Stop Judging Yourself Before You Expect It From Everyone Else

Haven’t we all been victims to the ‘log kya kahenge‘ phenomenon countless times in our life? And haven’t we spoken at length about how often society comes in the way of our dreams and happiness? However, we hardly speak about how harsh we can sometimes be when it comes to matters of self-judgement. and about the impact it creates in our life. There’s a need to remember that the single most important relationship that matters in our life is the relationship we share with ourselves. A relationship that is entirely defined by the thoughts we have about ourselves. Think about…Continue Reading

15 Ways Self-Love Is So Much More Than Just Pampering Yourself

The idea of self-love is a wonderful one and I suppose we all want to be able to achieve it in our own ways. More often than not, it starts with a checklist of tangible things to do, like pampering ourselves. And while taking a nice, long, luxurious bath is a great way to show yourself some love, what use is it if you step out of it only to criticise what you see in the mirror afterwards? You see, the process of self-love is more than just a day at the spa, or treating yourself to something you love…Continue Reading

15 Powerful Life Lessons That You Can Only Learn As Time Goes By

Sometimes I’m amazed by how much I keep learning every day. Little facts, little life hacks, simple lessons to make life easier. But honestly, the big lessons in life, the most important ones, are those that come with time. The valuable wisdom that comes as the years go by. There is no other way to learn these things than to sit patiently and let time teach them to you little-by-little, day-by-day. Here are 15 of them. The world we know, is only the world as we see it. Everything is perspective. Everything. Things we thought were hard, cold facts turn…Continue Reading

16 Little Things People Say To Show They Care (If You Truly Listen)

In today’s world, where busy lives, judgment and everyday chatter drown out the things that matter, it’s hard to find people who care about someone else’s life. But sometimes, just sometimes, people do reach out, and they do try to show, in their own little ways, that they do care. It’s possible that while you’ve been feeling alone, people around you have tried to express that they do in fact, care about you. Except maybe not in those exact words. Perhaps in these 16 little ways! “Are you okay?” Three words that make all the difference when you’re going through…Continue Reading

To You, Always Running Against The Clock – Relax, There’ll Be Time For Everything

“No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.” I identify as an alternative version of an overachiever. It is called “putting a million things on your to-do list, which ends up killing you, and sitting on your failing health, watching your life go to waste” . Super fun hobby. There is something about our time, our generation, the very air we breathe, that makes us want to grow bigger and bigger still. In the process of outdoing our yesterday’s self, we always set impossible and cruel deadlines on ourselves. Who are we really trying to impress…Continue Reading

15 Tiny But Important Self-Care Rituals For Every Busy 20-Something Out There

Alright folks from the land of “I do not have the time for this”. I know we’re super busy and I know we’re like dying under workload and we really don’t have the “bandwidth” to pause and shake it off. But if you’re going to carry on like that, maybe your body is going to die on you and you won’t have much of a say in it. Before that really happens and way, way before its incoming possibility, why don’t we just learn to take care of ourselves a little bit better? And I am not asking you to…Continue Reading

To Everyone Feeling Low Right Now: 15 Simple Truths I Want To Remind You Of

Life gets to everyone, and yet, that’s never enough to know. It doesn’t help us at all, to think that we aren’t the only ones. When life bites you, you give in to it. You see, I have been there a lot myself, so much, too much. And yet here I am, and I want to help. I don’t know what has happened with you. And while I know that one day it’ll be better, I want you to remember these truths. This is normal. It is okay to hurt. If you were always happy, you wouldn’t know the difference.…Continue Reading

13 Quotes That Prove You Must NEVER Lose Your Spark Of Madness

Folks, life never goes easy on anyone. And the more we try to look for order and meaning, the harder it all seems to become. But if some of the greatest minds of all time are to be believed, the trick is to embrace the chaos by going just a little mad ourselves. And not only do we need madness to survive and laugh at the hardships of daily life – the incessant traffic, the workload, running out of coffee – but perhaps even to channel it and venture outside the box with new perspectives and ideas. After all, where…Continue Reading

11 Reasons This Messy World Is Still Worth Fighting For

There are some mornings when you wake up with great zeal and a sense of purpose. But these mornings are painfully scarce and hard to find. Because most mornings, you wake up and the news tells you the world is getting worse, and you aren’t even surprised. Which is why reading this article could be hard for you. Because some part of you doesn’t actually believe this world is worth fighting for at all. And I know, because I had a hard time writing it. But if there’s even a single thing in the world that gives you a teeny…Continue Reading

14 Insightful Nietzsche Quotes To Give You A New Perspective On Life

When it comes to the world of revolutionary thinkers, the one name that everyone ought to be familiar with is Friedrich Nietzsche. This mustachioed philosopher and social critique was way ahead of his time with his controversial views on morality and religion. He carved a unique niche for himself with his bold, daring and radical ideologies in a rather retrogressive and conservative era. He was a man of sheer brilliance who dared to scorn convention and questioned everything. Nietzsche was no short of a genius and people relate to his work even to this day. Here are a few of…Continue Reading