Burning Out At Work? Here’s How To Deal With It

Burning out is an all too familiar phenomenon in the world we live in. The minute you open your eyes, your little heart endures a barrage of pings, tweets, shares and the likes; there is no time to relax even if we aren’t doing anything. Broken hearts, disillusionment, depression; we continue juggling separate kinds of poisons. We all look for a chance to escape; sometimes it’s a holiday, other times into a fantasy. Here are a couple of ways to combat this: Stay weird Nothing can save you in this world except yourself. And a little weirdness always helps. Following…Continue Reading

10 Sure-Shot Signs You Are Wiser Today Than You Were Yesterday

One thing that life teaches us all is that change is constant. Why, not just our circumstances, even we change over time. But how do you know if you’re changing for better or for worse? While there are many ways to figure that out, one surefire indicator is wisdom. Here are some key signs that indicate you are growing wiser. 1. You stop apologizing for who you are. Like every other human being, you know you are not perfect. However, unlike most people, you are no longer ashamed of your flaws and weaknesses. In fact, you own them. Because you…Continue Reading

Forgiving Someone Could Be The Best Gift You Give Yourself

Someone you loved very dearly must have hurt you, betrayed you, or left you shattered. You must still be struggling to comprehend, believe and digest what has happened. A part of you might be hoping to wake up one day and find out it was all just a nightmare. But a part of you knows it isn’t. You must be wondering if you have attracted this pain in anyway. If there was anyway you could have avoided this. If there is anything that you could learn from this. You now doubt you could ever trust anyone again without having this…Continue Reading

Being The Only Girl In A Gang Of Guys Is Just The Best – Here’s Why!

Honestly, I just love being the only girl in my gang of friends. Being the only gal in a gang of dudes does not necessarily mean that you’re a “Tomboy” or refrain from participating in activities that are traditionally meant for girls. It just means that your preferences are slightly different from that of others. Bonding with guys can be lot of fun and generally means lesser drama in your life. It is very drastically different from trying to form a connection with a girl. Here’s what happens when you’re the only girl in an “all boys” gang. Your appetite…Continue Reading

25 Difficult But Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hit 25

Most of us don’t know where to start. We have a certain picture in our minds about how we’d like our life to be, but we don’t seem to reflect enough on it. Well, now’s the time to ask the tough questions and hang in there till you find those answers. Hitting the 25-mark is a pretty big deal. Not because you’re going to sport your first grey hair soon, but because you need to know where you’re heading. And your early 20s are the perfect time to ask these 25 questions to yourself for some honest reflection. What do…Continue Reading

7 Subtle Ways To Recognize Opportunities

THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU SEEK ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. I really did have to get that out the way before saying anything else. What you crave is craving you back. What you seek, is more often than not staring at you in the face just waiting to lock eyes with you. No matter what it is that you are looking for, it’s right there. Why? Because the Universe has your back. Think happy thoughts, and according to the Law of Attraction, happy things will start happening to you. BELIEVE. That seems like the right starting point. Believe that they’re…Continue Reading

How My Worst Breakup Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lessons

I won’t lie. I wouldn’t want to relive the first half of 2016. It was the worst blow my heart’s taken in a long time, but to be honest if I was given a choice to erase that year out of my existence, I wouldn’t. Because no matter how messed up the first half of it had been, it was one of my favorite years in the almost-30 stint I am heading towards. I am assuming we’ve all been through a breakup that’s opened a gap within the center of our chests with constant pain spilling out. And mine was…Continue Reading

“When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

For this is the survival of the fittest.Give up, and you lose. Stand up right, keep your back straight. Enough of feeling sorry for yourself. Your war may be different from others, hell, you might feel yours is the hardest of them all, but it is YOURS. Stop for a minute, breathe, and remind yourself this is your life. Bad – good – ugly, it’s done. What matters now is what you make of what you have. No one is given more to bear than that which they can bear. How simple a truth, yet we forget. Choose what you…Continue Reading

To Those Who Are Afraid Of The Reflection In The Mirror

To those who only fear the reality of themselvesTo those who fear the darkness in their own chests.For those who believe they’ve done too much, saved too little;To those who think all of this is irreparableTo those who cannot wake up and not cry,To those who feel their lives a waste of life.To those who sold hope with a piece of themselvesTo those who changed their names to Sadness itself;In your hearts lie the strongest truth of it,For you dared to see your own mask-less faceHow do I explain For people to change, you have to name themAnd how beautiful…Continue Reading

10 Simple Yet Important Pieces Of Life Advice I Wish I’d Heard When I Was Younger

Adulting is tough. We all agree to that. But what’s tougher is looking back at your childhood and realising there were so many things you could have done that would have made your life better. We’ve all had these thoughts – If only I knew this then, if only someone had told me. I decide to humour myself and write these down. Mainly as a reminder to myself, but also to put it out there in case any of you are looking for more life hacks! 1) Look in the mirror and affirm ‘I love you’ every single morning Well…you…Continue Reading