’s best “emotions suppressor” (not recommended), I tend to go about my day(s) worry-free, but time and again, I get hit by a wall of reality (or is it even real?). These times are very enlightening, but not always pleasant. “What is the purpose of our existence?” I tend to choose…Continue Reading