How My Worst Breakup Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lessons

I won’t lie. I wouldn’t want to relive the first half of 2016. It was the worst blow my heart’s taken in a long time, but to be honest if I was given a choice to erase that year out of my existence, I wouldn’t. Because no matter how messed up the first half of it had been, it was one of my favorite years in the almost-30 stint I am heading towards. I am assuming we’ve all been through a breakup that’s opened a gap within the center of our chests with constant pain spilling out. And mine was…Continue Reading

11 Unforgettable Life Lessons We All Took Back From The Lion King

Childhood. Ah! The colourful days, the time that I would love to bring back in my life, the days of innocence when there were no responsibilities and everything was nice and fun. You know what I mean, Don’t you? *hint-hint* Hakuna Matata, guys!! Disney released The Lion King more than two decades ago and it made our early days the best days of our life, by not only telling us a thrilling story but also giving out some extremely important life lessons. Ever after so long, the film is so powerful that it leaves my eyes teary and teaches me…Continue Reading