12 ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Quotes That Prove Love Can Be Hard But Worth It

I think a lot of us consider this Jane Austen novel to be the perfect love story. But in my humble opinion, it was far from perfect. I mean, if you’ve read the book you know how Elizabeth and William hated each other’s guts almost through half of the story. But their love (when they did confess it to each other) was honest, human and so, so beautiful. These 12 quotes are proof that often love can feel hard and wary but all those struggles are worth it in the end. When love brings out your inner child. When you…Continue Reading

These 16 Soulful Quotes By Piyush Mishra On Love & Life Will Make You Smile

Piyush Mishra is astounding for more reasons than one. He will steal your heart with his words and make you wonder about things you had never thought before! Here are a few quotes by him that will make you question yourself and re-think about the life you’ve been living so far. It’s high time you start understanding the inner meaning of everything happening around you and look at things differently. There’s a lot to learn, everyday… 1. Because what you think about yourself matters the most! 2. No one ever said that it was easy to love. 3. When you…Continue Reading

14 Life Changing Quotes To Prepare You For Everyday Challenges

If we talk about life, it knocks us down every single day. The more we think about the difficulties and bad times, the more we feel disappointed. However, if one wants to see the positive side of it, every day is a new day and every challenge makes us stronger. A small positive thought can shape your day and even change the course of your everyday routine. It is very important to understand that though life may knock you down with challenges, strong thoughts and a positive mindset can prepare you for the tough road ahead. In this post we…Continue Reading

17 Little Quotes For You To Embrace Your Inner Wonder Woman

Being a woman is quite a tough task. Come to think of it, our mere existence is a constant cause of worry for the society; one which is built on the thought that females are a liability. So while you manage work, while listening to the sexist jibes, and a few taunts from the relatives who are concerned about your ovaries’ shelf life, breathe. Close your eyes, sip that cup of tea or coffee you just refilled, and go through these amazing quotes we have collated for you, so that woman inside you stands a little taller with each word.…Continue Reading

12 Poems That Remind You Of The Power Of Hope & Beauty In Life

There are days when we have all the answers we need but still lack the drive to go and figure life out. For such days you need the words of folks like RM Drake; words that must come from another to have you connect with your inner power. And if you’re having a day like this today, these 12 poems are what you need. Be kind, be good. affect* A new four book bundle is coming soon. A post shared by R. M. Drake (@rmdrk) on Jun 16, 2018 at 2:52pm PDT Cut the chords of self-doubt. R. M. Drake…Continue Reading

15 Poems That Speak Of Lost Love & The Struggles Of Letting Go

There is poetry that talks about the beauty of this world, its unsolicited terrains and the beauty of the human heart. And then there is poetry that cuts through your bones, makes you enunciate every feeling you’ve tried to express but never had the words for. Alfa’s poetry is exactly the latter. And these 15 poems on lost love and letting go will move you tears. No apologies. Did you know I have 3 books of poetry? Abandoned Breaths Silent Squall Bouquets: Letting Them Go ___________ #alfawrites #alfa #micropoetry #alfaworldwide #alfapoet #alfaquotes #poetry #time #qotd #typewriter #abandonedbreaths #silentsquall #bouquets #poems…Continue Reading

20 Honest Quotes That Are Basically Life’s Biggest Truths You Need To Know

Dani DiPirro runs an Instagram page called Positively Present, and it is ALL the joy and happiness in the world. But know what else it is? A lot of truth. A lot of truth we forget in our lives, truth that would make our lives so much easier, if only we could always remember. Always remember. You’re with yourself all the time so you might as well make the most of it! ☺️ A post shared by Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent) on May 24, 2018 at 3:50pm PDT How important is this! Note to self. A post shared by Dani DiPirro…Continue Reading

If You’re Going Through A Lot, These 17 Quotes Will Come To Be Your Friends

Change is never kind. And it shouldn’t be. Some of the most beautiful transformations occur after the darkest storms. Having said that, you still have to deal with the storm, isn’t it? And try as you may, it is far from a pleasant journey. Whether you’ve just stepped out of a sour relationship or if you’re at a crossroads with your career, we each experience different shades of adversity. It is during times like these that we need silent, sturdy friends. We need support, care and love while we navigate the seas of change. Sometimes, help can come in the…Continue Reading

15 Tiny Quotes That Are All The Motivation You Need To Follow Your Heart

Inspiration comes in so many forms. Sometimes, a TED talk does the trick, or perhaps listening to a motivational speech, or maybe even a classic monologue in that favourite film of yours that you never tire of. And sometimes, all it takes is finding just a few words, the right words, that say the right things and right away, you know your heart feels lighter. Like anything is possible. Well, at least that’s how the words of freespiritpoetry would make you feel, anyway. True to its name, the Instagram page is strewn with words that are sure to lift your…Continue Reading

21 Honest Quotes On The Beauty & Cruelty Of Love, We All Need

From time to time, we all need reminders of how messy love can be. It’s not always that easy, sweet feeling and it’s not always happy. But we’ve gotten so used to the notion of ‘perfect’ love, we miss out on its other shades and hues. From getting to know someone to holding their hand, from battling your first set of problems together to knowing love does not always intend to stay, Komal Kapoor’s words bring us back to what loving someone truly entails. After. I forbid myself the tears rob myself of relief You were never mine so I…Continue Reading