To All Those Who Said I Couldn’t And Wouldn’t Be Able To, Thank You

Hi. Remember me? I am the same girl you mocked when she was all but a toddler, for preferring to play and laugh her heart out rather than do makeup and create doll houses. I am the same girl you laughed at when she could not speak English as perfectly as you could, in her teens. I am the same girl you thought you could break, with your jibes and cruelty, the object of a mean streak you didn’t realise you possessed, because it was directed at me, a person you thought not worthy of your humaneness. But you…Continue Reading

Dear Friend, No Matter How Devastated You Feel, You Are Held

Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your fears, and all those unnameable emotions you are feeling right now, they are all here to serve you. They are here to bring you closer to yourself. They are here to guide you home. They are your friends. The friends who are least understood. They have shown the courage to confront you, for your good, despite all your resistance towards them. For once, listen to what they are here to convey. If you are worried that you will break, remember, it is the rigid that breaks. If you are worried that you won’t…Continue Reading

10 Important Things You Should Not Be Afraid To Ask For From Your Work Place

The fields of employment have multiplied, and so has the exposure. Our society is waddling its way into Capitalism. The population of workers are saddled with more stress than is good for any of our organs. Despite the anxiety-ridden circus of a professional life, Human Rights is more in discussion than ever. It has caused the HR department to be more involved in work ethics than ever before. This is the prime time to learn of all the things you have the right to ask for, in your work place. Adequate payment A certain kind and quality of work is…Continue Reading

15 Reasons You Should Take Pride For Being Practical In Life

Being strong is a blessing but the steps you take to be this way are often questioned. Life throws many surprises our way and it’s not every time that we are able to overcome our fear of facing a tough situation. Moments like these make you stronger and bolder to welcome life’s challenges with a smile. For some, these pit-stops are easy and for some it is always a struggle. These battles that we fight everyday define who we actually are and makes us wonder about why it’s happening and that too at such speed. Sooner or later, you realize…Continue Reading

10 Things That Make Freelancers Want To Leave This Planet (#TrueStory)

The World of Freelancers is as glorious as it is petrifying. We step in through the gates believing that it’s ‘chill’, flexible, and #goals, but are handed an unseen footage of what being an adult actually feels like. Here is a list of things that make us tick, cry, and consider serial-killing as a potential career option: Companies replying after I’ve completed 7 cycles of birth. I have a feeling that most clients think we have a shrine dedicated to them. If I reply in an hour, then they reply after a week. If I reply in 2, then they…Continue Reading

‘Owning’ Your Actions Will Help You On The Road To Adulthood

Ah, ‘Adulting!’ Are you scratching your head at this point when I am referring to you as an ‘adult’? Is it freaking you out? Does it matter if we are ready (or not!) to grow up? It sure as hell does! Life doesn’t care for our apprehensions. We grow up, grow old, and the years roll on! Yet, adulthood doesn’t always feel right. It’s easily one of the ironies of life. When you’re a child you’re slightly envious of the the older generation, and you can’t wait to experience and enjoy the ‘freedom’ that is associated with ‘adulting.’ These childhood…Continue Reading

On Losing A Loved One: My Shoes Are Too Big For Your Feet

Death is the biggest change that others around you will not be able to fathom or comprehend. Here’s what you need to say to all those who feel you’ve changed because you came close to death. I know I do. To everyone around me, please stop saying ‘I understand’. Because no, you don’t. I would appreciate it if you were trying to, but no you don’t understand what the death of my brother has done or is going to do to me because I don’t understand this myself yet. If you aren’t here to go through with me and whatever…Continue Reading

A Letter To My Younger Self: “Your Heart Will Learn To Bloom Again”

Dear Jiya, I miss being called by that name. ‘Jiya’, originating in Sanskrit, means ‘an essential part of the soul’ (colloquially reduced to meaning: ‘heart’). Baba gave us the name, but hardly ever imagined how we would grow up to own every syllable of it. I remember you. I remember the half-ponytail, and the haircut that never quite had a name. I remember how you saw devastation, and wanted to fix it. You always thought cracks could heal with a Band-Aid, until your first heartbreak. I remember you crying, cradled in Mamma’s lap, as the hours of dawn passed us…Continue Reading

15 Beautiful Poems on Self-Love That Will Help Heal Your Soul Today

Oh, the highs and the deep, deep lows of life! There’s beauty in them all, but it’s so much harder for our eyes to see the beauty in our pain than in our ringing laughter. But poets, now, they see beauty in the unlikeliest of places, don’t they? Which is why I cherish the poetry of Jinan Safko, an Instagram poet who writes with the intent of letting her words bring her up from the dark places that life puts her in…with the power of self-love.There’s truly something to be cherished here for all of us, because who hasn’t found…Continue Reading

Why You Don’t Need A Perfect Life Partner For A Perfect Ever After

“What’s your idea of love?” I’ve been asking myself this question ever since I started gaining a little perspective on how love should be defined. I suppose, red roses, romantic gestures and a dreamy partner are some of the few things I had in mind. Thanks to media, social media and my own friends, my expectations of love were slightly different from what I feel now. And I’m sure, a lot of people go through this transition when their belief is shaken and the bubble bursts. It is only after a couple of heartbreaks that you realise what a roller-coaster…Continue Reading