To The Time I Bunked College To Learn Something New

I bunked college today, missed my presentations and assignment submissions, and went on a road trip with my friends to Fort Tikona. I kept thinking of my classmates, who are currently sitting inside four walls, learning, growing and educating themselves for a professional life ahead. But as I drove towards Lonavala, sitting amongst three Indian Naval officers, listening to their conversations about India, China and the US defence forces, I wondered if this isn’t learning as well? Does education mean attending classes for attendance and feeling pressurised about beating your fellow classmates for a better placement to start a never-ending…Continue Reading

Life Lessons From Queen JLo Who’s Just the BEST Life Coach EVER!

If you know even the wee-est bit of Jennifer Lopez then you know that she is, was and probably will be a powerhouse, an unstoppable force of nature ever and ever and ever. This woman seems to have done it all and done it better. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, performer, singer, song writer and dancer, she is just as terrific a human being. All the while seeming to not age a day over 25. If there is anyone who seems to have figured out this puzzle called life, it’s got to be her. Every word out of…Continue Reading

10 Things All Single Career Driven Women Secretly Want But Don’t Say

We aren’t needy in anyway but that doesn’t mean we don’t need someone in our lives. Someone who’s supportive of our career goals and isn’t threatened by our success. Someone who knows how important it is to have a life outside the relationship. Someone who understands what giving their partner the space they need means. We want to be in a relationship with someone who’s mature and understands that personal growth is as important as maintaining a healthy relationship. We sometimes need a shoulder to cry on. We don’t expect you to solve our problems for us but it would…Continue Reading

10 Things No Self-Loving Person Will Ever Compromise On, In Life

People confuse self-love to be an egoistical sword that is drawn out every time you challenge a person or their opinion. I beg to differ. Self-love is an armour. The kind that protects you from not being led into things that you don’t fully feel committed to. It is also a fantastic agent that assists you in drawing boundaries and learning to say a ‘no’ when it’s really difficult to. Most importantly, self-love shows you to stand up for what you believe in, what you deserve and what you are worthy of. There are quite a lot of things any…Continue Reading

You Will Survive: Life Lessons That Remind You To Never Look Back

Life is tough. There’s no way to sugarcoat this. Sometimes, we have bad days and sometimes, bad phases. We hope for the best, but remain woefully under-prepared for the worst. In a world full of sheep, we often forget that we must be our own lion. When we tone the whining down and listen to the universe, we will hear the lessons it has been passing down to us on never backing down, since ages. Widen your definitions. We often get tangled in definitions of boundaries that the world has thrust upon us. But, no matter how disturbing they might…Continue Reading

There’s Nothing ‘Wrong’ With Our Generation & It’s High Time We Stop Saying This

A lot has been written and said about this generation and to be honest, I would like to disagree with a lot of conclusions. For starters, we are moulded in the way society wants us to be and there’s absolutely no harm in that. Being a 90’s kid comes with its own challenges in life and you certainly feel disconnected with the kids born in 2000’s. Instead of trying to contemplate on the fact that we’re not part of the herd, let’s talk about why we are managing to cope up just alright. In a lot of ways we are…Continue Reading

These 16 Soulful Quotes By Piyush Mishra On Love & Life Will Make You Smile

Piyush Mishra is astounding for more reasons than one. He will steal your heart with his words and make you wonder about things you had never thought before! Here are a few quotes by him that will make you question yourself and re-think about the life you’ve been living so far. It’s high time you start understanding the inner meaning of everything happening around you and look at things differently. There’s a lot to learn, everyday… 1. Because what you think about yourself matters the most! 2. No one ever said that it was easy to love. 3. When you…Continue Reading

14 Life Changing Quotes To Prepare You For Everyday Challenges

If we talk about life, it knocks us down every single day. The more we think about the difficulties and bad times, the more we feel disappointed. However, if one wants to see the positive side of it, every day is a new day and every challenge makes us stronger. A small positive thought can shape your day and even change the course of your everyday routine. It is very important to understand that though life may knock you down with challenges, strong thoughts and a positive mindset can prepare you for the tough road ahead. In this post we…Continue Reading

15 Instances Of Cross-Dressing In Bollywood That We Indians Celebrated & Loved

Human societies have had gendered dress codes since the beginning of dressing up but humans have also cross-dressed since centuries for different reasons. Historically, cross-dressing didn’t mean a slur and was used to disguise people, ensure comfort and sometimes, self-discovery. Cross-dressing often fuels images of deviant sexualities and lifestyles in the minds of a populace fueled by politics and religion. Never mind the hordes of Bollywood characters we have laughed at/with, applauded, cried with for not just cross-dressing but displaying characteristics opposite to the ones assigned to their gender via our social constructs. The portrayal may be faulty, but here…Continue Reading

10 Non-Traditional Holidays That Every Millennial Should (TOTALLY) Celebrate

Our lives, as millennials, well it’s tough. The entire world seems to be disappointed with our generation, for reasons fair and unfair and we go on, trying to keep up with it all. Be it the rapidly changing world or the fact that we are just so confused with ALL the insane number of choices around us – I think sometimes, we deserve a break. Here’s a list of millennial holidays I think we ALL should celebrate religiously, because you know what? We deserve this. Read-A-Somethin’ Day Okay babies, I am about to drop a truth bomb – we folks…Continue Reading