Here’s What Your Room Should Look Like Based On Your Personality

Hello, dearies. In this too-short life, it’s such a waste to not be all of yourself. And by that I mean, all the elements of your life should be in sync with your persona (including your pillow covers, yep). There’s truly no point if you aren’t out there, in all your glory, creating magic. And what better way to speak about your true glittery self than making your room, your own heaven? Be it your furniture or your curtain draping, this is how your room should look like based on your personality: The Effortless Modern Heart. Do you feel like…Continue Reading

17 Serene Rooms For Those Who Love Plants And A Whole Lot Of Sunlight

Recently, my Instagram feed has been all about these beautiful homes filled with blooming plants and flowers. It is particularly soothing to watch shades of white, brown and green create an unspoken harmony. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted an outdoor garden; growing my own veggies and flowers and just lying down on a patch of earth to gaze at the sky above. If you’re someone who loves your green babies and wants to live in a house that’s filled with them, these 17 magical rooms will give you #GOALS! 1. What’s more perfect than a living room…Continue Reading

10 Simple Room Decor Ideas To Make Your Winter Prettier

You know when you wake up on those chilly mornings and step out, and instantly regret it? All you want is to stay inside your home for the whole day, just have your favourite food (hot chocolate and soupy noodles, maybe?) and watch your favourite shows all day long? Welcome to WINTER! Winter for us tends to be full-fledged holiday time, when you just feel like having a good time with your family and friends. In films, the idea of this season is depicted by snow-covered mountains, fireplaces and lavishly served hot suppers. But if you plan to mostly stay…Continue Reading

13 Breathtaking Rooms That Will Make You Want To Redecorate Yours Right NOW

The condition of your bedroom can often dictate your mood. Here are 13 gorgeous bedrooms from Pinterest that will inspire you to take care of your own: Fairytale combined with modern chic – who wouldn’t want to dream in there? Could this be any cozier? Every room needs a hammock chair. Period. Colours can make or break a bedroom, amirite? We just want to sway all day. For the traveller in you who needs a home to come back to. There can never be too much light. Give yourself a starry night. Let your inner gypsy speak. Imperfection is perfect.…Continue Reading