This Writer Perfectly Captures The Trauma Of Being Socially Awkward

Have you ever felt lonely even when you were surrounded by too many people? I have been there, and I know how terrible it feels when you have too many people to talk to, and yet all you want to do is take the first bus back home and cuddle in your bed ALONE. If you just nodded your head to the listed scenario, welcome to the socially awkward club. We are a bunch of people who don’t really have the “cool” genes, or so we have come to believe. I had a group of friends who were literally the…Continue Reading

18 Little Things You Can Do to Ensure You Have a Good Day, Every Day.

Hello, from the world of Mondays! Has it been a dreary yet insanely fast week for you? Like the world isn’t even pausing to catch it’s breath while all you want to do is take 72-hour naps and sip on coffee? Tell me about it! But hang in there. Because even the really bad days, the really, really, bad ones have something shiny on them. (Nope, I am not going all Silver-Lining-Yoda on you). Human, first of all, hug yourself hard. Secondly, it is absolutely okay to want to feel happy most of the time in a world that thinks…Continue Reading

22 Little Things Every Proud Introvert Will Relate To

You might call yourself an introvert or you could have simply guarded a fence around your heart, but you can’t deny the fact that you like to be alone. After all, you can’t find anyone as awesome as you! Your friends might call you an introvert to sugarcoat it, but deep within they know that you are a loner. And you know what, it’s absolutely fine! There is a sense of peace that I find when I’m not surrounded by anyone. I hate people. There. I said it. Chances are that you are also one of those handpicked people in…Continue Reading