Tulips In Holland Are Blooming, & The Photos Will Give You MAJOR Wanderlust

About a month ago, I visited Kashmir. Yes, the trip was full of views that were absolutely stunning, but the place that truly stole the show was the Tulip Garden. I mean, rows and rows of stunning, colourful flowers that made even the most cynical of us fall in love with brightness. So when photos of Holland- you know, the place really known for its tulips- started flooding my timeline, I COULDN’T LOOK AWAY. Really guys, if you’re anything like me and low-key love natural beauty, then enjoy. And start saving up for a trip to Holland. So many colours,…Continue Reading

Raw, Inspiring, Badass: This Indian Woman’s Art Captures Everything You Feel

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a LOT of amazing artists – courtesy the Uncover project. And most recently, I was introduced to the stunning art of Anjali Mehta. Now, what made Anjali’s work stand out for me was the fact that it’s basically, well, everything I’ve ever felt. Her illustrations are brave, bright, and honest. I suppose that’s because she takes so much inspiration from the world around her…and from the words around her. “Lately, I’ve been inspired by life and human emotions in general. How we as human beings interact with life at different stages,…Continue Reading

10 Stunning Indian Places You HAVE To Visit Before You Go Abroad

A close friend of mine recently spent 3 months travelling around Europe. Another one got through a significant amount of his savings vacationing first in Amsterdam, and then in London. So many of us have a bucket-list of places, of countries we want to visit and wanderlust we want to experience. Except we forget that India itself is full of bucket-list worthy destinations, of views that will leave you stunned in the best possible way. We get so caught up in travelling abroad, that we forget to explore our own country first. Uttarakhand – India’s own Switzerland I call it…Continue Reading

It’s The Season Of Cherry Blossoms And We’re Obsesseing Over Them!

If there is one sure-shot thing that makes me smile like a Cheshire cat, it’s the thought of cherry blossoms. I have always been fascinated by these pretty, pastel-pink Japanese blossoms that mark the advent of spring. There is something so serene and calming when you think about rows and rows of Sakura trees gently swaying their branches on a summer day. In celebration of the season of Cherry Blossoms, we decided to get you some BEAUTIFOOL photos of these flowers that are making the planet a breathtaking place to live in. Time to scroll down and smile contentedly. 1.…Continue Reading

17 Things Every Nature Lover Who Lives In A City Secretly Wishes For

Are you addicted to the way the trees gleam and shine just after the first rainfall of the season? Do you constantly wish you were around the sea, in a tiny hut of an abode, for the rest of your days? Do you love your city but do you love the mountains more? Do you secretly wish you could actually have the perfect combination of nature and technology to soothe your old soul? Well if any of the above are the things you feel more often than not, you are certainly a nature lover living in a busy city who’s…Continue Reading

10 Places In India You Should Travel To If You Love Nature, Peace And Quiet

My idea of travel basically includes heading to a place for a week or two and soaking it all in. For me, it isn’t so much about ticking off all the popular spots. Rather, it’s about walking in those quiet, narrow lanes and reading the way the sky changes every hour. I like quiet places. Places that have their own calm breath and seek to bring you home to yours. I am a fan of what people call the “introverted” corners of the country and I love basking in nature, every moment of the day. If your idea of travel…Continue Reading

7 Signs That You May Just Be TOO Nice For This Big Bad World

Sometimes an overtly accommodating attitude can get in your way and work against you. It might lead to people taking you for granted, rather than appreciating you for your kind gestures. You’ve got to break this habit of pleasing everybody because you find it tough to go against their wishes. The need to be liked and the fear of rejection shouldn’t determine how you truly feel. We all tend to overlook our feelings to fit in. But by doing so we’re only inviting trouble and signalling in the wrong vibes out there. The big bad world is not on the…Continue Reading

21 Powerful Affirmations That Will Connect You To Your BEST Self

“An affirmation is a phrase that reinforces positive beliefs or behaviors. The best ones are a statement of what we want and are phrased in the present moment” – Gala Darling, Radical Self Love The words we speak create our reality, so said some great human some long, long time ago. And what they said, in my experience, is truly bang on! It is not only the words we tell each other, but the words we tell ourselves that determine the quality of our lives. If you’re someone who is too hard on yourself, use kinder words in your self-talk.…Continue Reading

It Snowed In The Sahara FOR REAL, And The Photos Are Breathtaking

Remember that old joke we used to all crack? The one about it snowing in the Sahara? Well, guess what guys, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! After the Niagara Falls froze earlier this month, I realised that winter basically makes EVERYTHING beautiful. I mean, I mostly realised after I came across the photos of snowfall in the Sahara desert, proof that nature can surprise us in the best ways. Also, fun fact – this is only the third time in 40 years that its snowed in the Sahara. Honestly, it should happen more often. Can I go there already? #BAKUAFISHADAILY: Снег в…Continue Reading

Niagara Falls Has Frozen, And These 13 Photos Will Make You Want To Go There NOW

I’ve never really travelled. I mean, I went to Badlapur for New Year’s and I felt hellah fancy. My version of travelling is living vicariously through #wanderlust Instagram posts, and then complaining about the money I don’t have. And when I found out that the Niagara Falls, a place that basically TOPS my bucket list had frozen over, I basically spent an hour stalking every Instagram account I could find, before my boss told me to work. So this article is me working. Technically. Heaven really is a place on earth I never wanted snow in Mumbai more than I’ve…Continue Reading