Perfection Is An Overrated Myth, Stop Chasing It

Most of us, if not all, are chasing perfection in something or the other. We believe perfection to be something that is rooted in the future. The end to a chase. The destination to a journey. The answer to our questions, or a space beyond flaws. We believe perfection is something that could make us feel content. The issue with this belief is that, we tend to overlook what is present. We miss to acknowledge, appreciate and accept the blessings that are right in front of us. We miss being happy and content NOW! We tend to reject failures, and…Continue Reading

13 Signs You’re On The Right Path, Even Though You’re Not Sure Of It

You know, there’s so many of us who are doing okay in life, but we end up doubting our decisions. “Is this the best for me?”. “Did I take up the right thing?”. And the thing is, that while these doubts will stay forever, sometimes it helps to see the reality from someone else’ life. To see what is actually going on, and how our decisions are the things that are responsible for our growth. Here are 13 signs that you’re doing okay, even if you’re not quite sure of it. You’ve finally learned and accepted the fact that your…Continue Reading

17 Hilarious Struggles You’ll ONLY Understand If You’re A Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is TOUGH. It basically involves you explaining to the world that while flaws are awesome and imperfection is beautiful, PERFECTION IS KINDA AMAZING TOO! Of course, that might just lead to you being misunderstood, but more often than not, the end results are worth it. Perfection exists in the tiniest of things. Like that strand of hair that’s out of place, and COULD be perfect…but isn’t. Your boss thinks you ‘take too much time’, when really, PERFECTION TAKES TIME, BUT IT IS WORTH IT! You hate multitasking, mostly because you KNOW that not giving 100% attention to…Continue Reading

15 Problems Only Perfectionists Understand

Being a perfectionist is hard, life is a constant struggle for you. It’s not like you go around looking for mistakes but they somehow seem to jump out to you and once you spot an error, no matter how tiny, you can never let it go uncorrected. You live your life trying to attain the unattainable, trying to be the best at everything you do. No one can understand your struggle because most people think you should just let things be but you know that you could never do that. To you, if something’s not perfect then it’s nothing. You…Continue Reading