15 Tiny Quotes That Are All The Motivation You Need To Follow Your Heart

Inspiration comes in so many forms. Sometimes, a TED talk does the trick, or perhaps listening to a motivational speech, or maybe even a classic monologue in that favourite film of yours that you never tire of. And sometimes, all it takes is finding just a few words, the right words, that say the right things and right away, you know your heart feels lighter. Like anything is possible. Well, at least that’s how the words of freespiritpoetry would make you feel, anyway. True to its name, the Instagram page is strewn with words that are sure to lift your…Continue Reading

I Am Learning To Embrace My Failures, And I Feel Confident Like Never Before

Failure was not a pleasant word during my growing up years. It still isn’t, but I am learning to embrace it. I am beginning to see that failure is not something to be ashamed of. It is not the end of the world. It doesn’t make me any less valuable as a human being. It doesn’t define my past or dictate my future. I am learning to stop creating stories and meanings out of my failures. To stop exaggerating my defeats and understating my strengths. To stop comparing myself with others and to stop feeling like I am not ‘good…Continue Reading

Falling In Love With The Wrong Guy Teaches You These 10 Right Things

How do you identify if you’ve fallen for ‘Mr.Right’? Well, you don’t; all you’ve got to do is take your chances and trust your decision. If you’re lucky you’ll end up with him in the long run and if not, it will teach you to value all the right things in life. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. In matters of love, we know things tend to get tricky but there’s nothing more liberating than picking yourself up and prioritizing your needs. And this experience teaches you just that and much more. Therefore, scroll down to fearlessly follow your heart…Continue Reading

21 Simple Poems To Help You Rise & Love In This Broken World

You wake up to news of people killing other people. Your Facebook feed resembles a train wreck because behind all that dark humor and memes, people are hurting. They just don’t know how to relent their anguish and they are tired. You are tired. Tired of trying to make a difference, trying to love, trying to keep up your hope. And today, this list of poems is for you, dear reader. For your heart that pumps fresh blood and rises to meet a new day. For your soul that is weary but can’t stop loving. Let Q. Gibson’s words soothe…Continue Reading

13 Tiny Things That Make Life Beautiful – Every Day

Folks, to be honest, I was insanely overwhelmed last week (and I know there’s probably loads of you going “same”!). I needed just a teeny tiny ray of joy and beauty in my life. And while everyone kept recommending things I could try out, I simply had no time. And then, guys, I just took a deep breath and decided to take a nice, long shower. That’s all. I walked out of that shower with my head clear and my spirits lifted. Most importantly, I realised that if you have to find joy and beauty in life, it is already…Continue Reading

10 ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ Quotes For All Those Who Dare To Dream

We all have a set of movies that we go back to whenever we seek inspiration. These movies are weaved into our psyche and are fundamental in the way we think today. One such cinematic wonder is ‘he Pursuit of Hapyness. Yes, the Will Smith and Jaden Smith blockbuster that made us all weep our hearts out. More than anything else, this movie spoke to every dreamer who still dares to hope, to build and to create, despite what the world tells them. These 10 gorgeous lines from the movie will bring you face to face with the dreamer inside…Continue Reading

Forgiving Someone Could Be The Best Gift You Give Yourself

Someone you loved very dearly must have hurt you, betrayed you, or left you shattered. You must still be struggling to comprehend, believe and digest what has happened. A part of you might be hoping to wake up one day and find out it was all just a nightmare. But a part of you knows it isn’t. You must be wondering if you have attracted this pain in anyway. If there was anyway you could have avoided this. If there is anything that you could learn from this. You now doubt you could ever trust anyone again without having this…Continue Reading

21 Fierce Poems For Every Heart That Dares To Live Wildly and Fully

When you meet a free soul, you just know. They have a certain light in their eyes and a certain skip and rhythm in their steps. Their lives may be far from perfect, but they know how to really, really LIVE. And that’s what makes them special. When you meet people like that, you want to be like them. You want to grab life by its collar and kiss it hard. Well, it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that you too, are one of those. You too, in your own magical way are trying to embrace all of existence.…Continue Reading

13 Wanderlust Tattoos For Those With Gypsy Hearts

Tattoos are a craze in today’s times. There are so many of us who want to get inked but, folks before you do so, we totally advise you to check out the different options because really, don’t you want to ink yourself with something that’s deeply rooted to who you are? While the ideas for inspiration are endless and there are so many diverse options regarding what and how you would like to be inked, we have a compilation of the best wanderlust tattoos for the traveler in you. If you are bit by the travel bug and love to…Continue Reading

17 Poems On Love, Loss And Survival That You Should Read If You Feel Broken

There are moments in life that leave you feeling completely and utterly broken. You know, moments when you feel like you’re walking on broken glass, like every step is fragile and painful. And then there are moments where you feel lighter than a feather, wrapped up in love and happiness. The brokenness you live through to get to the happiness – that, my friend, is survival. And I never quite understood that until I came across Caroline White’s poetry. See, Caroline lived through depression and went on to turn it into art; into words that speak to people across countries.…Continue Reading