10 Signs You’re Burning Out And Need A Break (No, You’re Not Just Tired)

I know how life has become. Even if we don’t want to, we’ve been dragged into this and somehow, with all the responsibilities and expectations, we can never seem to get out. But here’s the thing: if we don’t take the big steps to take care of ourselves, no one will. Being tired is one thing, getting burnt out, taking it to such extremes that it starts affecting your mental health – now that is just too big a price to pay. Here are signs you’re nearing that awful turn, and need to stop now. You don’t remember the last…Continue Reading

23 Things You Should Start Doing This Year – For Yourself.

I was listening to this really cool jazz-hop chill mix as I took an early morning walk yesterday (No, it wasn’t my New Year’s resolution, if you were wondering). And smack in the middle of the track popped in a sentence, ‘I’ll let you in a on a secret. Give yourself a present, every single day. Don’t plan it. Don’t think too much about it. And it does not have to be expensive. It could be that new, soft shirt or just a cup of perfect black coffee.” I smiled super wide. This was super cool life advice. I was…Continue Reading

10 Things Only People Who Hate Any Form Of Exercise Will Understand

Are you one of those people who absolutely hates working out and hates the treadmill even more? You’d much rather binge watch an entire season on Netflix than go out and actually do any physical activity. You can’t even imagine how people out there motivate themselves every single day to get off their couch and go for a run. You’ve done it all of thrice in your life and regretted every single time. We feel your pain and I’m sure you’ll feel our list. People tend to think you’re unbelievably lazy and they’re actually right but you’ll never admit to…Continue Reading

15 Signs You’re Basically A Potato, And Maybe One Day, You’ll Be Fries

The world is full of people being productive: you know, making something of yourself, achieving stuff, acting like the things you do actually matter. And then there are potatoes, those beautiful things that don’t give a fuck. Being a potato isn’t just a list of personality traits, oh no. It’s so much more. It’s a lifestyle, one only a revered few can be a part of. Mostly because everyone else is too busy changing the world or something. You’re unnecessarily complex, just like those pesky complex carbohydrates. Like when someone asks you what your favourite food is and you talk…Continue Reading

15 Things Only People Who Spend All Their Time Procrastinating Will Understand

It’s not that you’re lazy, just that you find it extremely difficult to get work done. You will go to any lengths to avoid doing any actual work. You’re the kind of person who will Google ‘how to stop procrastinating’ while procrastinating because you think it’s better than the alternative. You could never be a freelancer or a work from home kind of person because let’s face it- you wouldn’t ever actually work. You have to literally force yourself to get things done after which you’ll immediately reward yourself with an endless break. But don’t worry, you’re not alone, we…Continue Reading

7 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Creative, But Also A Lazy Person

Being lazy is in your blood! You can spend days doing nothing. For you, getting up just to switch off the lights is like climbing a mountain. As there are pros and cons of being a lazy person, these pros and cons become more complex when you are a creative person as well as a lazy panda! Being a creative yet lazy person is not easy. Half of the time, you don’t want to do anything and when you slightly get up from that bed to paint, write, read or do anything that stimulates your creativity, you forget what you…Continue Reading

Lazy But Ambitious People: We Know Exactly What Is Going On Inside Your Head

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives. But often what determines success is how seriously we prioritize the goals, and how hard we work do get there. Some people do whatever it takes to accomplish the goals, while others are okay with letting their goals just float away into oblivion. But there is a special breed of people who dream about making it big despite being extremely lazy. These people are lazy ambitious people! It is a common stereotype that lazy people don’t get too far in life. I beg to differ. Lazy ambitious people…Continue Reading

13 Things Every Procrastinator Considers To Be Life Truths

Procrastination is a process. Actually, no, not really. There isn’t even a process. Procrastination is a lifestyle! Most of us live it from time to time, all day, everyday, anytime, ANYWHERE! You need no reason You want to do a lot of things but you also don’t want to Internet is the lord Productive life? Never heard of that You decide to complete a task but drop the idea once you’re ‘told’ to do the same Blankets and bed are your best buddies You just can’t help thinking about something irrelevant Laptops and smart phones are all you need in…Continue Reading

18 ‘Lazy People’ Products I Wish Somebody Would Give Me

Of all the words used to describe the internet generation, ‘lazy’ seems to be a popular favourite. Parents love to call their kids lazy, as do teachers who assign mind-boggling amounts of homework to their students, and this list of examples goes all across age groups, and makes one thing super clear – some people are just ‘lazy’ throughout life, and there’s no changing that fact at all. Proof of which are also these 18 products that, well, any lazy person would love to have in his or her arsenal. That is of course based on whether said lazy people…Continue Reading