I’m Sorry But Let’s Talk About The Dark & Disturbing Side Of K-Pop

I have had a fascination with K-Pop for a very long time, mostly because I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that these performers are incredible singers, dancers AND always look on point. I mean I get that you can be talented, but really, SO MUCH TALENT? It seems almost superhuman. In the past year, the K-Pop industry has had an incredible breakthrough, being represented more and more in mainstream media and award shows. BTS is one of the most popular K-Pop bands in the world. And if you watch their videos as well as live…Continue Reading

If You Have A Roommate, You’ve Probaaaaably Gone Through These 14 Things

Living with a roommate can be a LOT of fun. You aren’t coming home to an empty house, don’t go broke trying to make rent, and for the most part, have someone you can mooch food off of. Of course, the best part about having a roommate (or roommates) is that unless you guys absolutely DON’T get along, you’ve got new friends. Friends who can turn into family, friends you can learn so much from. Dice Media’s new web-series, 2by3, presented with Kurkure tackles ALL these roommate issues and more. Your rommate sometimes mistakes your clothes for theirs When you’re…Continue Reading

These 26 Graphic Sketches Of Pop-Culture Superheroes Are The Real Eye Candy

Pop-culture has brought in a major change in the entertainment industry, and one of the most favored and recognised section of it is the comic universe. Whether the characters are from Marvel or the DC universe, we just can’t help but have our jaws drop by the kind of background story each character individually has- be it the superhero or the villain. Not only their story, but also the physical appearance of each of these characters has been designed in a way that they all are visually fascinating. These appearances have been improvised a lot over time to suit the…Continue Reading

So Beer-Yoga Is Now Real, Hence Proving “Western Culture Ruins Everything”

I woke up this morning, did my yoga like a nice Millennial who was at peace with herself (okay, the yoga I did was mostly just Shavasan, but that totally counts!), and went on the internet. That’s when I found out that the kind people in Germany and Australia decided to combine beer with yoga, just to make morning drinking more acceptable. It all started in Germany, when the company BierYoga decided to call itself the, “marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul,” on its website. And they aren’t just being…Continue Reading

11 Things You Will Relate To If You’re A Fangirl / Fanboy

Being a Fangirl/Fanboy is difficult. You are always dealing with too many feelings, feelings which you have learned to mask successfully for most of the time of the day, unless someone asks you one question, which results in the breaking of a dam of emotions, often accompanied with a shrill voice and a lot of hand gestures. If you experience these things as well, hop on the bandwagon and read on. A lot of “Honestly, me” moments are guaranteed. When answering the question, “So what is your favourite band/film/TV series?” takes more time than it actually should. I mean, they…Continue Reading

This Cosplayer Has Some Very Interesting Things To Say About Bengaluru Comic Con 2016

Branded the best weekend of the year, Bengaluru Comic Con 2016 ushered in thousands of pop-culture loving folks – some dressed in costumes, some sporting superhero tees. It was a melange of fun, exuberance and fanfare. That said, knowledge of iconic comic characters is slowly dwindling. And the convention has emerged as a gathering of everything pop-culture in recent times. Demonitization is easily the most commonly discussed, read and written about topic, and it is hard not to bring that up in any context. Even in what is a seemingly fan-boyish opinion piece about the Bangalore Comic Con. Well, while…Continue Reading

16 Rihanna Numbers That Prove She Is The Unbeatable Queen of Sass

She’s been on everybody’s mind some time or the other. It could be for how explicitly bold she is with her masochistic sexual preferences or with her comfort to make love to her body onscreen. She’s been compared and put down in front of old-gold Beyoncé. But even while that happened, we knew she was already winning, already converting haters to fans. So let’s just shush it and give it up for one of the coolest, sexiest and par-fashionable pop singer, Rihanna. She’s written songs on going low, heartbreak, love that makes you wriggle with joy and being absolutely bad-ass.…Continue Reading

30 Hindi Pop Songs From The 90s That Will ALWAYS Be On Our Playlists

So there was A.R. Rehman (legend of the legend) and now there is Honey Singh (argh.) And somewhere in between, the Hindi music fraternity is scrambling to get its wits in place. There were days, back in the good old 90’s where playing a track on loop for weeks on end, wasn’t surprising at all. There was melody, there were heart-wrenching lyrics and also, compositions so perfect, that you couldn’t have wished for any better. (Let’s not forget all the crushes we scored each time a new pop video turned up) I am specifically talking about guys like Sonu Nigam,…Continue Reading

10 Ed Sheeran Songs That Will Show You, Real Love Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Before ‘Thinking Out Loud’, I wasn’t really a Sheeran fan. Yeah he was a weird-looking-cute-kid but nothing special if you asked me. Especially if you put him in the same frame as Taylor Swift. But no, I am going to say that with THAT music record, I have seriously come to respect this man. Especially when he sings like a frigging dream with zero apologies. Bam! There are moments when he pulls your heart strings along with those of his guitar’s and moments where just that slight, classic hum of his will make you sigh. And boy, oh boy, if…Continue Reading

8 Justin Bieber Songs That Converted Me From A Hater To A Lover

Don’t lie. Don’t tell me “Baby” didn’t slyly get into your head once upon a time. Because deny all you want, we all have at least once (drunk times counted) grooved to the first Bieber number. Then Justin went on a narcissist trip and we all began to hate his guts. (Shy not away from honesty, folks.) But sometime back last year he made a woot-worthy comeback with Purpose, his latest album. And then, there was no looking back. Even though you may not be appealed by his doped, unruly, messy self, these 8 songs by him will definitely have…Continue Reading