13 Movies That Will Give You All The FEELS In A ‘Not So Romantic Way’

We all have different definitions of love and some of us don’t actually believe in mushy romance. As much as we want to, there’s no way that we can actually adapt to the ‘good old’ romantic stuff. If we honestly think about it and dig a little deeper, these unrealistic couple goals have shattered our real life dreams. It’s because love stories don’t always have to be about big declarations of love and impractical gestures. The romance genre is defined with soppy stories but there’s so much more to that. There also lies a deeper meaning of understanding, commitment and…Continue Reading

Dear Mom & Dad : I Know You Are Worried About My Choices, But Trust Me, I Will Be Fine

Dear Mom & Dad, I know, I am not choosing the safest of paths. I know, I am turning away opportunities which will never knock at my door again. I know, I will be criticized, questioned and misunderstood for the choices I make. I know, I will fail, not once but multiple times. I know, I will doubt myself at times; feel sad, confused and scared. I know, there is a lot to this journey than I could anticipate or comprehend now. But it is for these same reasons that I choose this path. I am not looking for safety…Continue Reading

The Walls You Have Built May Save You From A Heartbreak, But They Also Prevent You From Love

I understand you have fallen in love and gotten your heart broken. You are tired of giving your heart and soul to someone who can’t handle the depth and intensity with which you love, let alone reciprocate with the same intensity. You have loved, cared, and trusted someone who took you for granted. Someone who didn’t realize what he was losing as he walked away. Now that he has gone, you are left with yourself and the stories of your past. The stories that make you doubt if you could trust anyone ever again. You surely don’t want to repeat…Continue Reading

The Fear That’s Stopping You Has A Message To Deliver, Listen

Do not label your fear as negative, for it is not. It is one of the friends your parents asked you to stay away from. The friend with whom you never attempted a friendship, for the fear of getting influenced in the wrong way. The friend who you never listen to, but have judgments about. The friend you failed, even before you gained. You were too young back then to decide for yourself, but not anymore. Today you could see beyond the filters of right and wrong. You know where to draw boundaries. You know to take the lessons you…Continue Reading

10 Relationship Problems You Might Not Know But Are Universal To All Couples

Hitting the rough patch and arguing from time to time is quite inevitable. Even if you love the other person deeply, you are at some point bound to have a difference of opinion. But chances are, these are issues that almost every couple faces but never really shows upfront. However it is not only natural to fight with your partner as long as you fight without menace. Which means it’s totally okay to argue and put your point of view forth but it is equally important to also understand and respect the point of view of your partner. The bottom…Continue Reading

13 Reasons Old Souls Have A Difficult Time Finding Love

“I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it – to be fed so much love I couldn’t take any more. Just once.” – Haruki Murakami Old souls – those people with hearts rooted in ideals most of us have given up on. They often come with wisdom and maturity the modern world can’t even begin to comprehend, and they see relationships for what they really are – loyal, but not smothering, passionate but comfortable, and above all, something of immense value. Modern romance seems to have…Continue Reading

When It Comes To People, What You See Isn’t Really What You Get

As individuals, we tend to jump the gun when it comes to figuring out the people in our life. When someone doesn’t react the way we expect (read: want) them to, we judge them instantly. You know the drill. “Oh, he has moved on already? Looks like his ex didn’t mean much to him after all.” “They seem so happy in all their posts. I am sure their lives are perfect.” “She hasn’t changed a bit since her mother passed away. I didn’t know she could be so cold.” “She just cut me out of her life without any explanation.…Continue Reading

20 Harsh But Honest AF Truth Bombs You Need In Your Life

Ya’ll, the thing is…we are all kinda living lies. We’ve made up our own comfortable versions of “truths” so we don’t have to see reality. Truth Potato, a cute little Instagram page will clear those clouds for you. These adorable sketches with one-line truth bombs are…well, they’re hard-hitting. Check them out! HONESTLY. TRUTH – 158 . . . #truthpotato #bittertruth #positive #define #own #thoughts #everyone #life #people #dailytruth #instagram #instacomic #truth #daily #instadaily #insta #love #potato #cartoon #truthoftheday #cute #instapotato #hardtruth #potatolove❤️ @harshgopal A post shared by Truth Potato (@truth.potato) on Jun 26, 2018 at 8:30am PDT It is a…Continue Reading

10 Life-Changing Perks Of Being Single For A Long Time

“I am single.” Did reading that make you feel sad? Well, it shouldn’t! Despite what society thinks, being single is a surefire way to live a full and meaningful life. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to see exactly why it is such a bad-ass and wonderful way to be. Let me tell you why! You become independent in the true sense of the word. While one can be both committed and independent, a lot of us tend to rely on our partners for certain things. When you are single, you are pretty much compelled to become self-reliant. And few things…Continue Reading

10 Sneaky Signs You Are Borderline Obsessed With Your Bae (& Maybe Should Stop)

Hey, don’t start defending yourself. We’ve all been there. Crazy and young in love, seeing nothing and feeling nothing beyond that one person. Not being able to feel anything beyond the love that completely engulfs us. We see no faults in them and only want to love them all day. We want to talk to no one else, be with no else, think of no one else. Think you’re borderline obsessed with your boo? Here are signs you might be over-doing it. First of, the BASICS: All your conversations with anyone somehow become about them. Which means you’re texting them…Continue Reading