10 South American Songs That Will Have You Groovin’ All Day (EVERY DAY!)

These past few months I have been hanging with an Italian girl who has spent almost a decade in South America. And when I say South America, I mean ALL OVER. Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, etc. Of course, there was an awesome exchange of music happening constantly, and I ended up falling in love with the sound of Latin music. It is no secret that South America is an overflowing pot of different and vibrant cultures, and the music is no exception to that. These are 10 of my favourite songs which will give you a quick spin around this…Continue Reading

The Classic “Jab Koi Baat” Meets Ash King’s Dreamy Vocals And Magic Is Born!

I remember sitting at home, on a wonderful rainy day, when the radio chimed in with a song in one of the most incredible voices I’d ever heard in my life. The voice was Ash King’s, and he was singing one of his classic romantic songs that the whole nation would come to croon in the days to come. I remember sitting there, the first time I heard that voice, transfixed. That’s the thing with music, you never know when it will next catch you off-guard. When it will next sneak into your regular routines and mundane days and sprinkle…Continue Reading

21 Unforgettable Romantic Songs From The 90’s That Will Forever Remind Us Of Love

Raise your hand if you’re a true-blue 90’s kid! YAAAS, we are THE generation of all things awesome. We have seen change, we understand progress and we understand the value of tradition and culture. Just like that, we love our music too. There’s something about 90’s music that takes you right back to the street you grew up in, all your old friends and happy times. Venus came up with this beautiful throwback to 90’s music list, and man, romance then was just something else. Here’s hoping these songs will remind you of that beauty again. Bahut Pyaar Karte Hain…Continue Reading

19 Soulful Atif Aslam Songs That Will Bring Out The Sufi In You

Atif Aslam is easily one of the best, most recognizable playback singers of our generation. His songs have touched our hearts and made us believe in love. His first album Jal Pari came out in 2004 and was, rightly so, a MASSIVE success. He went on to make his debut in Bollywood with the song Woh Lamhe from the movie Zeher. Originally from Pakistan, Atif Aslam has DEFINITELY made his mark in the music industry in India. Here’s a list of a few of his most soulful songs to get you through your day, and life too! Kuch Is Tarah…Continue Reading

This Desi Artist Is Turning Your Life Into Art, & It’ll Make You Think

Did you grow up wanting and knowing that you’ll be able to do a million things with your talent? Yeeep. Neither did I. But Avinash Jai Singh did. See, I came across Avinash’s art as a part of the Uncover project, and immediately fell in love with it. His work is surreal, deceptively bright, and most of all: it looks like pages out of a millennial’s life. The most impressive bit? He DOES IT ALL. From photography to film-making to illustrations. Like I said, he grew up wanting and knowing that he’d be able to do a million things with…Continue Reading

15 Fun Hindi Songs That Defined Love For All Of Us Growing Up

Ahh, the times we grew up in! Music was just something else at that time, no? Things were easier, and the idea of love and romance was simpler. You could have fun with things and still feel them in your bones – and that’s exactly what these songs did! So get on this musical wagon and let’s ride to nostalgia-land, where there’s so much we left behind. Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao Because is there anything in the world more precious than Adnan Sami’s voice? And Asha Bhosle singing with him? Amazing! Tanha Dil Oh damn Shaan! He really felt this…Continue Reading

19 Tiny, Honest Love Poems That Will Melt Your Heart And Give You Hope

“God Farishte, stop being SUCH a cynic!” This is how most conversations with me usually end. See, I’m not exactly the most romantic, optimistic person. I’m more of a hopeless realist. I don’t really believe in happily-ever-afters. But then I came across Zack Grey’s Instagram – a writer who believes in everything I don’t. See, Zack writes to the soulmate he hasn’t yet found (his book is titled “To The Girl I Haven’t Met”), believing that true love, through all the ups and downs, is inevitable. His poems, though small, are proof that you don’t need big metaphors or fancy…Continue Reading

13 Beautiful Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Songs That Us Millennials Will Cherish FOREVER

Music knows the way to our hearts. Perhaps, it IS the way to all of our hearts. Something that binds us beyond language, borders, identities. Something that touches us all, discriminates against none, and is pure and simple magic. With great composition, we must also give due credit to brilliant singers and one name that springs to our minds immediately would be the great Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb. His voice gripped us all, and we bowed in obedience. Here are a few of my favorites I’ll cherish forever. Afreen Afreen ft. Momina Mustehsan Could we have started the list…Continue Reading

8 Cricketers Who Could TOTALLY Have A Singing Career

Some of us spend years looking for what we are good at, and still continue to doubt if we are really good at it. And then there are these international cricketers who’ve been hiding their incredible musical gifts behind their eloquent cover drives, deceptive googlies and amazing pace bowling. Some people really do have all the talents, don’t they? Here are some of your favourite cricketers in their brilliant singing avatar! 1. Suresh Raina Suresh Raina treated us with his melodious voice on ‘The Priyanka Raina Show’ on Red FM! Apart from being a great finisher, brilliant fielder and handy…Continue Reading

11 Underrated Songs from MTV Unplugged That You NEED On Your Playlist

Music knows no boundaries and no platforms. And one of the biggest proofs of this are the melodious tunes that MTV Unplugged has been churning out. I’ve been a fan of it since 2011 and I don’t think I am going to get over it anytime soon. While there were many songs that gained popularity, some of them, even the really good ones did not gain much limelight. If you haven’t heard these, then do so right now – they’re a treat for the ears! Aankhen Teri Kitni Hasi – Mithoon One of my most favourite songs, made even better…Continue Reading