12 Beauty and Makeup Trends On The Internet That’ll Make You Go WTF

Trends are what the world of social media survives on. As it has crept into every facet of our lives, why should personal beauty be an exception? Indeed, we have so many famous beauty bloggers/vloggers who advertise products that are a solution to every little imperfection on your body or face, including the ones that you have come to like. However, whether we love or get bamboozled by the concealers and eyeliners and what not, we do secretly love them all at one point or the other in our lives. But, all the beauty trends do not blow your mind,…Continue Reading

15 Hilariously Smart ‘Before-After’ Illustrations To Crack You Up Loud and Hard

I was having a rather nice Sunday afternoon. It was lazy, sleepy and everything a good Sunday should be. And then, my phone beeped with an Instagram page link from a friend. On clicking it, I was taken to an account called Naolito and their hilarious post feed caught my attention instantly! Scroll down and you’ll know why. Oh and also, try not to laugh too hard (especially at point number 1). Pure GENIUS. I had to do this I hope not to ruin avocados for anyone! Tenia que hacerlo espero no estropearle los aguacates a nadie! #avocados #avocado #breakfast…Continue Reading

25 Beautiful, Raw Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Believe In Love Again

I always thought weddings made for exhausting evenings of fake-smiling in uncomfortable clothes. Or at least that’s what I learned from well…every romantic comedy EVER. But then the internet proved me wrong. Of course, I haven’t gotten married yet, but I’m guessing that it’s not all fake smiles. That the hopeless, romantic part of romantic-comedies…well that’s true. Of course, I also learned that almost everything’s better in black and white. Even true love. A moment, forever captured. Newlyweds, just after sharing “I dos.” // All the emotions G & E, Mumbai #momentbytws #firstdance  #bride #laughter #whitewedding #weddingsalad  #theweddingsalad #weddingphotography #indearinspired #maharaniweddings  #huffpostido #soloverly #wedmegood  #bridebook  #vogueindia #instawedding #asianbridesblog #weddingsutra#junebug #junebugweddings #weddedwonderland #shaadisaga  #bridalfashion  #asianawedding #dulhaniamag…Continue Reading

19 Things Everyone Deserves In A Relationship

As children, we watched a lot of movies that told us what love looked like. There would be the chase and then the girl would shyly agree and there would be all the regular marriage jazz. The same pattern was repeated in movie after movie. We knew what to expect and how to behave if we are to encounter ‘love’. Sadly, we were taught a lot of CRAP. Our first love wasn’t half as pretty as they made it look onscreen. We’ve probably dated a few douche-bags (I know I have) and understood there are things we CANNOT overlook when…Continue Reading

7 Cool-For-School Beauty Products That You’d Love To Have In Your Vanity Kit

Once upon a beauty-verse, innovation met peculiar productivity. They got along, thrived like bright red lips and dramatic lashes- to create something that can only be described as fiercely fantastic. There is something that works for everyone- be it a seasoned beauty junkie, a bearded zealot or someone who just constantly wants to revolutionize their daily regimes. P.S: These wonder-products might induce intense urges to just have em’ all. Beauties on a shopping cleanse- freeze your credit cards before you scroll down any further. Lipsticks For Every MOOD. As a 90s flower-child, anything associated with color change tends to catch…Continue Reading

Say Hello To Maybelline’s First Ever Male Model Breaking Gender Stereotypes For Real

“As a child, I would watch my mom get ready for work and just sit there for hours watching her transform. However, it wasn’t until much later on that I really started to dabble in makeup myself.” Says Maybelline’s first ever male model, Manny Gutierrez who’s also known as the “beauty boy” by his 3.1 million Instagram followers. If you just peek below his Instagram profile picture, your eyes will scout the words “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition” Bam! And I am tots up with Manny on this. If you watch this boy’s feed, you’ll grudgingly…Continue Reading

23 December Nail Art Ideas That Will Literally Have You Go Merry At The Tip Of Your Fingers

I am OBSESSED about Christmas. And I don’t mean the whole Jesus bit. Nope. I mean the pine trees, the wreaths and holly, the shining star right on top of the tree, and the jingles. I also mean Santa and the gifts, the whole city somehow turning warm and fuzzy. I mean evenings spent in your favorite pair of socks and the whole feeling of time somehow going slower unlike the vanishing-past-eleven months. I also mean the advent of the New Year and all incoming good vibes. Exactly why, I decided we all could celebrate the magic of December through…Continue Reading

A 100 Years In Indian Women’s Beauty Standards Explained In 10 GIFs

It’s mesmerizing to see how women spend as much time as they do on dressing right and having their makeup on point; looking good, after all, is often a precursor to feeling good. The ‘look good- feel good’ phenomenon has to be a tried and tested one, because based on this of GIFs below, Indian women have been indulging in different looks for at least the last 100 years. Okay, who am i kidding; right since ancient cultures women have depended on a number of different products and accessories to have a wide range of looks, right from the Eastern…Continue Reading

Dear Girl Who Loves But Doesn’t Know How To Wear Makeup: 5 Tutorials Just For You

Egyptians lined their eyes with soot to ward off evil eye. Elizabethans indulged in makeup to enhance their looks. Celtics used war paint to terrify civilized enemies like the Greeks and the Romans. Tribals painted their bodies too. Whatever the reason may be, makeup has been an almost inseparable part of our lives. Especially for women. And today, more than anything, us women wear makeup for ourselves. So if you’re here to say something like, “if it hurts so much, why do it?” — don’t even! We’re not going to stop using makeup. But, we are still going to rant…Continue Reading

Dear Boys, Here Are 10 Lessons On Makeup You Must Learn

Have you ever come across men saying stuff like “Don’t wear makeup. You look prettier without it” or “Why do you have to wear makeup? Who are you trying to impress?”; and thought to yourself, “Wait up, when did I trade in things I like for a guy’s disinterest in them anyway?” This holds especially true in our country, where men and women both accept a man’s views as important, irrespective of his understanding of a particular subject. This article is about trying to close that gap, and getting men and women to be on more common grounds regarding makeup.…Continue Reading