Dude Photoshopping Himself With Celebrities Is Literally All Of Us

You know how we dream about what our lives would be like if we hung out with celebrities on a daily basis? How we wonder if anything would be real around them. This guy just made them dreams come true. Go on. Live Vicariously through Average Rob. $2000 Ball Slap Paid 2000$ for this front row seat… Too bad I can’t remember… Ps: Got the clothes I’m wearing from @aboutyou_be. There’s a 40% welcome discount going on their website right now. Let’s get it! Skrrrt! #CrazyAboutYou #ad A post shared by Average Rob (@averagerob) on Oct 12, 2017 at 8:52am…Continue Reading

Woman Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos And The Results Are Hilarious!

One thing the whole world agrees on is the fact that Instagram is the new ‘IT’ source of eyegasms. It’s the place where we common folk go to see the current standard of what is considered ‘unattainable’. But Celeste Barber decided to add a dash of humour to this ‘picture perfect’ app, making it basically a thousand times more realistic. GO ON. CRACK UP A BIT! 1) Kendall Jenner v/s Celeste Barber #tbt when you’ve been cleaning eating for 5 minutes and think you can go down a size. 2) Khloe Kardashian v/s Celeste Barber When a #kardashian gets a…Continue Reading

Kimoji, Racist Emoji, Popemoji: Why I’m Terribly Scared For The Future Of This World

I thought I had 99 problems, but emojis are apparently another one. On Monday, Kim Kardashian (the one and only) launched Kimoji. What might that be, you ask? Of course, it is an extensive set of emojis themed around her and no one else. These are great marketing phenomena to be honest. Starting with brands like Pepsi, and now on to the Pope – emojis are apparently the next billboard.While all is well and good for the general public that is aloof to these bar-raising, hair-raising, IQ-lowering gimmicks, to people like you and me – who actually pay attention to…Continue Reading