Dogs Turned Blue: Why This Raises Burning Questions We Must Address

You might have come across images of dogs on Indian streets, coated in baby blue fur. Well, sad to break it to you, but this isn’t a result of someone’s poor Photoshop skills. Here’s what basically happened: “After activists first disseminated images of the azure animals and filed a complaint earlier this month, the state pollution control board got involved, with investigators now finding that Ducol Organics has been releasing blue dye into the air and the Kasadi river in Taloja, Maharashtra.” The poor little pups were swimming in the river that had been polluted by a company that released…Continue Reading

Terrorism Isn’t Just Spreading Terror, It Is Targeting The Idea of Being Carefree

Around midnight on Monday, May 22,2017 (BST), reports of a suicide bomb blast shook the entire country of United Kingdom, and the world. The bomb targeted the audience attending an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena, and killed at least 22 people and injured over 50. Most of the audience comprised of young women and children. This demographic is Grande’s target audience for her music. Some have said that this was an attack on women and sexuality, based on the concert demographic and Grande’s music genre. But was it just that? This attack targeted children who were either with or…Continue Reading

Not True: Writer Sent To Asylum After Parents Found Out He Has No Existential Dread

On Friday, 23 year old Anand Bhatt was admitted to Thane Mental Asylum. Sources tell us that he is an excellent writer, but never felt purposeless all this time. He was always happy and full of life, so his parents got suspicious and decided to get him tested. The result: Anand is suffering from happiness syndrome. We tried to reach out to his parents, but his father did little more than crying loud out of embarrassment, so we got his mother to share her bit with us: “He used to write inspirational stories and poems that would make everyone feel…Continue Reading

The Top 10 Creepiest Coincidences In History Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

The world is a strange,strange place. Varying belief systems, thousands of traditions and practices, groups, countries and men – phew – there’s so much happening every second of every day. It shouldn’t surprise us then that sometimes STRANGER things happen. Weird, weird coincidences, that really manage to blow our minds. Here, we’ve listed the top 10: The Karma Bullet In 1893 in Honey Grove, Texas, USA, a man named Henry Ziegland broke up with his lover who then committed suicide. Her brother came for revenge and shot at Ziegland, only grazing his face and hitting a tree instead. In 1913,…Continue Reading

Beliebers, Prepare To Scream: Justin Bieber Might Perform In Mumbai This May!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! What DID I just hear!!! *Does a row of cartwheels, a round of hula hoops, and then charges ahead to continue all the wiggles* While I am clearly not Justin-obsessed, I am thoroughly digging the Purpose vibe. And since Mumbai Mirror has just gone out to let us know that Bieber might be visiting India to perform live in a concert at the DIY Patil Stadium this May, 2017 is already proving LEGIT good. This one might be another badge for his tour in Asia. I can’t wait for all you Beliebers out there to storm in with fan-girl,…Continue Reading

Here Is Arnab Goswami Telling You What Can Be Expected Of Him In 2017

Arnab Goswami’s abrupt resignation from Times Now had sparked several questions in our mind. “What’s he going to do? Where’s he going to? Is he joining politics? The nation wants to know! ” You can relax now if the suspense was too much for you. Arnab is here to stay! He has recently made an unofficial statement about starting his new venture Republic, which is set to launch right before the crucial U.P Assembly elections next year. A month ago, Arnab attended the India Ideas Conclave in Goa, where he thundered at the audience :”Stop me if you can!” Almost…Continue Reading

The Trailer Of Raees Is Out, And We Are Reminded Yet Again Why Sharukh Is King Khan

Okay. Ajay Devgn became unbeatable with Bajirao Singham. Salman, with his resplendent Pandey ji. And while we’ve been expecting a bomb-Bollywood e-style from our beloved King Khan, it’s taken a while to arrive. But the point is, it’s here. And he’s not a good ol’ cop or a twisted one who likes to play cross with the goons. He’s gone the gangsta way. And he’s gone badass, stoic and absolutely hot. Catching glimpses of his character from the tiny trailer, I get the feels Mr. Bachchan gave me in Sarkar. Plus, there is the thrilling magic of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I…Continue Reading

This Woman Created A Dress That Changes Colour And It Is Every Girl’s Dream Come True

I am not really a fashion-follower. I don’t change my wardrobe monthly. I don’t crave a new piece of clothing every week. But I love dressing up when according to my whims and fancies. And I especially love the joys of wearing a dress. Now, if someone came and told me, “Anvi, a genius lady in the world has invented a dress that changes into whatever colour you like,” I would probably pinch myself twice and then immediately Google her. But you pampered beings don’t even have to do that! Because not only am I getting you next-level-style-innuendos but also…Continue Reading

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Supermoon And Why People Were Losing Their Shit

I am heading home. It’s the 14th of November and its late evening. Everyone around me is going bonkers over this supermoon thingy. And I am looking up into the sky to spot the super-ness of the moon I have seen in the last twenty-seven odd years. Hmm, not much of a difference it seems. But then Wikipedia defines exactly what this whole supermoon rage is and I get it. According to the-go-to-site-for-anything-academic, this is what the phenomenon comprises of, “A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes…Continue Reading

Not Your Usual Front Page News: ‘Rape Videos’ Are Being Sold In Uttar Pradesh Like Hot Cakes

A huge new wave of reality check walked through the door, yesterday, courtesy Al Jazeera. We know rape, and somehow we’ve all become numb to its constant occurrence. But what would you do, if you came across ‘rape videos’ at stalls selling pornography? How would you react if you were to discover that men, across Uttar Pradesh, view the footage of a woman being raped, for their own physical pleasure? Yes, it’s happening and yes, you can now obtain these “local films” (as the sellers in the varied villages of UP call them), from anywhere between Rs. 20 to Rs.…Continue Reading