To The Time I Bunked College To Learn Something New

I bunked college today, missed my presentations and assignment submissions, and went on a road trip with my friends to Fort Tikona. I kept thinking of my classmates, who are currently sitting inside four walls, learning, growing and educating themselves for a professional life ahead. But as I drove towards Lonavala, sitting amongst three Indian Naval officers, listening to their conversations about India, China and the US defence forces, I wondered if this isn’t learning as well? Does education mean attending classes for attendance and feeling pressurised about beating your fellow classmates for a better placement to start a never-ending…Continue Reading

Burning Out At Work? Here’s How To Deal With It

Burning out is an all too familiar phenomenon in the world we live in. The minute you open your eyes, your little heart endures a barrage of pings, tweets, shares and the likes; there is no time to relax even if we aren’t doing anything. Broken hearts, disillusionment, depression; we continue juggling separate kinds of poisons. We all look for a chance to escape; sometimes it’s a holiday, other times into a fantasy. Here are a couple of ways to combat this: Stay weird Nothing can save you in this world except yourself. And a little weirdness always helps. Following…Continue Reading

The Superheroes We Overlook: An Open Letter To Every Homemaker

Hi dear homemaker, Hope all’s well at your end and you’re doing fabulously. I am sure you’re wondering as to why this letter has been addressed to you because it’s not the usual fare. So let’s not create more suspense and let me jump right to the point. Most people believe that being a homemaker is certainly no rocket science and is probably the easiest and most comfortable job under the sun. As you know very well, it is obviously NOT. And while being a homemaker does not require a fancy degree (and does not come with cash rewards), it…Continue Reading

You Will Survive: Life Lessons That Remind You To Never Look Back

Life is tough. There’s no way to sugarcoat this. Sometimes, we have bad days and sometimes, bad phases. We hope for the best, but remain woefully under-prepared for the worst. In a world full of sheep, we often forget that we must be our own lion. When we tone the whining down and listen to the universe, we will hear the lessons it has been passing down to us on never backing down, since ages. Widen your definitions. We often get tangled in definitions of boundaries that the world has thrust upon us. But, no matter how disturbing they might…Continue Reading

Fake V/S Real People: A Primer On Identifying The Difference Easily

Adulthood is a complicated mess with decisions to be made, bills to be paid, battles to be fought and bridges that need to be crossed and burnt. One of adulthood’s toughest choices is finding the ones who are going to be true both in front of us and behind us. Often, it’s not people who have changed; it’s the masks that come off. That unguarded moment leaves us with more lessons than anything else. But, we don’t necessarily have to learn things the hard way. Here are a few pointers on how to identify fake people as opposed to the…Continue Reading

Tough Love Or Plain Unsupportive: Do You Really Know The Difference?

When someone you care about is going through a hard time, you want to ease their pain. You do whatever you can to help. But when you don’t see the results you were hoping for, you think it’s time for some tough love. And that’s when things get tricky, because a lot of us confuse tough love with being unsupportive. First off, we begin on the wrong foot by trying to help someone in a way that works for us, not for the person in need. So we are not really being very helpful at all, are we? Where tough…Continue Reading

10 Non-Traditional Holidays That Every Millennial Should (TOTALLY) Celebrate

Our lives, as millennials, well it’s tough. The entire world seems to be disappointed with our generation, for reasons fair and unfair and we go on, trying to keep up with it all. Be it the rapidly changing world or the fact that we are just so confused with ALL the insane number of choices around us – I think sometimes, we deserve a break. Here’s a list of millennial holidays I think we ALL should celebrate religiously, because you know what? We deserve this. Read-A-Somethin’ Day Okay babies, I am about to drop a truth bomb – we folks…Continue Reading

10 Sure-Shot Signs You Are Wiser Today Than You Were Yesterday

One thing that life teaches us all is that change is constant. Why, not just our circumstances, even we change over time. But how do you know if you’re changing for better or for worse? While there are many ways to figure that out, one surefire indicator is wisdom. Here are some key signs that indicate you are growing wiser. 1. You stop apologizing for who you are. Like every other human being, you know you are not perfect. However, unlike most people, you are no longer ashamed of your flaws and weaknesses. In fact, you own them. Because you…Continue Reading

Remember: Don’t Ever Let The Past Haunt You And Ruin Your Present

We all would agree to this that letting go and getting over our past is no cake-walk. It was never easy and it’ll never be easy. We often spend hours, days and months pondering upon what happened, what went wrong and how it made us feel. We constantly think about our past in our present and in the whole process of thinking and over-thinking about our past, we end up ruining our present. Crying over spilled milk never helps! We need to get this straight – that brooding over what happened will not change it but will only add to…Continue Reading

15 Reasons You Should Take Pride For Being Practical In Life

Being strong is a blessing but the steps you take to be this way are often questioned. Life throws many surprises our way and it’s not every time that we are able to overcome our fear of facing a tough situation. Moments like these make you stronger and bolder to welcome life’s challenges with a smile. For some, these pit-stops are easy and for some it is always a struggle. These battles that we fight everyday define who we actually are and makes us wonder about why it’s happening and that too at such speed. Sooner or later, you realize…Continue Reading