On Change: Every Goodbye Leads To A New Hello

We’ve been told to hold on to what we have. Two palms, gripping hard. Refusing to let go of the love that is ours. It’s only fair. We all crave for constants in this world where things change in the blink of an eye. We want something solid, something that won’t slip away through the gaps between our fingers. However, if we were only taught to see how adventures are born, we would not hurt our hearts by clinging onto people and connections that have gone stale. We would not feel guilty about leaving spaces and places where we are…Continue Reading

13 Signs You’re On The Right Path, Even Though You’re Not Sure Of It

You know, there’s so many of us who are doing okay in life, but we end up doubting our decisions. “Is this the best for me?”. “Did I take up the right thing?”. And the thing is, that while these doubts will stay forever, sometimes it helps to see the reality from someone else’ life. To see what is actually going on, and how our decisions are the things that are responsible for our growth. Here are 13 signs that you’re doing okay, even if you’re not quite sure of it. You’ve finally learned and accepted the fact that your…Continue Reading

21 Powerful Affirmations That Will Connect You To Your BEST Self

“An affirmation is a phrase that reinforces positive beliefs or behaviors. The best ones are a statement of what we want and are phrased in the present moment” – Gala Darling, Radical Self Love The words we speak create our reality, so said some great human some long, long time ago. And what they said, in my experience, is truly bang on! It is not only the words we tell each other, but the words we tell ourselves that determine the quality of our lives. If you’re someone who is too hard on yourself, use kinder words in your self-talk.…Continue Reading

Why It’s Important to Know Yourself Before You Try And Know The World

“Getting to know yourself better everyday is like going for an adventure out in the nature, but on the inside” You’ve all experienced hopelessness at some point of time in life. Maybe some of you still do. A lot of the times you’ve wondered why things go wrong for you, for those of you who’ve even started wondering. With the response to the last article that I wrote, I saw that everyone’s got a story to tell. And everyone’s story will blow your mind, if you just turn your ear towards it. There’s poetry in the way people go through…Continue Reading

22 Extremely Simple, Fun Meditations That Don’t Involve Closing Your Eyes Or Sitting Upright

Let’s get down to busting some myths. All we’ve known of meditation is to sit in one place, close our eyes and watch our thoughts. That’s totally cool as long as you haven’t explored this bit: You can connect to yourself anytime, anywhere. And you don’t need any one set tool to do that. It’s funny how many chances we’re offered in the span of just a single day to slow down, breathe deep and absolutely revel in the joy that the ‘ordinary’ brings. It’s no science that all meditation serves to do is take your mind off the world…Continue Reading

18 Self-Destructive Habits That Are Harming You More Than You Let On

I’ve been assessing my thought patterns in the last few years and each time I spot something awry, I draw a stop. Over the years, we’ve trained ourselves to forget our light and have become consumed with all this world has taught us. And most of it steps from deep negative conditioning. While we all are self-aware to a certain level, there are some subliminal aspects that our conscious mind fails to acknowledge and grasp. We continue running the same cycle, the same experiences and wonder why their recurrence is so common. We don’t stop, we don’t question and hence,…Continue Reading

A Love Letter To Myself: It’s Okay To Slow Down

Dearest heart, I have been running, rushing, panting, worrying—all because the world demands it. But there you are, knocking, whispering: incessant in your calling. For you know, without your hand in mine, I wouldn’t feel like myself at all. And so you wait on the borders of the mind, inviting me to take the slow ride. I have missed your pace. Even when I am with you, it feels like we’re parting away too fast, too soon. Our time together never feels nearly enough. And as for the world, it does not like to wait. It wants to keep chasing…Continue Reading

While I May Be A Giver, I Am Now Learning To Receive

It doesn’t make me any less of a giver. The receiving. Come to think of it, only giving has a tendency to deplete your well of self-love and joy. There has to be an interaction. A conversation of energies that are like-minded, ebbing and flowing in the same direction. A mingling and filling of auras that nourish your own. And that’s exactly why being a giver also means learning to become a receiver. For the longest time, I’ve had a problem with receiving. The very act of taking something from someone made me uneasy to a large level on the…Continue Reading

Here’s Why I Write About Joy When All Everyone Wants to Read About Is Pain

It saddens me.It saddens me to see how content people are living in years of brokenness. The hurt that happened a decade ago, still simmering inside the crevices of their being. And the fact that they are okay with this. They are okay with not feeling. They are okay with not LIVING. It saddens me because even through their walls, I can see a glimmer of their former selves. The self that knew how to laugh that deep belly laugh and that loved to feel the tickles of curiosity at new things. And you see, I am not okay settling…Continue Reading

Reading, Journaling, And Eating Pancakes; This Is How I Meditate

Years ago, when I was introduced to meditation, it scared me a little as much as it excited me. To be honest, I thought it might be this secret ingredient to paradise. Closing your eyes and then just watching your body and later, your thoughts, that’s the kind I followed for a while. And even though I did love my 15-minutes of Zen, I wanted more. Fast-forward to 2016 and I discovered there was so much more to meditation than what I had initially learnt. While for some it did imply sitting in the lotus posture and observing all that…Continue Reading