Burning Out At Work? Here’s How To Deal With It

Burning out is an all too familiar phenomenon in the world we live in. The minute you open your eyes, your little heart endures a barrage of pings, tweets, shares and the likes; there is no time to relax even if we aren’t doing anything. Broken hearts, disillusionment, depression; we continue juggling separate kinds of poisons. We all look for a chance to escape; sometimes it’s a holiday, other times into a fantasy. Here are a couple of ways to combat this: Stay weird Nothing can save you in this world except yourself. And a little weirdness always helps. Following…Continue Reading

These 16 Soulful Quotes By Piyush Mishra On Love & Life Will Make You Smile

Piyush Mishra is astounding for more reasons than one. He will steal your heart with his words and make you wonder about things you had never thought before! Here are a few quotes by him that will make you question yourself and re-think about the life you’ve been living so far. It’s high time you start understanding the inner meaning of everything happening around you and look at things differently. There’s a lot to learn, everyday… 1. Because what you think about yourself matters the most! 2. No one ever said that it was easy to love. 3. When you…Continue Reading

15 Reasons You Should Take Pride For Being Practical In Life

Being strong is a blessing but the steps you take to be this way are often questioned. Life throws many surprises our way and it’s not every time that we are able to overcome our fear of facing a tough situation. Moments like these make you stronger and bolder to welcome life’s challenges with a smile. For some, these pit-stops are easy and for some it is always a struggle. These battles that we fight everyday define who we actually are and makes us wonder about why it’s happening and that too at such speed. Sooner or later, you realize…Continue Reading

You Don’t Always Have To Sprint, Sometimes It’s Okay To Walk (In 10 Little Ways)

The world of gadgets and digitisation may have made our lives easier, but it has also become really fast paced. Everything is available at the click of a button, be it communication, food, knowledge, information, the list is never ending. However, if you’ve failed to notice, let me bring it to your attention, that you or your life aren’t at the whims of a click. So in this lightspeed world, make a little time for yourself and things that make you, you. Be Kind To Yourself. Being overworked and stressed is a given nowadays but don’t forget that your mind,…Continue Reading

You Must Learn To Say ‘NO’ Before You Drain Yourself Out Completely

Saying NO has been a challenge for many of us. If you are someone who likes being liked or someone who put others before yourself. Someone who is way too sensitive to see others hurt. Someone who believes, saying NO is mean, or selfish. Someone who enjoys being the go-to person for your family and friends. You know what I am talking about. Even when you have more than what you could handle on your plate. Even when you are physically exhausted and emotionally drained. Even when you don’t want to get involved in what is asked of you; saying…Continue Reading

Self Love Doesn’t Come Easy, But It’s Worth Every Effort

Self love. Two words. And so much to unfold within them. You probably find these two words plastered all across the internet, in motivational paragraphs and inspirational quotes. You’ve probably come across several articles on all the wonderful ways to go about loving yourself. In fact, I know I’ve written quite a few myself. Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t quite understand what the whole hullabaloo about self love is, and see it as yet another hipster trend millenials just go on about. Or perhaps you’re someone who has taken the time and patience to master it, and now devote a…Continue Reading

Fighting In The Dark: Why It’s Important To Go On When You Don’t Know How

In a world where we are obsessed with power and control – with us trying to control almost everything, including things like death, which seemed impossible to control till a few years ago – one of the toughest things to encounter is the unknown. And almost all of us, no matter how at ease with uncertainty we seem to pretend to be. There will certainly be moments in our life when each of us would stand at the edge of our knowledge staring at the unknown. You would know for sure that you can’t take a step back, yet would…Continue Reading

15 Tiny Quotes That Are All The Motivation You Need To Follow Your Heart

Inspiration comes in so many forms. Sometimes, a TED talk does the trick, or perhaps listening to a motivational speech, or maybe even a classic monologue in that favourite film of yours that you never tire of. And sometimes, all it takes is finding just a few words, the right words, that say the right things and right away, you know your heart feels lighter. Like anything is possible. Well, at least that’s how the words of freespiritpoetry would make you feel, anyway. True to its name, the Instagram page is strewn with words that are sure to lift your…Continue Reading

I Am Learning To Embrace My Failures, And I Feel Confident Like Never Before

Failure was not a pleasant word during my growing up years. It still isn’t, but I am learning to embrace it. I am beginning to see that failure is not something to be ashamed of. It is not the end of the world. It doesn’t make me any less valuable as a human being. It doesn’t define my past or dictate my future. I am learning to stop creating stories and meanings out of my failures. To stop exaggerating my defeats and understating my strengths. To stop comparing myself with others and to stop feeling like I am not ‘good…Continue Reading

21 Simple Poems To Help You Rise & Love In This Broken World

You wake up to news of people killing other people. Your Facebook feed resembles a train wreck because behind all that dark humor and memes, people are hurting. They just don’t know how to relent their anguish and they are tired. You are tired. Tired of trying to make a difference, trying to love, trying to keep up your hope. And today, this list of poems is for you, dear reader. For your heart that pumps fresh blood and rises to meet a new day. For your soul that is weary but can’t stop loving. Let Q. Gibson’s words soothe…Continue Reading