How My Worst Breakup Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lessons

I won’t lie. I wouldn’t want to relive the first half of 2016. It was the worst blow my heart’s taken in a long time, but to be honest if I was given a choice to erase that year out of my existence, I wouldn’t. Because no matter how messed up the first half of it had been, it was one of my favorite years in the almost-30 stint I am heading towards. I am assuming we’ve all been through a breakup that’s opened a gap within the center of our chests with constant pain spilling out. And mine was…Continue Reading

15 Words Of Love That Will Probably Bring You To Tears

If you’ve ever experienced love, then these words from foreign languages (more like experience!) will warm your heart to no extent. Go on. Witness for yourself- stages of love, captured beautifully, that we’ve so far only been able to describe with explanations. ‘Karverliefde’ Much nicer than ‘The Honeymoon Phase’ isn’t it? ‘Anaxiphilia’ Ah, forbidden love. ‘Cingulomania’ When it hits you, it consumes you whole. ‘Zweisamkeit’ Not to be confused with inner peace. ‘Koibito Kibun’ The tenderness oozes from the words. ‘Onsra’ Tissues, anyone? ‘Cavoli Riscaldati’ Currently known as marriage counselling or couples therapy. ‘Retrouvailles’ Most people just end up wailing…Continue Reading

Easy-to-make Pizza Frittata

Ingredients: 3 eggs½ cup milkSaltPepper½ onion (sliced)½ red pepper (sliced)5-6 mushrooms (sliced)2-3 spinach leaves3-4 tbsp pizza sauceA few chunks Mozzarella cheese4-5 pepperoni slices1 tsp oil Preparation: 1. Chop all the vegetables.2. In a pan, cook them with oil.3. Whisk the eggs and milk together and add it to the vegetables. Season with salt.4. Cook for 5-6 mins with the lid on.5. Take off the lid and spread some pizza sauce topped with mozzarella.6. Line it with pepperoni slices and put the lid back on.7. Garnish with spinach leaves.8. Gobble, gobble, gobble!