12 Beauty and Makeup Trends On The Internet That’ll Make You Go WTF

Trends are what the world of social media survives on. As it has crept into every facet of our lives, why should personal beauty be an exception? Indeed, we have so many famous beauty bloggers/vloggers who advertise products that are a solution to every little imperfection on your body or face, including the ones that you have come to like. However, whether we love or get bamboozled by the concealers and eyeliners and what not, we do secretly love them all at one point or the other in our lives. But, all the beauty trends do not blow your mind,…Continue Reading

6 Tips From Ranveer Singh To Make You The Greatest Marketeer That Ever Lived

The world of marketing is often complicated for newcomers. Strategy, analysis, hooks and ‘point of saturation’ are terms with a lot of meaning and zero understanding. We often look for inspiring case studies to understand and build upon our knowledge of how brands work and what makes the common man tick. In my opinion, there isn’t a greater case study in India than Ranveer Singh. He rose from nowhere into the collective Indian consciousness and turned himself not just into an actor, but into a star. While it takes a village to maintain an image, here are some simple lessons…Continue Reading

Love, Heartbreak, Rebellion: 14 Poems That Will Make You Feel Understood

I’ve often felt like a puzzle of emotions – alone, and incomplete. And when this happens, I often just…turn to social media. Not for the illusion of “company”, but a reminder that no matter how lonely I am, I am not alone in my feelings. See, it’s on Instagram that I found Lauren Eden, someone who writes straight from her heart. Who writes about the most confused, human of emotions, who perfectly captures the puzzle we all are. And here- here are 15 of her poems- reminders that you’re understood. Do not lower yourself for anyone. My books are available…Continue Reading

20 Cute Alicia Souza Illustrations That’ll Give You Major Happiness Goals

Pure happiness – that’s how I’d define Alicia Souza‘s illustrations that spread nothing but unrestricted joy. Alicia is a brilliant artist based out of Bengaluru who creates humorous illustrations on social media and is a successful entrepreneur. Her illustrations are mostly based on her daily life routine and always bring a smile to my face. Check them all out! Yes, they do EXIST! Shopping boys. ‍♀️ A post shared by Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza) on Apr 3, 2018 at 8:47am PDT Embrace it like Chocolate Truffle cake. Sorry I’m late to post… Just landed, picking up Charlie and I’ll see you…Continue Reading

A Step-By-Step Guide To Clicking The Perfect Profile Picture

Ah! How satisfied can a good profile picture make you feel? Like you’ve finally hit a level of inner peace in your life when your Facebook DP looks like it’s out of a magazine. Let’s just accept that most of us have at least a slight streak of vanity in our souls, which is why we want to look our absolute best when it comes to our social media accounts. So, here’s a 24-step guide to ensuring you have the perfect profile picture (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, you name it). First up, stalk someone whose profile pictures you consider GOALS. Next,…Continue Reading

21 Uncomfortable Things You Need To Do To Make The Most Of Your 20s

When I first entered my 20s, I thought that there was a set of rules I had to follow. Of course, no one gave me this set of rules and I mostly made them up based on what I felt comfortable with. I rationalised my comfort with “this is what people do in their 20s”, until I realised that I was wasting what was supposed to be a decade of self-discovery and beautiful experiences, just because I was playing it safe. And well… what’s the point of being young if you don’t take risks and do things that make you…Continue Reading

20 Beautiful Little Poems That Will Heal You And Make You Feel Understood

One of my favorite things to do on social media is stalk people. Or pages. Basically, waste as much time as possible. But then I came across writer R.M. Drake’s accounts, and suddenly, my social media stalking turned into something that made me feel like I could heal from anything. Having self-published 2 beautiful books (Gravity and Black Butterfly), Drake’s words are proof that you don’t always need pretty language to make you feel. Sometimes all you need is an understanding that no matter how broken someone is, they’re always beautiful. This beautiful thought I freaking love this!!! pre-orders for…Continue Reading

Black Mirror In Real Life: China Will Be Giving ‘Ratings’ To Its Citizens

Black Mirror. That beautifully futuristic show that’ll probably leave you slightly haunted by how creepily realistic it is. The truth is, that most of the technology that Black Mirror episodes are based on seem extremely within reach. Almost as if all we need is another tiny technological advancement, and the world will turn into an episode of a dystopian show. Sony and Samsung have already developed in-eye recording lenses that’ll record life around you as you see it. And then, you can go and replay events, as seen in ‘The Entire History Of You’, the S1 finale of Black Mirror.…Continue Reading

Is Social Media Making Us Apathetic Towards Other Humans?

The day was a normal one. Just the usual hustle of the big city that Mumbai is, and the chatter and rush of the local trains. In a matter of what was a usual scene of rush hours, changed into a battleground, and eventually, a death scene. In a matter of few minutes, the people, who were going to work, or going to celebrate the last day of Navratri, were dead, crushed by the urgency of each other. That, is what happened few days back, in the sad events that took place at Elphinston Road station. More than 22 lives…Continue Reading

#MeToo: People All Over The Internet Are Opening Up About Sexual Assault, And It’s Powerful

In wake of the horrifying incidents at High Spirits Cafe Pune, the proven accusations of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstien and the forced silence on actress Rose McGowan, it’s safe to say that any illusions of female safety have been shattered. And for someone who stays close to Pune, who visited the ‘cool’ High Spirits Cafe, the first revelation hit close to home. Where women are hushed down, and shamed simply because their voices disrupt a structure so carefully created. Where women try hushing each other and play right into a culture that not only ignores, but even promotes casual sexual…Continue Reading