Life Lessons From Queen JLo Who’s Just the BEST Life Coach EVER!

If you know even the wee-est bit of Jennifer Lopez then you know that she is, was and probably will be a powerhouse, an unstoppable force of nature ever and ever and ever. This woman seems to have done it all and done it better. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, performer, singer, song writer and dancer, she is just as terrific a human being. All the while seeming to not age a day over 25. If there is anyone who seems to have figured out this puzzle called life, it’s got to be her. Every word out of…Continue Reading

Patanjali Came Out With Its Own WhatsApp, Then Withdrew, & I Am Just CONFUSED

Hi friends, in another edition of What’s-Going-On, Patanjali announced its own version of WhatsApp…the Kimbho App. The app was unveiled on Wednesday with the tagline ‘Ab Bharat Bolega’ and was presented as the “swadeshi” equivalent of popular messaging app WhatsApp. According to Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijarawala, Kimbho is a Sanskrit word that means “How are you?” or “What’s new?”. Obviously, things got funny… With #KIMBHO one thing is clear that Ramdev is in full mood to come up with Indian version of Tinder called #SAMBHOG — Ritik (@_alreadytook) May 30, 2018 Cool, anyway. That bit still makes sense (a little,…Continue Reading

22 Annoying Things Every Single Person Is Tired Of Hearing

In a parallel universe, being single or committed could make as much difference as wearing sandals or shoes. But sadly, it is not so in our universe – and that too in a country which survives more on romance than food. This post has 22 points, one less than the total number of years I have been single, which is basically my entire life. If this burden (read: stigma) is not heavy enough to carry, here are 22 statements that make things worse for me, and many others like me. You are such a perfect guy! How come you don’t…Continue Reading

Raw, Inspiring, Badass: This Indian Woman’s Art Captures Everything You Feel

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a LOT of amazing artists – courtesy the Uncover project. And most recently, I was introduced to the stunning art of Anjali Mehta. Now, what made Anjali’s work stand out for me was the fact that it’s basically, well, everything I’ve ever felt. Her illustrations are brave, bright, and honest. I suppose that’s because she takes so much inspiration from the world around her…and from the words around her. “Lately, I’ve been inspired by life and human emotions in general. How we as human beings interact with life at different stages,…Continue Reading

15 Brilliant, Award-Winning Indian Films That You Haven’t Heard About

So I’m going to start this with a confession: I wasn’t always a big movie buff. In fact, me falling in love with movies is quite a recent happening, mostly because I discovered that Indian movies are so much more than the commercial blockbusters that I’ve been put through. And when I found that out – well, there was no turning back. The most heartbreaking bit? So many Indian movies are stunning works of cinema, so many of them get recognised abroad. But they remain unknown to a vast majority. Because who said the best India can produce is Bollywood…Continue Reading

10 Things Most Men Do Wrong – And Don’t Even Realize

Hey, don’t be mad at me, alright? But someone’s gotta point it out. There are just so many things most men constantly propagate that result directly in strengthening the sickening patriarchy that is eating us all – including men. Just a list to remind us all. WOMEN, some of you do this TOO! Check required! ~MANSPLAINING~: Or explaining things in a condescending manner just because it’s a woman you’re talking to. See, it is now a word because it is a legit problem. Men do tend to get very disrespectful in arguments with women, and talk to them with a…Continue Reading

It Snowed In The Sahara FOR REAL, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Remember that old joke we used to all crack? The one about it snowing in the Sahara? Well, guess what guys, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! After the Niagara Falls froze earlier this month, I realised that winter basically makes EVERYTHING beautiful. I mean, I mostly realised after I came across the photos of snowfall in the Sahara desert, proof that nature can surprise us in the best ways. Also, fun fact – this is only the third time in 40 years that its snowed in the Sahara. Honestly, it should happen more often. Can I go there already? #BAKUAFISHADAILY: Снег в…Continue Reading

India’s First Lingerie Vending Machine Is Here, And We Ask Is It Cool Or Is It COOL?

Yes, we’ve had potato chips, bottles of cola and even stuffed teddies slide out of vending machines. But when Radhika Goenka of the Welspun Group spoke about launching the very first lingerie vending machine in India, it was totally NEXT LEVEL awesomeness. With product returns just a click away, you get to sport some beaut lingerie that needs no pre-ordering. Just some nice little fingering on the buttons of the vending machine and you’ll own premium lingerie that befits your wardrobe. Featuring the Be Mine – an all black collection, these machines will house all sizes and will be officially…Continue Reading

Here Is Why We’ve Got The Cracker Ban All Wrong

The Honorable Supreme Court of India banned the sale of crackers from October 9 2017 to November 1 2017 in New Delhi. The decision came in the wake of the aftermath of Diwali 2016, when the particulate matter in the air shot up to 3 times the normal, which made Delhi the most polluted city in the world. With over 1200 kilograms of crackers being seized post the ban and shops being sealed, social media opinion seems to be divided on the issue. While people who are for the ban welcomed the move and argued that it will help control…Continue Reading

8 Fascinating ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theories You’ll Want To Know Before The Finale

It’s been a THRILLING season of Game Of Thrones, full of twists, mildly incestuous romances, sibling rivalry, reunions, and dragons. I mean, it even got me to start watching the after I had sworn off it because it was too ‘mainstream’. PS: The show is mainstream, and so popular for a reason: IT’S REALLY GOOD. But most importantly, it keeps everyone at the edge of their seats and obsessing over the minutest details, trying to figure out what’ll happen next, who will finally end up on the Iron Throne. And that’s where I come in. After 7 weeks of fans…Continue Reading