When It Comes To People, What You See Isn’t Really What You Get

As individuals, we tend to jump the gun when it comes to figuring out the people in our life. When someone doesn’t react the way we expect (read: want) them to, we judge them instantly. You know the drill. “Oh, he has moved on already? Looks like his ex didn’t mean much to him after all.” “They seem so happy in all their posts. I am sure their lives are perfect.” “She hasn’t changed a bit since her mother passed away. I didn’t know she could be so cold.” “She just cut me out of her life without any explanation.…Continue Reading

20 Harsh But Honest AF Truth Bombs You Need In Your Life

Ya’ll, the thing is…we are all kinda living lies. We’ve made up our own comfortable versions of “truths” so we don’t have to see reality. Truth Potato, a cute little Instagram page will clear those clouds for you. These adorable sketches with one-line truth bombs are…well, they’re hard-hitting. Check them out! HONESTLY. TRUTH – 158 . . . #truthpotato #bittertruth #positive #define #own #thoughts #everyone #life #people #dailytruth #instagram #instacomic #truth #daily #instadaily #insta #love #potato #cartoon #truthoftheday #cute #instapotato #hardtruth #potatolove❤️ @harshgopal A post shared by Truth Potato (@truth.potato) on Jun 26, 2018 at 8:30am PDT It is a…Continue Reading

15 Struggles You Know Too Well If You Have A Hard Time Saying ‘No’

Some free folk have the liberty to go around declining offers and refusing to do favours. All they do is say ‘nope’, and walk away. And then there’s you. It’s been so long since you last used the word ‘no’, you’re not even sure you know how to use it anymore. Of course, life isn’t easy for folks like that, is it? Nope. Oh, look, I said it! Here are some of the struggles you must go through if that’s just not your style. You’ve lost so much moolah by going out for plans you didn’t even want to be…Continue Reading

Raw, Inspiring, Badass: This Indian Woman’s Art Captures Everything You Feel

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a LOT of amazing artists – courtesy the Uncover project. And most recently, I was introduced to the stunning art of Anjali Mehta. Now, what made Anjali’s work stand out for me was the fact that it’s basically, well, everything I’ve ever felt. Her illustrations are brave, bright, and honest. I suppose that’s because she takes so much inspiration from the world around her…and from the words around her. “Lately, I’ve been inspired by life and human emotions in general. How we as human beings interact with life at different stages,…Continue Reading

15 Memes That’ll Make Every Introvert LOL (Very Quietly)

Hello, my name is Farishte, and I’m an introvert. *stares at people hoping to avoid unnecessary interaction* Being an introvert is fun. It mostly just involves spending time with yourself (and loving it) and spending time with a few close friends (and loving that). And also, avoiding avoidable social interaction, because that’s EXHAUSTING. Now, the internet understands this, and gave us a whole bunch of hilariously relatable memes. So, my fellow introverts, let’s unite. Silently. *relates in silence* I might have done this. Once. Twice. A million times. #lol #funnypics #funnypictures #funnymemes #funnypics #introvertproblems #introvert #neighbors #memes #introvertmemes #lmao A…Continue Reading

To Every Excited Traveller, 20 Photos From The ‘World’s Happiest Country’– Bhutan

For reasons unknown, I’ve always felt a pull towards Bhutan. It’s not exactly a “bucket list” whim, and it’s not something I came to fancy after watching prayer flags adorning blue-green mountains. It was the spirit of the Bhutanese people that made me want to pack my bag and give this country a chance. While it may seem completely cliched, I wanted to learn the secrets of leading a happy life from the happiest people in the world. Yes, I am definitely smitten by the day-to-day natural beauty Bhutan has to offer, but I am equally smitten by the way…Continue Reading

The 17 People In My Life I’ve Never Thanked, But Really Should

I think about all the times I’ve done something for someone and never even received so much as an acknowledgment, let alone gratitude. But then, I think about the people who’ve probably felt that way because of me. So I’m going to do it. I’m going to thank all those people I come across every day who deserve my gratitude and hopefully, make their day a bit more brighter. But first, I’m going to tell you about who they are. Who knows? Maybe this list will remind you of someone you have to thank too. 1. All the good samaritans…Continue Reading

20 Challenges Of Being A Happy Person With Very Mean Friends

My team at work is a bunch of dank humans. The day I joined my new workplace, I felt like a bright, springy pup surrounded by people who were scared by the happiness I was exuding. It’s not like they are a sad group of people. But they’re not just used to having someone around who’s consistently happy. Even my reaction to my bad days seems to stun them. And while I totally get the “to each to his own” idiom, I am just mostly struggling to contain my happiness so as to not freak people out further. I love…Continue Reading

For People Who Always Give More Than They Get, Please Don’t Change

You were raised to believe that you always get what you give. The world goes around, what you reap is what you sow, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you – you know these by heart. They’ve been your life’s mantra. You’ve repeated them over and over, under your breath to cope with the world crumbling around you. Because the people you loved and gave everything to, chose to leave anyway. That never stopped you though, did it? Because surely, there must be enough love in the world to eventually find its way back to you.…Continue Reading

15 Ways In Which Beer Never Lets Me Down (While People Do)

I discovered beer much later in my life than most people. And well, the rest, as they say, is a drunken, fun-filled history. And if our closest friends are judged on the basis of who sticks around when things go to sh*t, well, guess who’s stayed the whole way? That’s right, good ol’ beer! So in this treacherous stream of people who come and go out of lives, I’ve realised that it makes more sense to bank your hopes of forever on this super-chill (literally) and dependable beverage instead. Because beer has literally never let me down, and here’s just…Continue Reading