10 Relationship Problems You Might Not Know But Are Universal To All Couples

Hitting the rough patch and arguing from time to time is quite inevitable. Even if you love the other person deeply, you are at some point bound to have a difference of opinion. But chances are, these are issues that almost every couple faces but never really shows upfront. However it is not only natural to fight with your partner as long as you fight without menace. Which means it’s totally okay to argue and put your point of view forth but it is equally important to also understand and respect the point of view of your partner. The bottom…Continue Reading

A Letter To My Younger Self: “Your Heart Will Learn To Bloom Again”

Dear Jiya, I miss being called by that name. ‘Jiya’, originating in Sanskrit, means ‘an essential part of the soul’ (colloquially reduced to meaning: ‘heart’). Baba gave us the name, but hardly ever imagined how we would grow up to own every syllable of it. I remember you. I remember the half-ponytail, and the haircut that never quite had a name. I remember how you saw devastation, and wanted to fix it. You always thought cracks could heal with a Band-Aid, until your first heartbreak. I remember you crying, cradled in Mamma’s lap, as the hours of dawn passed us…Continue Reading

To My Love, No Matter The Dark Days, I’ll Love You Always

Dear love of my life, I still remember the first time we met. Still in the teens, reverberating from the jolt of youth, shying away in the adulthood that bloomed from adolescence. I walked through the hazy folds of the path that’s called life, unsure, unheard, wallowing in my being. And then I saw you. You were there, just like anyone else, and yet so different. The rhythm of our hearts beat just the same, dancing to a tune no one understood, beating with a fervour no one matched up to. We met like scorching fires, and knew that the…Continue Reading

Socha Na Tha: Imtiaz Ali’s Underrated Gem On Love, Goa and Growing Up

The year is 2005. Some of the greatest releases of Bollywood arrive and take the industry by storm – Sarkar, Black, Page 3, Iqbal, Parineeta… even the god-awful No Entry proves its god-awful worth at the box office. I guess it makes sense then, that a little-known flick by a not-at-all known director (Imtiaz something) flies right under the radar, never to have been noticed or heard from again. Well, except today. Because that little-known “Imtiaz something” director went on to become the household name we know today (you guessed it – Imtiaz Ali). Because this film – his first…Continue Reading

Modern Relationships: Are Millennials Scared Of Commitment?

As a generation we millennials value pace, freedom, independence, and individuality far more than any generation before us ever did. We believe in living life according to our own terms, making our mistakes, learning from them, and slaying our goals. We believe in freedom of expression. We believe in animal rights, gender equality and a lot more. And we stand for what we believe in. However, we also have our struggles. We at times, find it difficult to catch up with the pace of our own lives. We find it difficult to fail, and be okay with it. We find…Continue Reading

15 Signs You’ve Found The One You Want To Laugh and Live With Forever

In our own ways, we define our ideas of love. And for some of us, love is about more than just finding a whirlwind romance. It’s about finding a friend, a partner-in-crime, someone to share your joys and sadness with in equal measure with plenty of laughs along the way. Has that always been your idea of love too? Do you think you’ve found the one you’ve been looking for? Well, here are all the signs you need to know if you’re with the one who’s your funnily ever after. You never have to “hold back” when you’re around them.…Continue Reading

A Short List Of Things Your Love Has Taught Me About Myself

Hey, you. Remember the first time we met? I know that I do. I remember us, in our silly school uniforms, being introduced by a common friend. I remember how there were no sparks, no fireworks, no wind blowing through my hair as the realization of how this meeting was to change my life hit me over the head. I remember losing you. I remember finding you again. I remember you telling me about the love you had harboured for years. And I remember the wind finally blowing through my hair as my love for you hit me like an…Continue Reading

All The Ways In Which “Dil Chahta Hai” Taught Our Entire Generation To Love

*sigh* Dil Chahta Hai. Sometimes I wonder what we as a 90s generation of kids did to deserve this gem of a movie in the early 2000s. A mature, poignant take on friends, relationships and everything in between, that is as flawless as they come. Do you realise how blessed we are to have been a part of a generation that grew up watching this masterpiece? A generation of teenagers or young adults, – whose concepts of love, lust, flirting and friendships were just starting to form – were lucky to have this film to look up to. For years…Continue Reading

17 Adorable Comics That Show What It’s Like When Two Silly People Fall In Love

I’ve always wanted love to be fun. Not just chocolates, dates and serious relationship stuff, but actual, honest fun. Someone I can crack lame jokes with, someone I can annoy endlessly, someone I can be truly, properly silly with. If that sounds like something you’ve always wanted too, you’re in the right place. Because artist Abigail Claire knows EXACTLY what that’s like, and she draws the most adorable comics about this silly, wonderful relationship of hers. Check them out! When you give them a chance to make fun of you! Jokes > Opportunity for romance Their opinion matters…except when it…Continue Reading

Our Love Shines Brightest In The Moments We Do Nothing, Together

I love going out with you. Gosh, I do. I love our cute little “dates” and how casually we throw the word around (even stepping out to get some chaat counts). I love how we like to fuss over the little things and make a big wonderful deal about them. I love us getting all dressed up just to go to the mall. I love us hanging out at our favourite cafe, singing along to the songs we’ve come to love and spending hours afterwards in praise of the food we’ve ordered a million times before. I love going to…Continue Reading