7 Quotes From Devdutt Pattanaik’s ‘Shyam’ That’ll Make You Want To Read It Right Now!

As kids, they were just stories. Stories of a charming boy called Krishna, who grew up to become a fascinating figure and went on to achieve impossible feats. But as you grow up and take another look at these childhood stories, you realise just how much there is to them that you haven’t ever considered. An entire, expansive mythology with universal themes, intricate character details and most importantly, lessons that lend themselves into the modern life as well. If there is a man who knows how to brilliantly mould mythology into the most suitable retelling for the modern readership, it…Continue Reading

Love Them Forever If They Do These 15 Things For You

Relationships, romance, love. Things that are somehow larger than life, but also subtly engraved in our everyday moments. It’s the usual days that get better with love. It’s the usual days that become poetry, the usual days when love can lift us up to the stars. Lucky are those who find someone who is willing to do those little things for them, to sprinkle magic onto the simplest of your life’s moments. Keep them close if you find someone like that. They pull you closer in their sleep. A sign that they’re truly into you. It really is the cutest…Continue Reading

13 Reasons That Friendship Will Always Be Purer Than Romance

I never really understood those who gave up their friends for romance. Perhaps I haven’t yet found a romance that is all-consuming, perhaps I don’t want to. Because friendship, I believe, can never be replaced by any other relationship. And Ashok Chopra’s Memories Of Fire kinda reconfirmed this for me. A book based on the life of five friends, separated by communal beliefs, distance, time, and experiences. This book is proof that of all the things we do, being a friend might be the greatest. It’s a bond that survives through the ages, regardless of fickle 6things like chemistry and…Continue Reading

11 Lessons I’ve Learnt From Being “Moderately Famous”

“She’s Saif Ali Khan’s sister!”I closed my eyes momentarily as irritation gave way to submission. Of course! And it was true. I was. I am. It’s probably safe to say I have been recognized as Sharmila’s Tagore’s daughter orSaif Ali Khan’s sister more times than I have been recognized as Soha Ali Khan. You would think it would get irksome but I have learnt, over time, to embrace that part of my personality. I am Soha Ali Khan and I am “moderately” famous. While fame hasn’t showered me with all its glory, I have been graced with it at least…Continue Reading

Healthy Breakfast With Shonali Sabherwal!

Pomegranate and Watermelon Cooler Ingredients2 cups watermelon 1 cup pomegranate 2 cubes of ice Preparation1. Place the watermelon and pomegranate in the blender2. Add 2 cubes of ice3. Blend the ingredients and pour into a glass Sunny Side Up Eggs Ingredients1 tbsp olive oil 2 eggs Salt and pepper to taste Preparation1. Pour olive oil into a pan and heat it2. Break two eggs into the pan, without breaking the yolk3. Sprinkle salt and pepper Simple Avocado Salad With Balsamic Dressing Ingredients10-12 Cherry tomatoes 2 cups of lettuce 1/2 an Avocado A splash of Balsamic Salt and pepper1/2 Lemon juice…Continue Reading