11 Relationship Milestones That Prove You & Your Partner Are Meant To Be (Forever!)

It’s easy to fall in love but it’s quite another story to keep staying in it. Because after the ‘getting to know them’ phase comes a whole new world of relationship milestones. But the best part is that if you’re with the right person, these milestones seem to just breeze by, without any thought. For example, you feel completely at ease when you’re around them even though you’ve just met. Or the fact that’s it’s very natural for you to imagine spending the rest of your life with them (minus any Bollywood music in your brain’s background). If you are…Continue Reading

21 Honest Quotes On The Beauty & Cruelty Of Love, We All Need

From time to time, we all need reminders of how messy love can be. It’s not always that easy, sweet feeling and it’s not always happy. But we’ve gotten so used to the notion of ‘perfect’ love, we miss out on its other shades and hues. From getting to know someone to holding their hand, from battling your first set of problems together to knowing love does not always intend to stay, Komal Kapoor’s words bring us back to what loving someone truly entails. After. I forbid myself the tears rob myself of relief You were never mine so I…Continue Reading

15 Memes That’ll Make Every Introvert LOL (Very Quietly)

Hello, my name is Farishte, and I’m an introvert. *stares at people hoping to avoid unnecessary interaction* Being an introvert is fun. It mostly just involves spending time with yourself (and loving it) and spending time with a few close friends (and loving that). And also, avoiding avoidable social interaction, because that’s EXHAUSTING. Now, the internet understands this, and gave us a whole bunch of hilariously relatable memes. So, my fellow introverts, let’s unite. Silently. *relates in silence* I might have done this. Once. Twice. A million times. #lol #funnypics #funnypictures #funnymemes #funnypics #introvertproblems #introvert #neighbors #memes #introvertmemes #lmao A…Continue Reading

15 People In Long Distance Relationships Tell Us What Makes It Worth It

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder”, I grew up hearing. But then, I also grew up hearing epic love-stories of relationships that survived thousands of miles and the hardships they endured. Though I’ve never been in one myself, I’ve always admired couples who stuck by each other through the toughest of times – who loved each other even after months of being unable to hold each other. And honestly? Their stories made me ‘awwwww’ till I ran out of breath. Cyrus, 28 “The knowledge that I’d rather be far away from her than close to someone else. We aren’t really…Continue Reading

25 Signs He’s Not Perfect, But He Is “The One”

I think every time we meet someone who makes our heart feel like a puddle of mush, we’re struck by this question, “Is he/she the one?” We want to know if this person in question is the forever we’ve been waiting for. While some of us like letting things unfold, a lot of us think about the future and where our relationship is headed. Some of us may consider marriage, some of us may want to live-in with this newfound person and have babies or no babies. But each time we meet a person who could be our potential “soulmate”,…Continue Reading

15 Of The Most Beautiful, Real Love Letters For The Eternal Romantic In You

I always had a thing for handwritten letters. Imagining that someone sitting fervently over his/her desk, trying to put into words every thought and every feeling. Especially love letters. Mostly, because love is a feeling so difficult to grasp, something that brings you to your knees and makes you fly, all at the same time. And these love letters, they take the cake. They remind us of the romance human beings are capable of. Jimi Hendrix to an unknown “little girl”. Date, unknown. French writer Voltaire to Olympe Dunover while he was in prison (1713). Dunover’s mother, a powerful woman…Continue Reading

13 Reasons That Friendship Will Always Be Purer Than Romance

I never really understood those who gave up their friends for romance. Perhaps I haven’t yet found a romance that is all-consuming, perhaps I don’t want to. Because friendship, I believe, can never be replaced by any other relationship. And Ashok Chopra’s Memories Of Fire kinda reconfirmed this for me. A book based on the life of five friends, separated by communal beliefs, distance, time, and experiences. This book is proof that of all the things we do, being a friend might be the greatest. It’s a bond that survives through the ages, regardless of fickle 6things like chemistry and…Continue Reading

17 Soul-Stirring Rumi Quotes For Everyone Who Still Believes In True Love

If there was one human I could bring back from the dead, it would be Jalauddin Rumi. This 13th century Persian poet has not only my heart but also my soul. A lover who literally danced his way to his Beloved, there is no other man I look up to more in this whole wide world than him. In a time where true love already feels like a myth, the ones who still believe in their “forever” will find a home in Rumi’s words. They can make every aching wound slowly ebb away. The way he speaks of love will…Continue Reading

Not Everyone Is Meant To Stay. Let Them Go.

I know you hate goodbyes. And I know, more often than not, you replay those moments, pretty frequently inside your head. I know each time you see them leave, even when you are spooning memory, it feels just like the first time. But I want you to know this. I want you to know I am glad they left. I am glad you are still here, vouching for your magic. And don’t you dare question your enough-ness because they were too blind to see it. No, don’t even think about it. You see love, not everyone is meant to stay.…Continue Reading

The Love Letters Shared Between Kahlil Gibran And Mary Haskell Will Melt Your Heart

There is something utterly romantic about exchanging letters of love. The act of penning ones emotions on paper is so undeniably intimate. When you’re baring all and have gathered the courage to take to the pen, the words you create are most beautiful! Sometimes, the prospect of a face-to-face communication can be daunting, and that’s when letters can rescue you from your predicament. Ah! Especially the hand-written ones…Like the ones they used to write in the olden days! The scent of paper, the scrawl of an impatient pen, maybe a tear stain blotched with ink… Little signs, little gestures of…Continue Reading