15 Pixar Movie Quotes That’ll Inspire You In The Most Adorable Of Ways

Who doesn’t love a good animated movie? But hey, when it comes to Pixar, these are no kiddie movies just meant to entertain little tots. These are well-crafted, wonderful bundles of inspiration told in the brightest of colours and by the craziest of characters! And every now and then, they leave behind little nuggets of inspiration that kids can learn and we grown-ups can remember. Here are 15 of the most adorable quotes, brimming with wisdom, as told by Pixar movies! Designs by Akanksha Dhyani. I wish to be as fabulous as Edna someday. Life’s like that! That’s right! Let…Continue Reading

19 Things You Know To Be True If You Are Dating A Book Lover

If you’re in love with someone who’s in love with books, you’ve struck gold. If you’re not, I am not going to lie, I am sad for you. (Book lovers are too amaze to NOT spend an eternity with, trust me.) I love the idea of being with someone who loves books as much as I do. Or someone who gets the fact that no matter which human ranks up in my existence, they won’t ever replace my papered loves. And even better is being with someone who simply GETS IT: all my mad book references and this obsession of…Continue Reading