22 Annoying Things Every Single Person Is Tired Of Hearing

In a parallel universe, being single or committed could make as much difference as wearing sandals or shoes. But sadly, it is not so in our universe – and that too in a country which survives more on romance than food. This post has 22 points, one less than the total number of years I have been single, which is basically my entire life. If this burden (read: stigma) is not heavy enough to carry, here are 22 statements that make things worse for me, and many others like me. You are such a perfect guy! How come you don’t…Continue Reading

18 Things I’ve Learnt From My Love-Hate Relationship With My Mom

Maybe everyone has this weird love-hate status quo with their mothers, but I’m just going to talk a little bit about how I absolutely adore mine. In the beginning, right during the mutant (teenage) years, she was my enemy. A little before that she was my favorite person in the world (yes, she beat my dad to it) and my entrance into adulthood introduced me to how human she is (just like me). 28 years in, I am still baffled at how much I love my mother. And I don’t mean in the overtly mushy, K3G way. I mean in…Continue Reading

An Honest, 15-Step Guide To Being “Fair And Lovely”

Hello ladies. It is I, sanskari beti, Indian Snow White (mostly because I’m pretty sure someone’s trying to poison me). A weirdo who may or may not have asked her mirror who’s the fairest of them all. And may or may not have had the mirror throw a dictionary in her face when she asked this. See, I always thought that fair = light skin = very beautiful = OMG SUCH RISHTAS. And lovely = person who is “fair”. So I thought I fit the bill: #throwback to when I was a lot cuter and also a lot more annoying.…Continue Reading

20 Chinese Proverbs That Will Show You The Reality You’ve Always Overlooked

We’ve learnt so much, are learning so much constantly, and still – we don’t know enough. Some things in life, we just forget. These Chinese proverbs are a reminder that the world is changing, but some truths shall always remain. On taking that step and getting the things you want. On being afraid to ask. And the importance of this. Doing is understanding. For those who speak knowing nothing. ~ d e e p ~ ~ d e e p e r ~ And to those who really need to make a choice. On striving for better. On the importance…Continue Reading

16 Real Struggles Of Someone Who Has A Big Butt (And Cannot Lie)

I have a big bum. At least it’s bigger than the rest of my body. Since I was a kid, my mom joked that all my weight went into my butt. (I wish she wouldn’t have because the law of attraction totally heard her, and voila!) Today, I am a little scared to even look behind because I am pretty sure by booty is slyly winking back *sigh*. And contrary to what people think, big butts have their own set of struggles. And these 17 are just the beginning. 1. All your food seems to get stored in your bum.…Continue Reading

15 Kinds Of Kissers In The World – How Many Have YOU Kissed?

We’ve all thought it, but we’ve never said it out loud. Well, maybe to our best friends, but then, what’s friendship if you can’t dash out the juicy (and sometimes not so juicy) details of your make-out sessions? I decided to be brave and just list down the kind of kissers we’ve all probably kissed at least once in our lives, whether we’ve enjoyed the kisses or not. Feel free to add any that I’ve missed out on. 1. The first-timer (you just know). It’s the body language. The way they’re both excited and uncertain at the same time when…Continue Reading

27 Things You’ll Get If You’re A True Gujarati At Heart

I am a Gujarati and I LOVE BEING ONE! Yes, I am often embarrassed by the traits of my clan, but I also love them (I guess I don’t have much of a choice). They are loud and can make a ruckus when in public, and they try to buy their way through trouble each time they get into it. They never tell you how much they REALLY earn (even if you are their own child, yep, it’s true). But they are some of the warmest and most loving people on the planet. They’ll rush out to help you at…Continue Reading

10 Little Things I Did To Change The World – And You Can Do Them Too

Wouldn’t it be better if nobody fell ill? But reality is different. We see people around us, including ourselves, fall ill all the time. And India’s children are losing their childhoods to repeated illness. Sometimes illness is unavoidable because of things beyond our control. But there are instances where illness can be prevented. Simple, every day solutions could help make life better for millions of India’s children. Does that sound like something you might want to contribute to? Well, here are 10 of the simplest things you can do to bring about the change that you seek in the world.…Continue Reading

17 Qualities Every Badass Woman Is Proud To Have

I remember reading Maya Angelou’s poem, ‘Phenomenal Women’ a couple of years ago. And the final lines sent shivers down my spine and gave me goosebumps. ‘Cause I am a woman,Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman,That’s me. Personally, I think all of us are badass in our own ways. We may not walk with billboards or start candle light marches or head rallies. But that does not mean that we aren’t phenomenal enough. We are warriors in our own right and are heroes of our own lives. We don’t give up, no matter how many lemons life throws at us. And to be…Continue Reading

21 Powerful Affirmations That Will Connect You To Your BEST Self

“An affirmation is a phrase that reinforces positive beliefs or behaviors. The best ones are a statement of what we want and are phrased in the present moment” – Gala Darling, Radical Self Love The words we speak create our reality, so said some great human some long, long time ago. And what they said, in my experience, is truly bang on! It is not only the words we tell each other, but the words we tell ourselves that determine the quality of our lives. If you’re someone who is too hard on yourself, use kinder words in your self-talk.…Continue Reading