Woman Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos And The Results Are Hilarious!

One thing the whole world agrees on is the fact that Instagram is the new ‘IT’ source of eyegasms. It’s the place where we common folk go to see the current standard of what is considered ‘unattainable’. But Celeste Barber decided to add a dash of humour to this ‘picture perfect’ app, making it basically a thousand times more realistic. GO ON. CRACK UP A BIT! 1) Kendall Jenner v/s Celeste Barber #tbt when you’ve been cleaning eating for 5 minutes and think you can go down a size. 2) Khloe Kardashian v/s Celeste Barber When a #kardashian gets a…Continue Reading

Beliebers, Prepare To Scream: Justin Bieber Might Perform In Mumbai This May!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! What DID I just hear!!! *Does a row of cartwheels, a round of hula hoops, and then charges ahead to continue all the wiggles* While I am clearly not Justin-obsessed, I am thoroughly digging the Purpose vibe. And since Mumbai Mirror has just gone out to let us know that Bieber might be visiting India to perform live in a concert at the DIY Patil Stadium this May, 2017 is already proving LEGIT good. This one might be another badge for his tour in Asia. I can’t wait for all you Beliebers out there to storm in with fan-girl,…Continue Reading

These 22 Love Tracks Pretty Much Sum Up How You Feel For That One Special Person In Your Life

I think we all have at least once in our lives, imagined dedicating a love song to the person our heart was crushing on. Even if it was just in a dream. It’s as if the song was MADE for them. And it seems totally bonkers how the lyrics describe your feelings on point, time and again. That euphoria of being head over heels in soul-mush is heightened when you come across a number that seems to totally get you. And what’s even better? Being able to share that feeling of oneness with that too-precious-to-ever-imagine-losing person. If you are slathered…Continue Reading

16 Songs You Need On Your Playlist NOW To Make You Feel Sexy And Awesome

I have this zone when I am walking with my headphones on and grooving to some “I-am-too-awesome-for-this-world” track. I tend to imagine the sky as a giant woofer with my song soaring loud through it, all over the city. I imagine the cars driving on rhythm, people singing out the lyrics and the beat just uniting every single soul I happen to pass by. Overworked imagination? #sorrynotsorry. I am a large pop music fan. Like HUGE. I could wiggle to a Jason Derulo number or sashay to Katy Perry. My atoms feel alive. My feet thump. And I have this…Continue Reading