Beliebers, Prepare To Scream: Justin Bieber Might Perform In Mumbai This May!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! What DID I just hear!!! *Does a row of cartwheels, a round of hula hoops, and then charges ahead to continue all the wiggles* While I am clearly not Justin-obsessed, I am thoroughly digging the Purpose vibe. And since Mumbai Mirror has just gone out to let us know that Bieber might be visiting India to perform live in a concert at the DIY Patil Stadium this May, 2017 is already proving LEGIT good. This one might be another badge for his tour in Asia. I can’t wait for all you Beliebers out there to storm in with fan-girl,…Continue Reading

This Hilarious Mashup of Ila Arun Moaning Through The 90s Will Have You Rolling With Laughter

What do you want me to say because Ila Arun and raunchy are the same name-game. And the more I expand on this, the dirtier it’s going to get. Is this what you need to get your Tuesday rolling? Because I am ON. (Take it whatever way you like, because I am doing it Ila style). If your boss is getting on your nerves or if your To-Do list is becoming a never ending affair, I would suggest you stop everything you are doing and watch these 45 seconds of absolute horny-haven. And please, for the hormonal welfare of the…Continue Reading

16 Rihanna Numbers That Prove She Is The Unbeatable Queen of Sass

She’s been on everybody’s mind some time or the other. It could be for how explicitly bold she is with her masochistic sexual preferences or with her comfort to make love to her body onscreen. She’s been compared and put down in front of old-gold Beyoncé. But even while that happened, we knew she was already winning, already converting haters to fans. So let’s just shush it and give it up for one of the coolest, sexiest and par-fashionable pop singer, Rihanna. She’s written songs on going low, heartbreak, love that makes you wriggle with joy and being absolutely bad-ass.…Continue Reading

30 Hindi Pop Songs From The 90s That Will ALWAYS Be On Our Playlists

So there was A.R. Rehman (legend of the legend) and now there is Honey Singh (argh.) And somewhere in between, the Hindi music fraternity is scrambling to get its wits in place. There were days, back in the good old 90’s where playing a track on loop for weeks on end, wasn’t surprising at all. There was melody, there were heart-wrenching lyrics and also, compositions so perfect, that you couldn’t have wished for any better. (Let’s not forget all the crushes we scored each time a new pop video turned up) I am specifically talking about guys like Sonu Nigam,…Continue Reading

10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Will Show You, Real Love Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Before ‘Thinking Out Loud’, I wasn’t really a Sheeran fan. Yeah he was a weird-looking-cute-kid but nothing special if you asked me. Especially if you put him in the same frame as Taylor Swift. But no, I am going to say that with THAT music record, I have seriously come to respect this man. Especially when he sings like a frigging dream with zero apologies. Bam! There are moments when he pulls your heart strings along with those of his guitar’s and moments where just that slight, classic hum of his will make you sigh. And boy, oh boy, if…Continue Reading

Popstar Adele Teaches Us How To Overcome Image Insecurities

From the outside, fame and success always look glossy and attractive. It’s not that one doesn’t enjoy the comforts and luxuries that come along with being famous, but one is more likely to also be subjected to issues concerning one’s personality and external image. Adele is an example of the frailties and challenges of fame. Source: Being someone who has always been vocal about her insecurities and fears in her hard-hitting lyrics, Adele doesn’t feel the need to hide her true self in front of the media. When she was recently interviewed, she commented about her not-so-perfect figure by…Continue Reading