More Than Meets The Eye: 7 Myths About Introverts That You Shouldn’t Believe

We humans tend to judge and stereotype people a lot, but what most of us often end up doing is a case of misjudgment. So much so that forming an opinion without knowing the whole truth has become second nature to our society. For a long time ‘introverts’ have been categorized as many things and have been labelled ‘boring’ and ‘mean’. But it’s time we debunk these myths and put in a little effort to actually get to know someone before we form a judgement. While we are conditioned to judge a book by its cover, seldom we form the…Continue Reading

15 Memes That’ll Make Every Introvert LOL (Very Quietly)

Hello, my name is Farishte, and I’m an introvert. *stares at people hoping to avoid unnecessary interaction* Being an introvert is fun. It mostly just involves spending time with yourself (and loving it) and spending time with a few close friends (and loving that). And also, avoiding avoidable social interaction, because that’s EXHAUSTING. Now, the internet understands this, and gave us a whole bunch of hilariously relatable memes. So, my fellow introverts, let’s unite. Silently. *relates in silence* I might have done this. Once. Twice. A million times. #lol #funnypics #funnypictures #funnymemes #funnypics #introvertproblems #introvert #neighbors #memes #introvertmemes #lmao A…Continue Reading

10 Signs An Introvert Actually Likes You (And Is Kinda Hiding It)

*sigh* Introverts, amirite? It’s impossible to understand what goes on in that weird little head of theirs. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart! They might want your affection, but they will rarely, if ever, be caught going out of their way to seek it. To tell you that they care, that they’re interested, and even that they really, really like you. (Yes, they’re basically cats.) But don’t worry just yet. To help you out a little along the way, here are 10 signs that you might be right in thinking that an introvert is romantically interested in…Continue Reading

To Those Who Are Afraid To Go Out There And Shine

I know the fears in your heart, I know the odd feeling. I know the butterflies in your stomach when you’ve to talk to people. Nobody understands me.Nobody knows me.No one connects with me.I don’t belong here.What am I doing here?I am alone.Always.All ways. You’re constantly afraid of speaking your mind, people don’t understand you well. They may get the words you say, but never the depth of things. They may understand the depth sometimes, but they don’t want “that talk” around them. They want to laugh and be merry, the wonderful kaleidoscope you are scares them. But burst, burst…Continue Reading

9 Common Misconceptions About Introverts That Should Be Cleared Right Now

Being an introvert, it always comes as a surprise to me as to how people confidently misunderstand introverts, without even giving it a second thought. Well, for your knowledge, introverts are not afraid of anything neither they lack confidence, it is just that they don’t talk for the sake of talking. They don’t have too many friends, but they have best friends. They enjoy their own company, but they even observe their surroundings. And now, it’s time to clear the air and get your facts checked about introverts. Here are some of the common misconceptions people have about introverts. They…Continue Reading

14 Reasons Introverts Are Actually The Most Romantic Partners

If you’ve ever known an introvert, you’ll know how they usually are. It may always seem like they have a shell around them which an extrovert can’t possibly understand the reason for. They may also seem a tad bit unapproachable to the untrained eye because they are so busy being lost in their own world. But coming to their defense, I can vouch for one thing. They make incredible lovers. (I say this from experience) And if it’s one introvert falling for another one, it’s even sweeter (Again, from experience). To back up my biggie claims, I give you 14…Continue Reading

19 Comics That Will Make Every Introvert Go ‘Oh Yes, That’s So True!’

Hello from Introvert-Land! My morning was totally made when I came across this comic compilation by self taught artist, Debbie. Her theme revolves around the social anxiety that introverts face pretty regularly. But to be honest, I think she’s totally paid homage to introverted-la-la-land and IT IS SOUL. I am saying this because being more of an introvert in an ambivert equation, I cannot stand human beings after a point. That is not to say that I don’t have a tribe of totally amaze humans who I love, but solitude and me-time take center stage. So if you think, you’re…Continue Reading

If You’re An Introvert, These 8 Places Should Definitely Make It To Your Bucket List

We like our quiet. Our hours of non-human contact. Don’t get us wrong. We love conversations. Just not the nonsensical ones, about what to wear or how drunk last night was. We like deep, hearty, mind blowing talks. Or even quiet days spent with our pets. We like staring at rainbows, watching plants quiver with rainwater. We like silence. Buckets full of it and especially, humans whom we can be quiet with, for hours on an end. Travel for us is about reconnecting with our deeper selves. Enjoying the mist that hugs gigantic mountain peaks in the wee hours of…Continue Reading