20 Soul-Stirring Quotes For All The Travel Souls Out There

The sense of liberation that travel souls have as and when they go about places is something no one can explain nor understand. For some of us, travelling gets so synced into our systems that we just can’t wait to make plans with our folks or even better; go solo! Travel souls are special, so consider yourself lucky if you have a friend who happens to be one! They’ll nicely take you along about their soulful journey. Here are a few epic quotes for the traveler in you.

Poem : Let Her Be

Let her be, I whispered, Life has been hard on her,And she has equally been hard on life,This is not what she prayed for, this life. Let her be, I whispered,She wants to live, live a life of pure freedom She wants to run out and explore and figure out life herself,She wants to live a life on her own discretion. Let her be, I whisperedShe has grown numb to the constant murmuring around her,Her eyes are heavy laden with burden,One can feel the anxiety floating in her eyes,She’s not a lost soul, she’s a soul lost in this world.…Continue Reading