25 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Your Soulmate

The Buddhists say that if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your “soulmate” , you will feel calm. No anxiety. No agitation. While we’re looking for the one to “complete us” or “to sweep up us off our feet”, that’s not what our soulmate is for. Let me be very clear: the only one who can complete you, is you. There is no Prince Charming coming on a white horse to take you away to a fairy tale castle. You are your own fairy tale.…Continue Reading

How My Worst Breakup Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lessons

I won’t lie. I wouldn’t want to relive the first half of 2016. It was the worst blow my heart’s taken in a long time, but to be honest if I was given a choice to erase that year out of my existence, I wouldn’t. Because no matter how messed up the first half of it had been, it was one of my favorite years in the almost-30 stint I am heading towards. I am assuming we’ve all been through a breakup that’s opened a gap within the center of our chests with constant pain spilling out. And mine was…Continue Reading

10 Beautiful Times India Was The Perfect Location For Celebrated Hollywood Movies

Ever wondered what would have happened had James Bond tried to chase the big bad boys in the crowded lanes of India, or if Spiderman tried to jump from one house to another in the crazy lanes of Chandni Chowk? Well, hilarious though it is, it has not happened yet, even though we would have died laughing seeing the two seemingly invincible heroes of the west, battling through the usual Indian things. Anyway, this was just a hypothetical daydream, seen in the haze of a particularly boring day (Yeah, that’s us, we’re pretty zoned out while writing). So what if…Continue Reading

9 On-screen Teachers Who Inspired Us to Live Our Dreams On Our Terms

There are so many humans we meet on the pathways of existence. So many we hear, touch, laugh and cry with. But there a few that change our world. They make us want to stop and smell the flowers. They awaken us from a deep inner slumber that had our hearts veiled. They teach us patience. Wonder. Joy. Love. Each and every one of us has those few precious souls. We call them “teachers”. Not necessarily just the ones who taught us academics. But possibly even a stranger on the street. Or a friend that taps into an unknown depth…Continue Reading