20 Harsh But Honest AF Truth Bombs You Need In Your Life

Ya’ll, the thing is…we are all kinda living lies. We’ve made up our own comfortable versions of “truths” so we don’t have to see reality. Truth Potato, a cute little Instagram page will clear those clouds for you. These adorable sketches with one-line truth bombs are…well, they’re hard-hitting. Check them out! HONESTLY. TRUTH – 158 . . . #truthpotato #bittertruth #positive #define #own #thoughts #everyone #life #people #dailytruth #instagram #instacomic #truth #daily #instadaily #insta #love #potato #cartoon #truthoftheday #cute #instapotato #hardtruth #potatolove❤️ @harshgopal A post shared by Truth Potato (@truth.potato) on Jun 26, 2018 at 8:30am PDT It is a…Continue Reading

10 Life-Changing Perks Of Being Single For A Long Time

“I am single.” Did reading that make you feel sad? Well, it shouldn’t! Despite what society thinks, being single is a surefire way to live a full and meaningful life. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to see exactly why it is such a bad-ass and wonderful way to be. Let me tell you why! You become independent in the true sense of the word. While one can be both committed and independent, a lot of us tend to rely on our partners for certain things. When you are single, you are pretty much compelled to become self-reliant. And few things…Continue Reading

Remember: Don’t Ever Let The Past Haunt You And Ruin Your Present

We all would agree to this that letting go and getting over our past is no cake-walk. It was never easy and it’ll never be easy. We often spend hours, days and months pondering upon what happened, what went wrong and how it made us feel. We constantly think about our past in our present and in the whole process of thinking and over-thinking about our past, we end up ruining our present. Crying over spilled milk never helps! We need to get this straight – that brooding over what happened will not change it but will only add to…Continue Reading

On Change: Every Goodbye Leads To A New Hello

We’ve been told to hold on to what we have. Two palms, gripping hard. Refusing to let go of the love that is ours. It’s only fair. We all crave for constants in this world where things change in the blink of an eye. We want something solid, something that won’t slip away through the gaps between our fingers. However, if we were only taught to see how adventures are born, we would not hurt our hearts by clinging onto people and connections that have gone stale. We would not feel guilty about leaving spaces and places where we are…Continue Reading

10 Sneaky Signs You Are Borderline Obsessed With Your Bae (& Maybe Should Stop)

Hey, don’t start defending yourself. We’ve all been there. Crazy and young in love, seeing nothing and feeling nothing beyond that one person. Not being able to feel anything beyond the love that completely engulfs us. We see no faults in them and only want to love them all day. We want to talk to no one else, be with no else, think of no one else. Think you’re borderline obsessed with your boo? Here are signs you might be over-doing it. First of, the BASICS: All your conversations with anyone somehow become about them. Which means you’re texting them…Continue Reading

10 Things That Make Freelancers Want To Leave This Planet (#TrueStory)

The World of Freelancers is as glorious as it is petrifying. We step in through the gates believing that it’s ‘chill’, flexible, and #goals, but are handed an unseen footage of what being an adult actually feels like. Here is a list of things that make us tick, cry, and consider serial-killing as a potential career option: Companies replying after I’ve completed 7 cycles of birth. I have a feeling that most clients think we have a shrine dedicated to them. If I reply in an hour, then they reply after a week. If I reply in 2, then they…Continue Reading

10 Adorable AF Comics That Will Make You Scream A BIG “Aww!”

Having a bad day? Need something to cheer you up? Poorly Drawn Lines is all you need in life. These comics are abusrd and cute all at once, and give you all the wholesome feelings in the world. Check ’em out! This random realization: trees A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on May 23, 2018 at 11:07am PDT Hoping against hope. famous A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on May 16, 2018 at 10:01am PDT LOL mail A post shared by Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) on Apr 2, 2018 at 11:21am PDT I CRY! patience (old…Continue Reading

You Don’t Always Have To Sprint, Sometimes It’s Okay To Walk (In 10 Little Ways)

The world of gadgets and digitisation may have made our lives easier, but it has also become really fast paced. Everything is available at the click of a button, be it communication, food, knowledge, information, the list is never ending. However, if you’ve failed to notice, let me bring it to your attention, that you or your life aren’t at the whims of a click. So in this lightspeed world, make a little time for yourself and things that make you, you. Be Kind To Yourself. Being overworked and stressed is a given nowadays but don’t forget that your mind,…Continue Reading

15 Tiny Heartbreaking Poems That Will Let You Cradle Your Own Pain

Instagram poet Laura Bowman is blessed like few. Her words have the power to hold the pain of millions, to stand with them, to remind us we are not alone. She carefully touches the smallest but most painful moments in life we all go through and creates art out of it – one that makes you feel, and then gives you the courage to heal. This raw honesty. It’s the staying I’m not ready for | Lovely art by @sagerider . . . . #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #writing #evolutionofagirl #lebowmanpoetry #wordswithqueens #poemsporn #poetryisnotdead #writersconnection #writingcommunity #herheartpoetry #heartwrds #bymepoetry #selflove #selfempowerment…Continue Reading

‘Owning’ Your Actions Will Help You On The Road To Adulthood

Ah, ‘Adulting!’ Are you scratching your head at this point when I am referring to you as an ‘adult’? Is it freaking you out? Does it matter if we are ready (or not!) to grow up? It sure as hell does! Life doesn’t care for our apprehensions. We grow up, grow old, and the years roll on! Yet, adulthood doesn’t always feel right. It’s easily one of the ironies of life. When you’re a child you’re slightly envious of the the older generation, and you can’t wait to experience and enjoy the ‘freedom’ that is associated with ‘adulting.’ These childhood…Continue Reading